State Trooper vs. Sheriff - Tempers Flare

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Mike Rogers : And neither one of them took the 5 seconds to move the shredded tire off the shoulder.

fordlandau : Meanwhile 5 murders were perpetrated.

AllClean Services : Great trooper. Not afraid of those that abuse authority. congratulations.

Jacob Y : I was waiting for him to start talking about propane and propane accessories

Hoss Cartwright : Typical old school Sherrif that is used to abuse his power at some rural county. Well done by the state trooper.

Gringo Bandito : These guys did everything short of whipping their dicks out and comparing size. I do respect the trooper for holding another LEO accountable.

J W : I love how the sheriff sounds exactly like civilians do when people like him harass them. "Am I free to go officer?" Lol.

DENISE MONTGOMERY : Since when do salaried officers need to use taxpayer dollars, vehicles and time to escort a school bus during daylight hours????? State Trooper is correct! The "good ol' boy" sheriff's system is still alive and well!!

icimblind : The Sheriff got caught breaking the law. And he said to the trooper, "I'd like for you to draw down on me." That is a threat. He should be charged with speeding, improper use of emergency lights, and threat with a deadly weapon. Sorry, credentials doesn't equal above the law like so many of these guys believe.

John Doe : What an idiot Sheriff... I hope he gets in trouble for abusing a government vehicle about some days off

Terry Lunsford : Trooper is right. Sheriff has no authority to use emergency lights in non-emergency situation that is not even in his jurisdiction.

NO FAKE NEWS AMERICA FIRST : State troopers a hundred percent correct 100% correct

Bob T : Good work trooper! Flashing his lights for a softball team. Give me a break


Terri Link : Good for that State Trooper for not letting Barney Fife abuse his position. You just know that dude struts around his county playing the role.

Jeff Schlagel : Trooper knew it was a deputy when he ran his plate......

geo-george2 : Pu$$ie$ in a power struggle.

Charlie Wels : How in the hell you are escorting a bus and the bus is in front of you Lol , seems like the bus was escorting you sheriff

Robert Ung : So much for professional courtesy.......Trooper has the right to know who it was but once the deputy identify himself the trooper had an attitude and should have extended the professional courtesy. The trooper forgot one simple point on his assessment; who is your back up in the middle of the night when no one else is around and you pull over a real threat? Your back up most likely is a county deputy sheriff or a city police officer. Take a chill pill Trooper, there are far & few of you on the road in Florida because the State of Florida doesn't want to pay the competitive salary that most Sheriff's or City pay. Just my 2 cents, and you know exactly what I'm talking about.

CMLAFLAMME : "The problem is once I identified myself, the way you treated me". You mean he treated you with the same attitude the police treat citizens? Yeah, that must really suck.

krtacct : I hope I never run into either of these guys.

Greg McDevitt : HUH? Is everyone here on drugs??? In Florida Law Enforcement can run a tag and if it's law enforcement it'll come back as such. The Trooper's whole gripe about "I don't know who you are" Blah Blah Blah. The Trooper knew good and well who he was. He just didn't like the out of county deputy flashing his lights at other drivers. When the deputy explained that he was on an escorting detail of a school bus full of kids, the Trooper played the whole "what school bus" Blah Blah Blah. Folks, none of this had anything to do with right and wrong and there certainly wasn't a law broken. This was inter-agency flexing. The Trooper simply wanted to dress him down. You guys give him WAY too much credit. By the way, for those of you who preach "No ONE IS ABOVE THE LAW"... Did you notice the Trooper's driving? In the left lower corner of his cam it showed his vehicle speed at OVER 100 mph... No mention of that here... How come you people spin that crap when it suits you?

CrapHitting TheFan : The Sheriff was using lights to move people out of his way that's not permitted and a school bus does not need an escort.

Roger Norris : sheriff was in the wrong, playing big shot for the local sports team

povang : Trooper was in the right, and knew his shit. Sheriff was in the wrong, a school bus does not RATE a presidential escort service. Sheriff was just flexing his illusionary authoritive muscles and got punked for it. Totally embarrassing on the Sheriffs part and he knows it, can hear the guilt in his voice and mannerism. The trooper did rub it in his face pretty hard though, uncomfortably so lol.

The Truth : Get em troop.. good ole boy club days are ending..

James Ashurst : They are both douches, and I wanted to see them fight.

ohiosux : Okay, great. And how about the Trooper going 100 MPH when he wasn't in pursuit? Is that legal? If he had been traveling at a legal rate of speed, he probably never even caught the Sheriff. Two wrongs don't make a right.

