State Trooper vs. Sheriff - Tempers Flare

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Terry Lunsford : Trooper is right. Sheriff has no authority to use emergency lights in non-emergency situation that is not even in his jurisdiction.

Terri Link : Good for that State Trooper for not letting Barney Fife abuse his position. You just know that dude struts around his county playing the role.

icimblind : The Sheriff got caught breaking the law. And he said to the trooper, "I'd like for you to draw down on me." That is a threat. He should be charged with speeding, improper use of emergency lights, and threat with a deadly weapon. Sorry, credentials doesn't equal above the law like so many of these guys believe.

Socairnone : At least they were both leaving other people alone for a couple of minutes.

Nancy Burridge : I support the State Trooper on this! The Sheriff was abusing the public right-of-way and his power. Nice to see a bit of justice, but will the Sheriff stop using his lights or just use his political influence to get out from under his abuse of power?

Gringo Bandito : These guys did everything short of whipping their dicks out and comparing size. I do respect the trooper for holding another LEO accountable.

Rob McLean : Where was Burt Reynolds in all of this?

michael miller : Good job trooper. You are correct. To everyone bad mouthing cops. If you're speeding and you get stopped regardless if you get a ticket or a warning, how is it the cops fault?

Miley onDisney : Three cheers for the trooper! Hooray! Hooray! Hooray! Those guys have to go through so much crap. It was so wrong for that sheriff to act like such an a-hole. Let's all pray that he gets what's coming to him.

bigrig0625 : Trooper: Don't you dare abuse your privilege as an officer of the law just to save time! ...Then trooper backs up half a mile down a busy interstate and does a u-turn heading the wrong way on a one way interstate to save time getting back to the other side... pot and kettle? Or chicken crossing the road?

Mike Rogers : And neither one of them took the 5 seconds to move the shredded tire off the shoulder.

Stefano Vink : Sherriff should've never been in that county escorting, he was out of his district

Preston Poling : Annnnnnnd that's the problem with "unmarked" LEO vehicles..ALL LEO vehicles should be clearly marked!

Mach1Airspace : Serious balls on the Sheriff when he tells the trooper I was waiting for you to draw down on me!

John Podgorney : The Sate Trooper was in the right. Flashing people like that is illegal in PA too. The sheriff is a redneck.

Akron Ohio : Respect to the trooper. He was definitely in the right

charles sim : Trooper did the right thing. Thanks for making them follow the rules. Making people pull over just to get out of his way could endanger those drivers. You were 100 percent right.

W TF? : The trooper never saw the school bus, when he passed it doing 104 MPH.

Jay75Euro : State Trooper is Clearly Right. The Sheriff has no rights turning on his Amber lights so people can get off his way. Why does a School bus need escort, so people can get out their way for some kids to go play some game : sad Sheriff should be charged for improper use of authority.

Johnny DoeVA : YEAH BUDDY!!! YOU GO TROOPER!!! Give that friggin Sheriff a good taste of his own medicine!!!!

CMLAFLAMME : "The problem is once I identified myself, the way you treated me". You mean he treated you with the same attitude the police treat citizens? Yeah, that must really suck.

nirwin69 : Well done the trooper.. A1.. How rough are those schoolkids that they need an escort?

Zach Nieman : Troopers are mostly ego testicle pricks anyways he knew he was a sheriff as soon as he showed him his credentials don’t play stupid and make a bigger scene then what it is he told what he was doing so if he did have something on him why didn’t he charge him then he didn’t because it was a useless traffic stop from the start because he ran his plates he knew who he was pulling over I know the game

David Zobrist : Now that’s a good trooper! Bravo!

Srecko Bartl : So I guess it's not just California Highway Patrol that hires egomaniacs.

checkmate : Sheriff clearly abusing his authority because he thinks his job gives him special privileges. Since when does a school bus full of kids coming home from a baseball game need an escort? Total bullshit! Good to see there are a few honest cops who apply the law equally to everyone, including other cops.

John Doe : What an idiot Sheriff... I hope he gets in trouble for abusing a government vehicle about some days off


eddie reynoza : Stupid hillbilly sheriff what do you expect nothing new.

xisting4u youtube : Keep Local Sheriff's In Line--Thank You Trooper

Mark Olander : The State Trooper has it right and he actually may be one of the rare people who conducts law enforcement properly.

Shotta Felyfe : For all the youtube lawyers and law enforcement know it all here. Its common in florida for SRO’s or sheriff deputies to travel worth their school teams to sporting events and other off ground schools school relates activities. They are often paid overtime which is considered on duty and can take police actions mostly in felony instances. This is done so for securty of the students or if the students commit crimes while on these trips. So in this instance the trooper was in the wrong on how he handled this. Once the deputy showed his credential all he had to do was either verify it via phone or a more secure way is via radio. All that berating was unnecessary. But not surprising since troopers in florida or useless except for traffic.

conrad b : How is this idiot sheriff supposedly escorting a school bus that is somewhere in front of him? This is clearly a case where the idiot thinks because somebody was dumb enough to give him a badge and a gun, the laws don't apply to him! The trooper was totally in the right!

Daniel Jones : Trooper was right the entire time. As I have looked up the hierarchy, state troopers supersedes sheriff's office!!!

Trad Walls : State Troopers are both tough on crime and into uncle cracker? 🤔

povang : Trooper was in the right, and knew his shit. Sheriff was in the wrong, a school bus does not RATE a presidential escort service. Sheriff was just flexing his illusionary authoritive muscles and got punked for it. Totally embarrassing on the Sheriffs part and he knows it, can hear the guilt in his voice and mannerism. The trooper did rub it in his face pretty hard though, uncomfortably so lol.

wakey wakey : Butt hurt sheriff

Jackie T : Good job Trooper! Thank you

THE GOAT : "My dad can beat up your dad"

flatline101 : So do all school busses need escorting?... and there are kids on board... is the driver speeding to get where he going?... no need for an escort... leave out at a decent time to avoid all cost

Paul hugo : Can someone post an update as to what penalties have been imposed on this gay sheriff?

Lily Samson : Sheriff was real quick to turn on his bar lights so “Trooper” knew he was law enforcement...I’m escorting a school bus from a football, er baseball, I mean softball tournament....Oh and I just got off the phone with your boss....but Sheriff got that name wrong too....I’m going out on a limb here, but I think if that school bus really needed his escort it would’ve pulled over behind FHP....SMH....

Notorio Ortega : State trooper you're 100% right!

Bella Simmons : Dam right! Mr Trooper Report this Prick! Speeding like a fool... could have killed someone. Need to be locked up. Just imagine what other ways the sheriff has abused his power?!🤔🤔😳

terratrekker2 : Meanwhile 10 tons of drugs slipped passed them

Vern Meyer : Sheriff was clearly abusing his authority.

jagalasso : Everyone saying the trooper is right is an idiot.... The Sheriff is way above a trooper and the sheriff has all authority to do what he did. Trooper is full of himself

Brad The Average Dad : i dont know about florida but in texas all police officers have state wide jurisdiction.

LIGO : The only thing I know for sure is that the sheriff needs to go a slim fest breakfast diet; 1:40 - 1:43 is the physical evidence!

hotheadedjoelhaha : The Entire Problem is Unmarked Police cars, they should Not Exist. The End.