4 Year Old Boy Plays Piano Better Than Any Master

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TheMrSNakeBite : Roses are red, Violets are blue, There's always that young Asian dude That's better than you.

pokerworld : But can he tie his shoes?

Nikki Alston : When I was 3 I was choking on crayons...

Duk Tape : 0:00: Dad - "if you play this 50th attempt correctly I wont lock you in the cellar tonight." Kid gasps 0:06 Dad - "let's go then Kid - "will you feed me tonight" Dad - "Mhm" Kid - whoooahhhhhhh

Owen Luo : As an Asian myself, I've been out-Asianed 😭

Well, hello there, fellow human! : Me in pre-school: Guess what!? I can write my name and count to 20! Asian kid in my class: I can speak 6 languages, I'm grade 8 in guitar, violin and piano and I've finished my maths, physics, chemistry and history GCSE's...no big deal though, my 2 year old sister has done all of that and has a full scholarship to MIT

Albert Einstein : Fantastico boy I am inspired by you I too plays a piano

Sabrina Guechou : I feel so untalented after watching this.....

bby_ Doll : *oF CoUrSe HEs AsIAn*

PHILCOIN. de : If you thought you are good in something... there is always a asian kid way better then you

GLODZIO : *Your Lie In April* in *Real Life* 😍

fernando santa : What the hell is going on

Nikki Alston : When I was his age I was sticking peas up my nose....

5BitE : My Brain.Exe has stopped working....

kagehira影片 : I thought I was good Until I saw this...

Spooktasic : There’s Only One Explination.. HES A ROBOT!!! 💀🙊😳

Hua Candice : Wow! Are u kidding me? This is impossible! Wow I’m so speechless right now I actually saw this four years ago but I just never said anything because I was so speechless to the point where I cannot say anything anymore. Lol 😂

Jjslimes Slime Queen : Roses are red Visits at blue I like my own comment So should you😏😏

Etch-A-Sketch : This is probably normal in their country

Pacha Artist : Meanwhile I'm sitting here being a disappointment to my parents-

blu dolphin : He is not normal...

Nicholascsh : Hes from Hong Kong and this video is like 8 years ago? Idk why they are reposting it

Joonas Kojo : I literally just typed "That Japanese piano kid" and found what I wanted.

LianBab GT : Sorry i farted accidently.

Growing Forever : Wow...

Maple Syrup Recreational : Being Asian I felt like I got stupider as I got older

Solid : i would like this song to be played at my funeral

Ben Hesford : What are the pieces he is playing btw?

maria jose vega contreras : Y start playing piano at the 5 years and no i have 9 so this is my forth year playing piano and i cant play like that he is amazing, Good Job Boy

Guido B : when i was 4, i sat in the garden and ate dirt.. 🤔

Farah K : Lol he can't even reach the pedals 😂😂

LotusDuck_123 : Pfft that is nothing compared to my Mary had a little lamb on piano ...

CJ Alozie : What's the name of the first piano piece, thinking of learning it.

Jenna Nguyen : Okay okay okay. WE NEED TO MAKE A DECISION! Vote 1 for Tsung Tsung. And a 2 for Evan the other child prodigy.

Xinyu Winxs : how did he learn that from his dad or mom?

SQD Productions : This kid could type an essay in less the 5 minutes

Alex G : And people think we have just one life.. LOL

MellamoSteve : That's no human

Iva J : What??

Team Schlambie : Wow what a legend

Gonzalo El GaMer : Loool

Erica Townsend : ........can he be in my music class?

Mystic Productions : Nice

Why so Sirius? : when i was 4 i couldn't tell the difference between do and re EDIT : Thank you for those likes and replies

Shubham Vashishth : Asian parent: good now play that backward. LoL

NextDoorWatermelon : When I was 4 years old, I got a peice of foam stuck in my nose for more than a month

Jill Verdi : Mind blowing so talented! And adorable!

propcode : Course he’s asian

DIYtumbleRZ : When I was 4 I was watching Dora the explorer

ACKERMAN shinkeginokjojin : Thats my picture son