Pilots TROLLING Air Traffic Controllers in Flight Simulator X (Multiplayer)

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Daniel Barnak : Such a busy airspace, planes have to use their horns.

Otrab : I love the increasing number of completely random sounds that end up in the chat.

Absolutely Noidea : "Let's maintain realism" Less than five seconds later: "Tower this is Air Force One"

Aleyna Elanur Y : "Guten Tag, sprechen sie deutsch?" (EVERYBODY TRIGGERED) "Speak English." "English only buddy." "Yeah, no DEUTSCH here." "SPEAK AMERICAN." 😂😂😂

Lucifer's son : 6:06 *intense silence* Toddler: tower this is Air Force 1 requesting.. AF95: OH God *everyone facepalm themselves*

Daniel : Air Force One joins Everyone goes ballistic. XD

Anthony Cassola : "This is blue angel six requesting taxi" *NEGATIVE*

Salvatore D'Amico : Wait, did you said Cleveland? *YEAH I'VE BEEN TALKING TO AIRCRAFT THAT ARE 275 MILES AWAY SO STANDBY...*

Azraelle : The funny thing is, I think I've learned the NATO phonetic alphabet better from watching these videos than all the actual attempts I've made in the past.

BrendanTheGent : Hot Air Balloon Counter: 0 The "Grizzly Bear" thing was funny but I couldn't stop laughing at the Car Horn

Chicken Wizard89 : A Learjet clockin' 2,037 Knots... Welcome to FSX Steam Edition.

*Mr. Scream* : *(BELCH)* "what was that?" "Sounded like engine failure" "Sounded like a frog" Me: *HYENA LAUGHS*

RobBoi : I told my coworkers this morning i overslept because i was watching a bunch of these flight simulator videos and they thought i was watching it to steal a plane like that one guy recently lmao

Jaden Corner : People get triggered if someone speaks not English or if someone is Air Force one

Poofin : You seem pretty good at this game, you should become a pilot.

Leon Kernan : “Up your nan” guy is here!

Pone Of Destruction : Hey, I just wanted to say I absolutely love your videos. They are so damn hilarious. I wanted to ask, could you maybe consider creating a tutorial series for noobies such as myself? I’m highly interested in buying FSX, and am currently using FlightGear since it’s free... I think you’d be a fantastic instructor though in all honesty, because in every video you’re the most professional! I hope you’ll consider!!

Absolutely Noidea : AUSSIE AUSSIE AUSSIE 🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺

Jong : Things that I hate 1. People with anime profile pictures 2. People who make lists of things they hate 3. Irony 4. Unoriginality 5. People who try too hard to be funny 6. People who make lists that don't end in a multiple of 5 7. People who beg for likes and comments Like and comment if you agree

bypassingz : 6:14 Guy: *shits pants* Guy: I think im gonna uhh, HuH (realizing he shitted) Me: no wonder the toilet was clogged earlier

Edo : 2:53 *Tape your windows boys*

SGTSAVAGE 17A : Its impossible for me to watch your videos without laughing uncontrollably “half assing the afterburner”

Quick Highlights : This is without doubt the best video on YouTube.

Daenerys Targaryen : Is this a game about trains?

Ryan Ford : 9:29 wtf was that noise

Solus Mortuus : I don't play this game so can someone explain to me why everyone groaned when Air Force One joined?

Lucifer's son : That F/18 Flyby was...well you can say *MONEY*

Canadian Plane Spotter : Finally a trolling video...this is actually worth watching

Kuro Nyra : "This is Air Force One. - Oh god..." Best reaction ever.

TuneStunnaMusic : Im dying, I cnt believe I just now found these simulator troll vids theyre hilarious.

Dominic Mittendorf : Whisky tango foxtrot please use squawk 7500

Joth life : Here is a good example of why fsx shouldn’t be on steam

Shiznuts : "Tower, this is Air Force One..." *ALL HELL BREAKS LOOSE* xD

Amerikanski : "SW5506 we have you southbound but one question - why are you squawking 7500?" "Sorry I'll squawk 7400"

TheCameronJay : "Ok who just joined the server and immediately blew a out a lung?" "This is blue angle six..requesting taxi" "NEGATIVE!!" I am dying 😂😂

Joshua Almanza : (random gibberish) THEM MEXICANS TOOK OUR JOBS HUH SANCHEZ? GARCIA?

89BlackGatomon : Me: THIS IS MADNESS!

InterstellarIssac : Legend says that if you're this early, GroundPound69 will love

Jack Copley : poor blue angel 6

Brandon Lake : Why is this so funny

Ethan Kromschroeder : Sprechen sie Deutsch means do you speak German?

Command MAN : Ganja mean WEED

Kaptan Deniz : 3:59 welcome to FSX Steam Edition

Andrew The MX Racer 13 : Tower this is uh....

Pierogi : трек полоса блять сука сука шестьдесят девять задница сиськи сука трек полоса

Goofhead Rodriguez : The part where the girl voice comes on and he say “Oh God!” Had me dying 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

Hotel Delta1 : Tower this is air force one... *(General outrage)*

Nick Clervi : Seriously what game is this I literally shat all over my stove after watching this and then cooked some water and ate it

Hyperstellar : Hmmm, I've watched a few of your older videos and I think I'm hooked. I declare this my new religion.

ミキーユトMeKillYouTo : holy shit i remember you from 2015/16, but im glad i found you again!