State Trooper vs. Sheriff - Tempers Flare

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Here’s a dash cam video of a Florida Highway Patrol Officer who pulls over a SUV with police lights running inside. Once he gets the individual over and starts talking with him the driver identifies himself as a Florida Sheriff and shows the proper credentials. It’s here that we can finally hear the two argue about who’s in the right. The FHP maintains that he’s got some suspicious reason to keep questioning the sheriff while the sheriff maintains that he was simply escorting a school bus returning from a baseball tournament. At any rate, one of these two sides is horribly wrong about what they’re doing and refuses to relent!


boakley23 : Trooper should have written him a ticket and let the Sheriff drive back to that County and explain to the Judge why he felt he had the right to abuse his power.

Taz.Vibez : Give that trooper a raise, promotion, presidential status, make him the leader of 'merica

Doug Smith : Is it just me or does it remind you of Beaufort T Justice arguing with a Georgia State Trooper a little lol

Marshall Garrett : Despite the reason it's nice to see Police holding each other accountable.

GaryNumeroUno : Legend has it that he is still trying to catch up to that school bus!

PeggyMartes : Thank you so much for being a "REAL" State Trooper 100%..Stand up to bullies!

Andy Smith : Typical of someone from the sheriff's office...arrogant, condescending and think they are above the law.

Frank Ly : Awesome honest trooper. That Sheriff was caught abusing authority.

Wotan's Wolf : I've always had the best experience with troopers compared to local cops. They know the law. Their ex military (majority) and they are honorable.

terratrekker2 : Meanwhile 10 tons of drugs slipped passed them

Tom Hewitt : "Respek mah authoritah." "No, you respek _mah_ authoritah"

Tom Hewitt : "I'm escorting students back from a football-baseball-softball game."

sam77275 : I commend the trooper on doing that as it keeps these cops who abuse their power in line or at least make them think twice about abusing their power, well done! Needs to happen more often! Cops like that I like because they are fair and still human.

Wendy M. Williamson : The sheriff is wrong! Any honest cop will tell you that the lights are to be used only for emergencies. Escorting a school bus is not an emergency.

top south : He's mad because his badge should grant him extra rights.

Knott Reel : How did the Sheriff know that that was a real state trooper?

Bobby Ruffin : Since when do you have to escort a school bus, that's BS he didn't even pronounce the name right

Peter Roth : Sheriff was trying act like a big shot.

djBOB 365 : No Good Ol Boy club there. My guess is the Sheriff has a kid on the team and was showing off.

Lee F : Abuse of power. Trooper is in the right. Thanks for standing your ground.

malibudude1978 : At least the trooper is cool, got Uncle Kracker playing.

Dennis Fajardo : Legend has it, that mister sheriff , still flashes his lights every time a school bus appears in the horizon!😛😂😂

Nut-sacks909 : Thats what I call a great state trooper. Those are the people I want serving us thank you for everything you do

Phillip G. Stricklin : Professional courtesy, Trooper??

Mark Olander : The State Trooper has it right and he actually may be one of the rare people who conducts law enforcement properly.

Mitchell Davis : Once he confirmed that it was a Sheriff, he should have addressed the issue up the chain of command, not via a pissing contest on the side of the road.

Jim McGee : Anybody else notice Uncle Kracker "Follow Me" playing in the background of the Troopers car after he gets back in his car....👍

wildfire160 : Sorry but which ever of them were in the right of wrong i seriously thought the State trooper had an attitude problem ,the Sheriff seemed a lot calmer..

Foot Luvr : He asked for his name and the trooper said I'll give you a card.!!!!😂

Jacob Y : I was waiting for him to start talking about propane and propane accessories

Juan Figueroa : with that attitude you should it give him a ticket

Ethan Churchill : I'd like to see a list of kids on the alleged school bus. My guess is that Sheriff has a kid or close relative on that bus.

Chuck Whitehead : Do you know who your talking too?! I'm Buford T Justice

Jaydee REVENGE : Trooper was right!!!!

Q Speed Racer : $100 says that sheriff son on that school bus And he went to the game. Trying to get them home fast

Courtney Saunders : Unmarked car and playing with his lights....he got what he deserved.

Tad Heath : They do that shit all the time here....did anyone catch that....he did show his I.D. when he came over to the front of the car and he refused to look at it.....and they can only use their lights when in service....what about backing up a highway...let us do that when we missed the exit for McDonald's.....

JRose : I'm all for the FHP Trooper that did this back whenever it happened. He was in the right and the local sheriff's deputy was abusing his "credentials" for the wrong purposes. Those sheriff's deputies tend to do that here. Sadly, they are known for it in all of district 1 in N.W. Florida. Thanks FHP Troopers 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

Thebigboyz Gunclub : I have seen Troopers escort buses and even government officials, are government officials above the law NO , trooper a sheriff is the high law of the land .they are the original peace officer. Sheriffs need to step up .

David Gearardo : Pat on the back for the trooper he did his job correctly the sheriff is just butt hurt

Alex Acosta : God bless this trooper he did the right thing stopping that sheriff. The trooper is correct anyone can buy lights and impersonate a police officer.

Bert Ramos : Awesome job trooper. Nobody is above the law.

pingo. : The sherriff wasn't even in his county.. he had no jurisdiction.. the trooper is right.. i commend him..

xlarge79 : We should have more state troopers like this guy

Terry Lunsford : Trooper is right. Sheriff has no authority to use emergency lights in non-emergency situation that is not even in his jurisdiction.

Ariel Castillo : Lol escorting a school bus after a game? Horseshit

Chris Garcia : The song at the end makes the video

Duane Williams : "Do you know how many people I put in jail for impersonating a police officer?" Zero. The answer is zero.

Johnny's Luck : Good job trooper no one is above the law