Pilots TROLLING Air Traffic Controllers in Flight Simulator X (Multiplayer)

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Daniel Barnak : Such a busy airspace, planes have to use their horns.

Carl Grimes : Air Force One joins Everyone goes ballistic. XD


Otrab : I love the increasing number of completely random sounds that end up in the chat.

Poofin : You seem pretty good at this game, you should become a pilot.

InterstellarIssac : Legend says that if you're this early, GroundPound69 will love

J. Quayle Higgins : Well ... the car horn was a new one ...

Shiznutsz : "Tower, this is Air Force One..." *ALL HELL BREAKS LOOSE* xD

Salvatore D'Amico : Wait, did you said Cleveland? *YEAH I'VE BEEN TALKING TO AIRCRAFT THAT ARE 275 MILES AWAY SO STANDBY...*

Canadian Plane Spotter : Finally a trolling video...this is actually worth watching

Absolutely Noidea : "Let's maintain realism" Less than five seconds later: "Tower this is Air Force One"

MegaMech : You should get a ride in a helicopter and say "V1, rotate" during take off

Evan Schildgen : An airforceproud95 video a day keeps the faa away


kekke2000 : I feel bad for the guy who came in with a normal request and just got stepped on by bullshit.

Lucifer's son : 6:06 *intense silence* Toddler: tower this is Air Force 1 requesting.. AF95: OH God *everyone facepalm themselves*

Shiznutsz : Mayday Mayday Mayday - erm... aircraft calling in... I'm pretty sure it's July...

Bidraptor203 : im a aussie and im proud.

Sunny Rawal : Emergency Takeoff....... I don’t even know why I’m studying Aviation anymore

Chief Lizard : *ChickenTits95* Best Name Ever

Mike Box : ProudParents420

Albert Anter : Hi Kilo! Im learning how to fly because of you!(irl) Thanks for inspiring me! 😄

LegendLikeALink : Hi. *Anus*

Absolutely Noidea : AUSSIE AUSSIE AUSSIE 🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺

BrendanTheGent : Hot Air Balloon Counter: 0 The "Grizzly Bear" thing was funny but I couldn't stop laughing at the Car Horn

Raze.Kurtin Tsang : HeavyShit69

SCWfan06 : I lost it at the car horn 😂😂

FORENZY : I love your videos. Now date me over the internet.

Jaden Corner : People get triggered if someone speaks not English or if someone is Air Force one


InterstellarIssac : "That's a bit ironic... *YOU'RE IRONIC*

TR0L4M0N : Sausage hotdog.

Cade Norris : I hate the sound of my own voice. Is there a part two? I remember there were a lot more parts to that session

Lloyd Mark Suhayon : Honk.

Poland Cannot Into Lost : Things that I hate 1. People with anime profile pictures 2. People who make lists of things they hate 3. Irony 4. Unoriginality 5. People who try too hard to be funny 6. People who make lists that don't end in a multiple of 5 7. People who beg for likes and comments Like and comment if you agree

johnny Portwood : Can you butter my bread

Baschieba - Tutorials, Freestyle und mehr : Love it !!! What about uploading more? Already watched all of your vids 'xD Cant get enought... Btw, 190👍 vs 0👎!! Keep going !! Greetings from Germany ':D

Pndazz : Yo have you heard of Flight Simulator X ?

Craig Cooper-Towers : Love your videos you crack me up every time it always lightens my day lol

Laurens Koning : 9:13 to end of the vid is probably the best part😂😂

Dominic Mittendorf : Whisky tango foxtrot please use squawk 7500

Mahoot : Who else thrusts to the beat of the outro music?

David Scolare : Lmao this was one of the funnier ones lately this was great

Fr3ddieeAviation : 420Wdeedurg requesting to *go to the ppl that spray the good green stuff on the plane*

Aviation Spirit : Yes a new airproduct5pringlespancake49 video.

Leon Kernan : “Up your nan” guy is here!

Rivet Svechkar : 🐋

Anthony Cassola : "This is blue angel six requesting taxi" *NEGATIVE*

Nick Clervi : Seriously what game is this I literally shat all over my stove after watching this and then cooked some water and ate it

Daenerys Targaryen : Is this a game about trains?