When you're terrified of black people

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Imaru Lewis : As a black person, I can confirm that we do indeed have yellow blood.

Fat Black Auto San Andreas : This looks like the guy from that IRA meme "When your British neighbour about to start his car"

Ridl Z : when your girl lets two black guys in the back without you knowing smh

Mister White : i just click these vids cuz i like how he says "kathleen"

HP McDoogle : Hi i'm funny, and that was Black.

B4 freedomfighter : Well statistically speaking.... You're about 200% more likely to be a victim of a violent crime now Michael.


TheGekoGamer : If people think this is racist I hate them HI MICHAEL

Munkir Tokage : Looks like he got cucked again

Callum CodXProZ : This video is the best yet

Ronald Morrison : im black and that was funny!

XeroFailGames : He said we bleed yellow..im dead

Maki-risu : He had me chokin' before the pan to the 2 brothers in the back. And he said *AGAIN* dangit Kathleen...

Project Lullaby : If they bleed yellow blood I don't think they're black people. They're reptiles from space or somthing.

Kawi : The slow turn to the black dudes with katlyn depressed sigh was hilarious.

Mark Wright : Yellow blood hahaha.

thato chuene : I’m black and I love this comedy. Hahahahaha

Richard Williams : 0:33 grove street representin'

Patrick : Ay it is true. We bleed yellow. It is because of our vile and theiving nature we have been cursed by Zeus to acid blood and eternal darkness (get it, cause we're black and black is dark... Hehehe ). It's good though, we get less cancer cause of it.


thebudkellyfiles : This guy is hysterical... Ireland's Archie Bunker...

Potato Productions : Somehow no dislikes at all. I love it.

BadBubbles1205 : OMG I'm at work and I just died. now everyone is laughing at me. I must say haven't laughed like that in a while

Perdido Atlantic : They actually can’t swim. Whole families of them drown in the US. Several here have drowned in the past week.

Somali pirate who's actually somali : hahahahaha "they bleed yellow blood" subcribed

Carlos Alberto : Hi I'm white and I think it's funny

Dustin Layton : This is the best channel on this website

anoja31 : *They don't know how to ride bikes" Lmaoo wot*

Carlos Maron : Proper humour.

WE WUZ VIKANGS!!! n shiet. : Not enough there yet. Give it a change you will learn to fear them for real.

April : "HELp, HELP!" LOL

itsyaboi ythezz : This was great needed a laugh today 😂😂🤘🏽

Timothy Jacobs : There'll never be a man as perfect as Michael.

Rose GoId : I really don't understand this channel? Like you can tell this is all scripted right? I genuinely can't tell if people are going along with it because they find it funny? Or they think it's legit? It's not even all that original...

Adam Hocutt : We have to be able to laugh at each other and make jokes.

Kabilan Thesingarajah : 0:34 was a curb your racism meme moment

Apple Thug : Hilarious. Genius. Hilarious again.

Dia Jasin : "really nigga?"

Daniel Zuk : Yaaaaaaa I couldn't agree anymore with him...

monavi lol : I need green tbh

Sasuke Jaeger : Is this a fookin' racicism?!

Christiaan Baron : Congo rebels are eating pygmies, UN says Cops: black Mom texted video of dead toddler to boy’s dad during fight Police: black 5-year-old girl burned in voodoo ritual; 2 charged black Florida man accused of beating toddler, putting her in oven, turns himself in Canada: Black Mint employee guilty of smuggling $165K of gold in rectum Inside Gangland London: 'Worshipping Satan and African voodoo rituals keep us out of prison'

baggs081 : This is so fake ...irishman not drunk and the blacks aint robbing anyone ohhhhh and the two leged slug never spat one feminist rant...

James Watkins : Lol, he was getting robbed and rayped again.

JAOFSadBoi : Curb your R A C I S M

Subject00001 __ : Now we know why McGregor lost 😂 jk good fight all in all. Love you guys

Corey Marshall : Blacks needs to GTFO of Europe. One way or another, I'm certain it will happen.

Roland Taylor : White powder.

cs4life25yt : What a joke...fake as actors

Alex Warnke : Black dude on the left looks like Bombate from Wolfenstein.