4 Year Old Boy Plays Piano Better Than Any Master

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pokerworld : But can he tie his shoes?

Shubhankar Dasgupta : Fantastico boy I am inspired by you I too plays a piano

MD. MOSHIUR Rahman : If my parents saw this, they would be so dissapointed in me. :x

Terry Reed : When you try When you believe But if you see this video You'll fail badly

Ita Iva J : What??

Terry Reed : Pianos are black Also, their white Theirs always a kid doing it right

anxiety : I ate a roach at 4.

Terry Reed : Who plays, Who practices, Who wants to be the star ahead of them?

freemoralagent1 : Im 17 and this little dude was an inspiration for me! I can already play a couple of pieces like turkish march, maple leaf rag, minuet in g major and minuet 116.

kagehira影片 : I thought I was good Until I saw this...

ohMarleigh : There’s Only One Explination.. HES A ROBOT!!! 💀🙊😳

Woineey P : So this means he was on like grade four or five when he was one.

ViolentXKbunge4 : Well it was either learn the piano and play like a “master” or have no rice for a week

Fartknocker : He makes it look easy

antGOLD12 Yes : damn,who was teaching this mans

kawaii pig pig : He is not normal...

Jasmine Decorse : Don't you dare press Read more... What have you done?!?! Almost there..... Anytime now...... ...... Keep going... Yay!! You made it now waste another 5 minutes of your life doing it again!!🎉🎉🎊

fernando santa : What the hell is going on

Ethan Hurley : Song?

Pacha Artist : Meanwhile I'm sitting here being a disappointment to my parents-

Leila stark : Merci Topito je me fais un peu moins chier

5-Bit Entertainment : My Brain.Exe has stopped working....

Darks4ever0 : This is unfair

Xxchibi LoverxX : He's lucky...He's better than me..•~• (oh no)


Jessi Chan : Dang I started playing the piano at about 4 and I am only grade 6 now and I still have difficulties playing these pieces... This kid is a pro... Not kidding... Amazing 👌❤👏

Jaden Trinidad : I hope I don't go next to him and we both play piano at the same time.... He would make me look stupid.

Eternal Serenity : Wow he’s a very talented kid!

Ethan Hurley : Songs?

Esha Banerjee : How come i havent seen this kid on americas got talent or britans got talent and stuff???

Jelliam Zamora : its a complicated song omg

Jonasclea Cavalcante do Nascimento : Just fallin´ in love with this little baby ... amazing!!!

GwayneKi Ken : This is animenz' nephew. He only needs to learn anime music

maria jose vega contreras : I cant play like the boy is playing

The Nobody : And then there's me who doesn't even know how to breathe properly.

Sabrina Guechou : I feel so untalented after watching this.....

Louie Lunasco : Wow...this kid is amazing

Johny Max : I can play and all the songs of Mozart and beethoven

Macca Madinah : What songs did he play?

Rea Clea : how can his tiny fingers even do this!?

yoitsyagirl !! : OMG YOU would want to read this press read more How was it??? I can keep going ALL day.. Lol Ok there we go you made it!! Comment or like this IF you did it 🤣

tasso curioso : I want the sheet music!!!

Nicholascsh : Hes from Hong Kong and this video is like 8 years ago? Idk why they are reposting it

Znating : Topitooooo

Miss Mayfair : I'm fine! Just 7 years of practice going down the drain! :'^U

Dracogame LOL : Qui est la parce qu’il a vu ma vidéo de topito

GlOdZiO : *Your Lie In April* in *Real Life* 😍

IIAlbertII : What happen to this kid?......prob a brick layer naw.

MD. MOSHIUR Rahman : He is so cute and he looks so excited. He does play really, really good. OMG how????????? :O :) :×

Why so Sirius? : when i was 4 i couldn't tell the difference between do and re EDIT : Thank you for those likes and replies