4 Year Old Boy Plays Piano Better Than Any Master

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Growing Forever : Wow...

SHOCKWAVE : I mean, I can’t even press W A S and D like that

f1a_ Kate_xx : This puts me to shame 😂

The Noob : When I was four I sat on the ground and ate dirt...

Harrison Bond : Well I mean, if he messes up- no food for 3 weeks. No wonder he’s so good

Miss Iva J : What??

Princess lhie Espiritu : Bravo!What a pro

Glitch papyrus : WOW.......HIS BETTER THEN ME XD

Lydia 9119 : And next jimmy will be playing hot cross buns on the recorder

Colombian History X : I’ll give ya 20 grand for the kid.

Pacha Artist : Meanwhile I'm sitting here being a disappointment to my parents-

Marilyn Xoxo : For some what reason this kid reminds of kousei arima XD

hufflepuff pride : I can barely master ode to joy....

Ni YunLai : wtf.....

Reena Richu : He is great but... Fingering is all wrong.. Hope he corrects it


Imran Shah : OMG. I. Was shoked. 😲😨😨😱😵

Macky Ismael : Prooooooooo piano kid kool

IkuZgirl The Pianist : Amazing!!!!!!!

Artur Bislimi : You never know there could be another Korean kid out there...

antGOLD12 : damn,who was teaching this mans

Jason Nguyen : DA HECK!!!

Anthony Spencer : True or false

Master Tricks : Wow...

Lera cat 2018 : OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Esha Banerjee : How come i havent seen this kid on americas got talent or britans got talent and stuff???

Sagae Haruki : you shouldnt be suprise cause you know how hard we work even at a young age.😤😁

IkuZgirl The Pianist : I can understand that language because I’m cantonese

cupcakex3 : Literally how??

kakashi Hatake White Fang of the Leaves : the people who disliked are probably deaf

kagehira影片 : I thought I was good Until I saw this...

Նարե Մելքոնյան : OMG!!!!

UDG Game Player : Like first I was Me:oh he’s a kid wow I bet all my money that he can’t play this and is just a vlog Later... Me:Well I guess I’m poor now

Gurveer Singh : omg

Nhatanh James : WTF!!!!!!!!!

The Nobody : And then there's me who doesn't even know how to breathe properly.

LukaCroGame HD : This kid is better den mozart and bettoweb together😱

Andrea vieira rios goncalves : OMG he is very good 👍🏻

Erica Kim : Mind Blown... I'm so speechless!! 😰🌋

Lila HERNANDEZ : Bethoven two

Rea Clea : how can his tiny fingers even do this!?

CLee Foods : Dang SON!!

hanshenriklevy : WOWWOW!

이은희 : Wow

Sabrina Miller : you cant play batter than the lightning sonata HAHAHAHHAAHAHHAHAHAHHAHA

Why so Sirius? : when i was 4 i couldn't tell the difference between do and re EDIT : Thank you for those likes and replies

Brooke Melberg : That’s awsome

Knufi El : Easy Middle Difficult Asian

The Game Goddess : Daaaaaaaaaamn now that's talent

Katie and colin : WOAHH 😮😮😮