Austin Powers Goldmember - Check Up Scene

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Stephen Jacewicz : Ohh no Verne!! We will miss you here on Earth buddy!!! God Bless ya. Thank you for your funniness, and warm heart.

O Where Is My Hairbrush : RIP - Verne Troyer

1966Hemi426 : If you're here, you have brilliant humor and we would probably get along.

Campbell J-M : This is the most single funniest scene I have ever watched. I had tears pouring out my eyes from laughing, it just got better and better!

Joe Otero : Just realized that the doctor was the same guy who gave austin his penis enlarger in the first one haha

Deividas Namajunas : whoever thaught of this is a genius :D

Connor Clemmons : And for the rest of that sailor's life, he has been haunted by the shadowy image of what has happened in this clip.

ZTP-Nicudy Videos : 2018 anyone???

TheBlueghost11 : This happens when you use the Swedish-Made Penis Enlarger Pump too much.

Kaijuhub : My favorite mini me line: Eeeeeee!

A B : Playing games with your Willie.

Danny Wilten : OMG I cannot stop laughing  lol

ms. angelιqυe : Lmao never gets old

Daniel Martinez : Please make an Austin Powers 4. I hop it will be called Shagfall

Jamar Murray : I'm always reduced to tears from this movie...

daveheel : so immature and yet so funny. i heard mike myers wants to do an austin powers 4.

Timefliesbye : That sailor had to take a few minutes to himself on the poopdeck.

Josh man 360 : I remember watching this movie when I was a kid and didnt under stand why the guy was making faces But now I do! XD

Iido's Gaming Den : These films are pure comedic gold from start to finish.

Thatcher-Main SaucyShip8 : 2:47 I CAN'T STOP LAUGHING!!!

Stephen LaPorte : Every time mini me slides out of the vent and hits the sign I start laughing lol

CountryFarms Mesa : Mini me hitting off the wall is so funny

Thuglife Pikachu : R.I.P verne troyer

Hakha Behmanesh : This is the most single memorable scene in the Austin Powers movie series :)

Plowbeast : Beyonce about to have the NSA delete all memory of her involvement in this movie.

aspe121 : In german the title is Goldständer that means Golden Boner

Chelsey : I laugh so hard I cry every time I watch this freaking part!!

fearless nikki : R.i.p mini me

robwallyworldmusic : The Doctor in this scene was also in the first Austin Powers, he was the government official that returns Austin's property. The famous "Swedish Penis Enlarger" back and forth scene with Elizabeth Hurley ('Vanessa') standing by.

DJ Jacknife C.T.S. : I would be disturbed too

Alex Sauers : How in the hell did the map land like that..xD..this scene was pefect.. 😂😂

Nathan Wood : How does Beyonce make ducking look unnatural?

Hailey Sue : This is my favorite clip from this movie. I was laughing so hard, I couldn't stop laughing!

Disappointed Father : omfg lol I'm shedding tears

AwesomePineapple : the most disturbing and yet one of the funniest scenes in the movies xD

Call me Whatever : I actually met mini me(Vern Troyer)

Friendship : The screenwriters were genius of making shadow puppets.

Tyler Lee : RIP Mini Me

Neo Papa : Rest In Peace Verne Troyer

Juno Destine : Best scene ever!! I died laughing

DuggySpartan : Every man has wished for this power at least once in his lifetime.

ΑΓΓΕΛΟΣ : R.I.P Mini Me!!!

APersian : RIP Verney Troyer....

EnclaveTesla : they need to make another Austin powers movie

TheGarfieldPrototype : I like how the map landed vertically.

Jean-Luc Picard : I didn't realise the guy watching was the same as the guy watching in the first tent scene hahaha

Kai Zerafa : 2:42 EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEHH, Ouch! 😂😂😂😂

Birim Racha Cheran Momin : R.I.P mini me

panic lion XD : How could you dislike this

Robin : The "Free apples" sign is so random lol