Pilots TROLLING Air Traffic Controllers in Flight Simulator X (Multiplayer)

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My attempt to be ATC at the Cleveland Int'l Airport goes wrong due to a series of unrealistic and/or intoxicated pilots disrupting the airspace. Classic FSX multiplayer. Thanks for watching. ► Merch: https://teespring.com/stores/Airforceproud95 ► FULL TROLLING PLAYLIST: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLd32qnrKfRX05YNToTNEhjC39S3qH6ZvC ► Follow me on Twitter! - http://www.twitter.com/Airforceproud95 ► Like me on Facebook! - http://www.facebook.com/Airforceproud95 Outro: "Deserted" by J+1 - http://soundcloud.com/JPlusOne Thanks for watching sauce boss.

Comments from Youtube

Aleyna Elanur Y : "Guten Tag, sprechen sie deutsch?" (EVERYBODY TRIGGERED) "Speak English." "English only buddy." "Yeah, no DEUTSCH here." "SPEAK AMERICAN." 😂😂😂

Anthony Cassola : "This is blue angel six requesting taxi" *NEGATIVE*

Azraelle : The funny thing is, I think I've learned the NATO phonetic alphabet better from watching these videos than all the actual attempts I've made in the past.

Lucifer's son : 6:06 *intense silence* Toddler: tower this is Air Force 1 requesting.. AF95: OH God *everyone facepalm themselves*

Daniel Barnak : Such a busy airspace, planes have to use their horns.

Chicken Wizard89 : A Learjet clockin' 2,037 Knots... Welcome to FSX Steam Edition.

BrendanTheGent : Hot Air Balloon Counter: 0 The "Grizzly Bear" thing was funny but I couldn't stop laughing at the Car Horn

RobBoi : I told my coworkers this morning i overslept because i was watching a bunch of these flight simulator videos and they thought i was watching it to steal a plane like that one guy recently lmao

Edo : 2:53 *Tape your windows boys*

karma : 6:14 Guy: *shits pants* Guy: I think im gonna uhh, HuH (realizing he shitted) Me: no wonder the toilet was clogged earlier

Fur Of Destruction : Hey, I just wanted to say I absolutely love your videos. They are so damn hilarious. I wanted to ask, could you maybe consider creating a tutorial series for noobies such as myself? I’m highly interested in buying FSX, and am currently using FlightGear since it’s free... I think you’d be a fantastic instructor though in all honesty, because in every video you’re the most professional! I hope you’ll consider!!

SGTSAVAGE 17A : Its impossible for me to watch your videos without laughing uncontrollably “half assing the afterburner”

Jaden Corner : People get triggered if someone speaks not English or if someone is Air Force one

Kuro Nyra : "This is Air Force One. - Oh god..." Best reaction ever.

Andrew ? : Yo this shit randomly popped up in suggested, I don’t watch plane stuff, and had no clue there is a sim for atc and airports, but this has got to be my favorite video of all time, I have been rewatching and watching all the trolling vids lol so sweet

TheCameronJay : "Ok who just joined the server and immediately blew a out a lung?" "This is blue angle six..requesting taxi" "NEGATIVE!!" I am dying 😂😂

Amerikanski : "SW5506 we have you southbound but one question - why are you squawking 7500?" "Sorry I'll squawk 7400"

Daniel : Air Force One joins Everyone goes ballistic. XD

Lucifer's son : That F/18 Flyby was...well you can say *MONEY*

DJ Pasque : 6:14 *farts* I think i'm gonna... I think I'm gonna cum!!

Daenerys Targaryen : Is this a game about trains?

B0bariaN : "Ok let's maintain realism" *5 seconds later* "Tower this is Air Force One"

Otrab : I love the increasing number of completely random sounds that end up in the chat.

Joth life : Here is a good example of why fsx shouldn’t be on steam

Dominic Mittendorf : Whisky tango foxtrot please use squawk 7500

Joshua Almanza : (random gibberish) THEM MEXICANS TOOK OUR JOBS HUH SANCHEZ? GARCIA?

/ Konivore \ : Airforceproud deals with more teenagers and prepubescent kids than a teacher.

Goofhead Rodriguez : The part where the girl voice comes on and he say “Oh God!” Had me dying 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

The Classical Nerd Of Classical : Even though I know nothing about airplanes I still find this hilarious 🤣

Ryan Ford : 9:29 wtf was that noise

Kilroy : *Ew Teamspeak* (also B-L-Z-4-2-0 I love that callsign and I dont even smoke)

Evan Schildgen : An airforceproud95 video a day keeps the faa away

laine harris : Aspen30.. I'm rolling here. Lmao. Sled driver.

Crackles McFarly : EMERGENCY TAKEOFF --> What if 'there is a NUKE INBOUND 2 MINUTES MR. PRESIDENT!!!!' THEN you'd need an EMERGENCY TAKEOFF!!! :-D

D1ABOLU5 : "Aspen30" Was that an SR-71????

TuneTwister Music : Im dying, I cnt believe I just now found these simulator troll vids theyre hilarious.

Poofin : You seem pretty good at this game, you should become a pilot.

Lord Royce : You know the reaction y'all gave after that air force 1 happens in real life too... Ps. 2000 knots..... 😂😂

AbysmalGaming : this is oceanic flight 815, Requesting permission to land on runway 4 8 15 16 23 46 callsign: smokeMonster

Leland Fox : I love how you change your name in every outro "chickentits95" lmaooo

RCDude : Can you do an FSX multiplayer episode at Minneapolis St. Paul International Airport (KMSP) please?

Andrew : this is literally the funniest video on your channel

Chewbacca Buddy : "This is Blue Angel Six requesting taxi" *Negative*

King Frog : guy at 0:53 sounded like an Ace Combat voice actor

Blue Berry : “ChickenTits95 here” Im done with life this is amazing

Shiznuts : "Tower, this is Air Force One..." *ALL HELL BREAKS LOOSE* xD

Travis Terrell : Aspen30 I've got you clocking...2,037 KNOTS! Reduce speed IMMEDIATELY. How is that even possible?! You're in a LEARJET!

Aim9 Mike : Delta Oscar November requesting an emergency car rental via Enterprise

primrose charlotte : emergency takeoff....