The One : First of all, they all do crap like this, flashing lights when it's unnecessary. That Sheriff didn't hurt anyone and he had a good attitude unlike most law enforcement officers. The state trooper had a bad attitude and a disposition of superiority like most state troopers and he knew who the guy was he just wanted to pick a fight. Most state troopers are dick heads and do stuff like this all the time throughout this country. As far as I'm concerned, we don't need state Troopers. All they do is set speed traps and do nothing else for law enforcement, plus they don't fight me real crime so it's a waste of taxpayers money. To hell with this state trooper and all the rest of them across the country. All law enforcement officers and deputies need to have better attitudes and treat people the way that they would want to be treated.

terratrekker2 : Meanwhile 10 tons of drugs slipped passed them

Nater K : There's a new sheriff in town...

jtarman70 : state trooper is a jackass, probably butt hurt cause his school lost. Everyone with common sense knows that county cops , city cops and even state troopers escort kids on the way to play for championships! Common knowledge!

Allegronaut : Just goes to show how public employees can waste a lot of time and hassle a lot of people!

FrEaMcIiNsItSM is : Trooper is dead right. This is why local police has no respect anymore.

Mark Olander : The State Trooper has it right and he actually may be one of the rare people who conducts law enforcement properly.

RPD 332 : I'm with the state trooper on this one.

F.B.I : The sheriff was in the troopers turff

EMTJEA : It should be up to the Deputy's elected Sheriff to deal with him whether he is right or wrong. I don't care what state it is or county. State police do not trump sheriff deputies. State police had the right to stop. But as soon as he identified the sheriff and verified credentials, it should've been the end of it. Trooper should've reported it to elected sheriff and that be the end of it. Come on folks. Support your elected sheriff and their departments over agencies that are state appointed. I'm not saying not to support state police. They're one big team. I'm saying that the elected sheriff and their department are and should be the ultimate law of the land.

Mindraker1 : Trooper was completely in the right.

Akron Ohio : Respect to the trooper. He was definitely in the right

Tom Davis : The Trooper is very correct! In fact, the sheriff should be investigated by the Florida AG for malfeasance of office! Only the AG can bring a case against an elected official. See how far that goes huh! Sheriff’s across the country routinely abuse power of authority! Just google the number of indictments against a them in the past 24 months!

Ray Whitsell : Sheriff Beaufort T Justice...In Hot Pursuit....

SkuLL__BlaZeYT : Florida is the worse state all if there law enforcement agencies treat each other in a bad way we are all brothers and sisters in blue we all we got a littlecourtesy goes a long way once you are properly identified that should be it if you are impersonating an officer then you will be placed under arrest but at the end of the day Florida is the worst state because they treat each other with such disrespect just like that female officer in Florida I believe she was Florida Highway Patrol who actually arrested another Florida officer from a different County in a marked car in full uniform and she acted like she did something heroic dumb stupid bitch but anyway at the end of the day or law enforcement agencies no matter where you're from to show each other a little courtesy a little respect and once properly identified say what you have to say and leave it at that cuz that one person can be a backup one day

Richard T : Stupid inbred Sheriff

hotheadedjoelhaha : The Entire Problem is Unmarked Police cars, they should Not Exist. The End.

Mahhn : lol State was right all the way, but he backed up on the HW shoulder, which is illegal lol (I got a ticket for it 25 years ago)

Tonya S : Trooper is in the right the Sheriff was abusing powers outside of his jurisdiction.

Dan Ballard : I'm correct about Florida !! Here, A Trooper has "State Wide Jurisdiction" . But is usually assigned to a "Troop" (area). Also, Here in Florida, A Trooper is used as "Backup" to other Agencies !!. Yes, Their "Main Duties" are on the "Highways" but also do "Other Duties" !!. They are a "Full Fledge Law Enforcement Officer" and "Can provide ANY Service needed" that any other "Cop" can !!!. So, I'm AM CORRECT !!. In Florida !!. Also, This "Sheriff" was "Out of His County/Jurisdiction" !! So he had no more rights to "Use his Lights" than any other "Citizen" !!.

Lafe Denton : The deputy was not in the right. But the trooper is WAY OUTA LINE WITH HIS ATTITUDE.

monkeybutttt1 : That's the problem with unmarked vehicles. They should be illegal.