4 Year Old Boy Plays Piano Better Than Any Master

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You can mastering piano like this kid here: http://tinyurl.com/hnjppcz Share, Like, Favorite - 4 year old boy playing a piano like a superb master! Awesome!! You can learn how to play piano like this kid. Kid's Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TsungTsung88

Comments from Youtube

Kermit the penguin : Easy Normal Hard Extreme Asian.

Well, hello there, fellow human! : When I was his age? *I ate sand.*

Well, hello there, fellow human! : Me in pre-school: Guess what!? I can write my name and count to 20! Asian kid in my class: I can speak 6 languages, I'm grade 8 in guitar, violin and piano and I've finished my maths, physics, chemistry and history GCSE's...no big deal though, my 2 year old sister has done all of that and has a full scholarship to MIT

Mickan Alibangbang : My Asian parents watch this and look at me with the most disappointed look in the world

Owen Luo : As an Asian myself, I've been out-Asianed 😭

Shubham Vashishth : Asian parent: good now play that backward. LoL

naomi park : Me: yah I’m pretty good at piano Me: watches video Me: well time to pack my bags and be a lonely Norwegian fisher

Emily Sinclair : *Do you want to delete mytalent.exe?* _Yes_

TheMrSNakeBite : Roses are red, Violets are blue, There's always that young Asian dude That's better than you.

AmazePlayz : Ok son you can go outside and play........ THE GOD DAM PIANO FOR 5 MORE HOURS

BLOBS : He's Asian, it doesn't count lol

Nikki Alston : When I was his age I was sticking peas up my nose....

Joonas Kojo : I literally just typed "That Japanese piano kid" and found what I wanted.

Guido B : when i was 4, i sat in the garden and ate dirt.. 🤔

historiaaa : self esteem has left the chat

The BoomShakaLakaVideos : Roses are red, violettes are blue. There's always an asian that is better than you. I mean... Roses are red, violettes are blue. I will like my own comment beacuse no one will do.

ziyik loh : When I was his age I didn't know what a Piano was.

Jiany Star Massa vich : 22k dislike!!!! 22k MORONS

Senpai Genji : i would like this song to be played at my funeral

Hua Candice : Wow! Are u kidding me? This is impossible! Wow I’m so speechless right now I actually saw this four years ago but I just never said anything because I was so speechless to the point where I cannot say anything anymore. Lol 😂

Etch-A-Sketch : This is probably normal in their country

pyro : Translation Dad: If you play this song right, I won’t make you sleep outside. Ok? Kid:will you give me food too? Dad: mhm Kid: Yayy!! Dad: hehehe now play scum.

Jeremy XIV : I ate grass when I was 4

Maple Syrup Recreational : Being Asian I felt like I got stupider as I got older

Shanelle : When I was four I was literally scared of LEGOs

Wang Yat : 2:51 he was told to look up ..... .... .. I don’t think you should force your movement but instead just do it neutrally


MisterKawaabulous : Roses are red, violets are blue, there's always an Asian that's better than you.

Cross The Wall : Piano level : Asian

SovietYakko : when you realise this is a level 5 on the abrsm grading system

MellamoSteve : That's no human

indpa dawsm : U sure he's not an Asian ancestor of Fredric Chopin? lmfao.

Evie Grace 54 : 7 years later wonder how good he is now... dayum sonnn

Nova : But can he play All Star

Carolyn Wyatt : When I was 3 I shoved a pea up my nose and had to get it surgically revoved

Jamiah Orange : I’m sure 1:37 is what we’ve came for (thank me later) lmfaooo

pokerworld : But can he tie his shoes?

discos make me panic : **insert me at 4 writing the letter E with like 5 extra lines in the middle because i thought it didn’t matter how many lines you put in the letter E**

kflem80 : He could probably beat anyone at table tennis as well

Cookie Crumb Cuties : rOsEs ArE rEd vIoLeTs ArE bLuE tHeRe’S aLwAyS aN aSiAn kId BeTtEr ThAn YoU

Tiona Crossfield : Me in pre-school-I can eat chocolate,do a rolly polly go down a slide and stick a pencil up my nose! Asian kid- Oh I can't really do that much apart from speak 20 different languages ,play 7 different instruments ,do sign language write in the subjunctive form, do quick maths , algebra and many more! Me- O-oh that's not a lot at all... Asian kid- Yea I know that is why I am studying more and more! Me-Can you teach me? Asian kid -sure!                                                        After a few hours later of doing hard work! Me *crying* -I still don't get it! Asian kid- Umm ....... Me *finished crying*- I think I am just gonna stick with what I am good at.... Asian kid- yea you should... Me- If you need me I will be at the nearest chocolate factory stealing sweets and chocolate or just buying it from the store! Asian kid- Okay.... Me- Baii! Good luck will that work! Asian kid- Bye! *In the Asian kid's mind how is she my friend again..?*

TitanWolf PLayz : Okay I’ll just give up on life.... when I was his age do you know what I did?............. *I coloured on walls*

Iam StinkerBella : Teacher:What instrument can you play Kid:Piano Techer:Nice And Now What Instrument Can You Play Me:I Can Play The Calculator Teacher:No Honey The Calculator Is Not An Instrument Me:I Can Show Proof Teacher:Really Then Play The Calculator *Plays Calculator* Teacher: .....

Doctor Hipped78 : i think i will never reach the asian level in piano... :(

Remedy : He’s like 10 now. Just imagine all the possibilities.

Wavy Spice : I can't even play smule.

DatFatCat : I play the piano ok but this makes me disappointed that a 4 year old is a boss

Nicel Ilagan : How can that small hands even reach the keys?! 🤣

Anonim Anonim : You are blue, Asians are red, There is a violet who is better then roses.