State Trooper vs. Sheriff - Tempers Flare

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Gringo Bandito : These guys did everything short of whipping their dicks out and comparing size. I do respect the trooper for holding another LEO accountable.

Nut-sacks909 : Thats what I call a great state trooper. Those are the people I want serving us thank you for everything you do

CrapHitting TheFan : The Sheriff was using lights to move people out of his way that's not permitted and a school bus does not need an escort.

Eric Draven : As a police officer myself.. the Trooper was correct and the Sheriff was wrong, out of line and disrespectful.

Marshall Garrett : Despite the reason it's nice to see Police holding each other accountable.

Akron Ohio : Respect to the trooper. He was definitely in the right

Peter Roth : Sheriff was trying act like a big shot.

Damnit Bobby : Trooper has authority over a sheriff on the highway.

William Carroll : Yep, Trooper was correct in stopping the SUV. The Sheriff has no business utilizing his cruisers emergency equipment outside of his county. He can only do it if it is a hot pursuit or he observes a felony or roadside emergency. I'm a retired Sarasota County Florida Deputy

Johnny's Luck : Good job trooper no one is above the law

Terry Lunsford : Trooper is right. Sheriff has no authority to use emergency lights in non-emergency situation that is not even in his jurisdiction.

Chris F : The sheriff is a real piece of garbage.

Bob T : Good work trooper! Flashing his lights for a softball team. Give me a break

sam77275 : I commend the trooper on doing that as it keeps these cops who abuse their power in line or at least make them think twice about abusing their power, well done! Needs to happen more often! Cops like that I like because they are fair and still human.

Doug Smith : Is it just me or does it remind you of Beaufort T Justice arguing with a Georgia State Trooper a little lol

povang : Trooper was in the right, and knew his shit. Sheriff was in the wrong, a school bus does not RATE a presidential escort service. Sheriff was just flexing his illusionary authoritive muscles and got punked for it. Totally embarrassing on the Sheriffs part and he knows it, can hear the guilt in his voice and mannerism. The trooper did rub it in his face pretty hard though, uncomfortably so lol.

xlarge79 : We should have more state troopers like this guy

Ethan Churchill : I'd like to see a list of kids on the alleged school bus. My guess is that Sheriff has a kid or close relative on that bus.

Ariel Castillo : Lol escorting a school bus after a game? Horseshit

ohiosux : Okay, great. And how about the Trooper going 100 MPH when he wasn't in pursuit? Is that legal? If he had been traveling at a legal rate of speed, he probably never even caught the Sheriff. Two wrongs don't make a right.

Mike Rogers : And neither one of them took the 5 seconds to move the shredded tire off the shoulder.

Frank Ly : Awesome honest trooper. That Sheriff was caught abusing authority.

Voodoo N.W.R : The state trooper did his job to a T.. excellent

opfor509 : He has no authority in any state (that I know of) to use his emergency lights to catch up to a school bus that he is escorting from a game. That is not an emergency.  If he knew how to drive, he should have been able to catch a school bus with normal driving.  I've seen it before, another sheriff who thinks he can do what he wants, wherever he wants, because he gets away with it in his own little world (county).  Trooper was obviously pissed and he shouldn't have tapped danced around it. Should have called him out for misuse of his overheads, period. instead of the whole I didn't know if you were a cop or not speech.  I had a chief call my sheriff because I gave his officer a cite for the same place, for the same speed I gave him a warning for 5 days earlier.  The chief said we should have called him so he could take care of it internally. I heard from one of our reserves who also worked at this agency, that the officers were talking about meeting me somewhere to throw me a beating.  I sent him back with time and place to make this happen. Funny how there were no takers. If I got a phone call like that, I would tell the trooper to issue a cite next time and the Deputy would have been getting a letter in his file for pushing the lame ass excuse, instead of just taking his lumps.  Not a huge fan of the State Police but good job to the Trooper for giving the sheriff a verbal lashing before letting him go.

Charlie Wels : How in the hell you are escorting a bus and the bus is in front of you Lol , seems like the bus was escorting you sheriff

fordlandau : Meanwhile 5 murders were perpetrated.

pingo. : The sherriff wasn't even in his county.. he had no jurisdiction.. the trooper is right.. i commend him..

huggable cactus : The lights are for emergency only. Ole sheriff thinks it don't apply to him

BERGY Baxter : *I'm Buford T justice* I'm a highly respected and distinguished officer of the law how dare you stopped me for flashing my lights🇺🇸👍🤠✌🇺🇸

crabtrap : If i was the sherrif i would have just said "write me the ticket and spare me the lecture."

CMLAFLAMME : "The problem is once I identified myself, the way you treated me". You mean he treated you with the same attitude the police treat citizens? Yeah, that must really suck.

Lee Young : dirty fat lying Sheriff, well done Trooper

Axx Kxx : The trooper is in the right, you can't just flash your lights anytime you want as a police officer, there's rules and regulations in place to prevent such things, that sherrifs officer abused his position. As a police officer i hate to see other officers abuse their power or position.

Marcus Barton-Sconiers : State Troopers are much easier and understanding than sheriffs and city cops

Henry Montejo : The sheriff was in the troopers turff

David Munyon : The Trooper was clearly in the right here. My hat is off to this trooper.

William Burdon : State trooper should have arrested him. He got him out of the camera for professional courtesy.

Aaron Collings : Pissing match...out of County can’t flash lights unless emergency is going on County state or national...but out of jurisdiction can’t turn those lights on...

Shane Mac : The sheriff was supposedly escorting a bus carrying a high school softball team? If so, the bus ditched the sheriff. Not a good look there. The trooper was correct and the sheriff very wrong.

terratrekker2 : Meanwhile 10 tons of drugs slipped passed them

Sue Gorgeous : why is NO one getting mad at funeral escorts?? Are the dead an emergency?! Where are they going? Nowhere.

Ray Whitsell : Sheriff Beaufort T Justice...In Hot Pursuit....

Dennis Noonan : Looks like I’m with the majority here. The trooper’s actions were not only acceptable, they were 100% correct. Eventually the Sheriff tried to bully the trooper. The trooper had no trouble handling the guy, and in a totally professional manner. Trooper:1 Sheriff:0

S Bains : Ticket the sheriff plain and simple / report him to the state

monkeybutttt1 : That's the problem with unmarked vehicles. They should be illegal.

John Caash : TROOPER RIGHT SHERIFF WRONG> nuff said....

Addison Ricketts : Idk about Florida law but if the Sherriff was infact escorting a school bus that doesn't qualify as a code 2... trooper is correct.

malibudude1978 : At least the trooper is cool, got Uncle Kracker playing.

Fro Redd : Help me understand why that sheriff is doing an escort with his pistol prominently displayed on his hip. Is he on the clock? No? So why are his police lights flashing on his personal vehicle escorting students from a baseball tournament? Smells like a classic case of stupidity and abuse of authority.

Mark Olander : The State Trooper has it right and he actually may be one of the rare people who conducts law enforcement properly.