Avatar: Science Behind Pandora

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Karen Kk : Who else wants to go to Pandora?? Cause I'm ready to go!!;😊

Foxy The Fox : I want James Cameron to make another avatar

Arianna Marie : I would loovvee for them to make a Avatar 2. Avatar is my all time favorite movie ever

Lord trump : *We have begun to believe that we are our minds.* This falsehood puts our minds in control of us. Google truthcontest and become the master you are, not the servant.

Ryan Tate : Would animals grow bigger and stronger if living in lower gravity planets?

Roda Muse : I can't wait for avatar 2 and 3 coming out in 2017-2018

ccricers : Why didn't they go over the spaceship? It was only shown for about a minute but I think it is the most realistic sci-fi element there. The fuel tanks, living quarters and engines are designed in a way that actually makes sense for a interstellar ship, as it has been very similar to concepts drawn by space agencies.

Sagun Limbu : Wow what a movie please fast send in you tube avatar 2please

Cazz Purple : ENDER ' GAME with Harrison Ford , DISTRICT 9 , Del Toro's PAN ' S LABYRINTH , BEOWULF these r really good , creative movies with good stories

Arianna Marie : Oh great thanks

viv white : One of the biggest disappointments is this movie called AVATAR . Just far too long, too predictable, partially BORING and after 30 or 40 minutes of looking at those tall , blue and weird creatures with long tails, all i wanted was to see real people, real human beings...... The story is poor , just a copy of other old films like Tom Cruise 's THE LAST SAMURAI, a much better choice , DANCE WITH THE WOLVES and others ... A typical example of a movie when the especial effects totally overpower the story. Even the cast doesn't help , with the exception of ALIEN'S actress SIGOURNEY WEAVER.. And in a era where the biggest trropical forest on Earth , Brazilian Amazonas is being cut down, a big threat of today's, the HAPPY END in AVATAR looks too false and unrealistic..... Better stay with other computer animated fantasies such as the great BEOWULF , Frank Miller's 300 and Del Toro's. PAN'S LABYRINTH ! Definitely a movie for the 12 year olds and under. My score ? 1 out of 5

lost at sea : When I watched the film, I pictured the giant bird things as a native american legends of giant birds, the thing that charged at Jake as a rhino, the tiny things that attacked him when he met Neytiri as hyenas, the black thing that chased Jake 2 the waterfall as either a puma or a wolf, the horse like creatures as horses, the blue thing Jake first shot an arrow with when Neytiri said he waz ready as a deer. I knew they based most of these creatures of of real animals. Especially the plant life

Adam Malkovich : On Pandora...I would not want to be an Avatar...I would rather be Spiderman!!! Let that soak in for a while.

gustavo orellana : A real world

حسين احمدى : حلو

Kaytlyn Mancha : make a number 2

Bharathy Kanthiah : Darkish it's not Jupiter........

valar : The gas giant looked amazing as visual backdrop, but in reality the immense gravitational forces would render Pandora an uninhabitable volcanic mass more like Mustafar. We can see this in Jupiter's moon Io.

Sofia Frutti : Is there a book or something?

Slappy Boy : My brother is weird

liamthespaceman : In the movie it was due to then Unubtanium creating a opposite magnet effect and hence, floating mountains

stera Perowski : Watch the full movie in my channel

Darish Sakeesing : lol 5.1 lightyears from planet eaerth and it is still affected by jupiter's gravity. Go into a science class kid!

ANGELA CECILIA Carhuamaca Avalos : ahi yop

Glowyrm : What does that even mean? I think you mean to say "fantasy", and not "supernatural". This video just got done explaining how it's all grounded in reality and science, so "supernatural" is very incorrect. And there ARE places like this in the universe, the odds are just way too good that there are to say something like that.


whæliin : solar system* not galaxy...

Ahmet Başaran : i felt like i havent watched the movie

MikeTheActorMan : Really? It's quite a big part of the film... that's why they move the little station up there so they can't be tracked, it's why they set the ambush there so the humans have to fire line-of-sight as their tracking doesn't work, etc...

MikeTheActorMan : I wasn't being hostile... but you were correcting that dude for his stupendous comment about Jupiter, and I was correcting you for your comment about it not even being in our Galaxy, which was equally crazy IMO... that is all :)

Ahmet Başaran : Jupiter pull the mountains but cant pull the pandora? Is this possible?

Ahmet Başaran : I missed that

MikeTheActorMan : Ah but they were... hence the "flux vortex" that messed up their instruments!

MikeTheActorMan : Are YOU even serious? It is in our Galaxy, there no way we'd get to another galaxy in the time period of the film... did you mean "it's not even close to our Solar System"?

Ahmet Başaran : Logical but we have to assume that the electronic devices of human technology in that day are not affected by such a big magnetic field.

MikeTheActorMan : It's magnets.... I'm pretty sure in the film they mention about magnetic field etc, and that's the reason they float....

Ahmet Başaran : Mountains contain some material having a negative gravitation. What about this?

Daniel : Then how can they fly there? If there's enough force to lift a mountain these small helicopters should have been pulled all the way space. No actual science in video - only creativity.

Mitchell New : The mountains float due to the gravitational pull of Jupiter and the magnetic field the surrounding area it creates, hence why their radars stopped working in that zone.

MikeTheActorMan : your theory is stupendously ridiculous then.

Odile J. : is there gonna be a sequel to avatar??!! why didn't i knew this before? :O

haraha : A lot of people thought the idea of floating mountains was ridiculous, but the producers and science wizards behind the movie provided a carefully crafted explanation. They explained that the mountains are laced with unobtainium which floats in the presence of a magnetic field. They also said that the magnetic field in that area is so powerful that it can support the mountains.

bluemime86 : my theory is that they are filled with helium, just like balloons

Rodrigo Patigo : BRASIL...

Deathbynature : So why do the mountains float?

pitiyagedon dinesh : nice

The3 Crownsking : This man did terminator, aliens and titanic! James you are so fucking amazing!

Julie Fey : No, the sequel are set to come in 2015....

Crystal Scepter : ur face is supernatural...

Xyan11 : 2013 and 2014 are the next movies