Pink Panther Favorite Scene

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Jerk Store : When I saw this for the first time I seriously laughed till I couldn't breath. I thought I was going to die.

moses strathern : "The PHEUN is ringing again.".....whomp....."Relax, I'll get it ".....too funny

ericpieper69 : I don't care how many times I see this I still laugh my ass off!!!

DMJC1988 : Now kato and the inspector are in heaven and I can imagine both acting out this scene over and over RIP!!!!!

Mark Flute : RIP Peter Sellers, Herbert Lom and Burt Kwuok

Dameon Gates : when he hits Kato with those nunchucks back of the neck sending him into the tv that slow motion scream is priceless.

kurtb8474 : "It's de pheeone.  The pheeone is ringinguh."

bastlake : The trick to this, the hilarious beauty of this, is that they're BOTH idiots, Cato and Clouseau

DNA Cowboy : So sad to hear about Burt Kwouk, bless you Cato!

EnzoFuturistic : the part that kills me is at 1:02 when the tv explodes, i mean....I'm already hurting from laughter at the slowed down audio, cato's voice going UP after getting hit with the nunchucks.... you hear that tinkle of the tv screen THEN the tube blowing up with that cartoonish sound and....i better get back to bed

Setrakian 427 : The periscope slomo

Carmilo : Any one that knows real talent would see that this man had a natural ability to make you laugh, he didn't try to make you laugh unlike some of the other comedic actors we have now, he was just natural funny at what ever he did. Peter Sellers - The best.

SuperTed19021 : RIP Burt Kwouk aka Cato. And RIP Peter Sellers too. Thanks for the laughs, the both of you.

spewgilist : Clouseau absolutely labels Cato with nunchucks at 0:55

Miguel Salas : RIP Peter Sellers. Classic 

Λαυρέντιος Ψαροκάηκας : Νο appartment was harmed during the making of this video..

TC Tony Clarke : Never take your eye off your opponent, even when the phone rings

Damien Demento : R.I.P. my little yellow friend.

Craig Fraser : Just read the news. All three of them are back together again. Rest in peace

comicmania2008 : RIP Mr Kwouk. You and Peter Sellers made me laugh so much when I saw this. True geniuses, the pair of you!

Henchman Twenty1 : "Relax. I'll get it." - I so wish I was old enough to see this in the theaters when it first came out. I did get to see it at the drive-in as part of a triple feature years later. I must have seen this scene 100 times and still die laughing every time.

korey311 : Why can't my life be this much fun?

Λαυρέντιος Ψαροκάηκας : Clouseau spent an entire fortune constantly rebuidling his apartment.. but he was so superbly trained that nobody ever caught him by surprise.He expected everything,including the spanish inquisition.He was the only man,perhaps,who broke the monty rule..

DRAshley1980 : Just heard Burt Kwouk has died aged 85. RIP to a total freakin legend. What a funny man. This is not the birthday I hoped for.

Alex Boehm : LMFAOOOOOOO!!!!! I AM IN PAIN!!! 1:44 finally killed me!!!

Coral Roper : This has me squealing with laughter.

Shaun Templey : 2:09 the funniest thing on this planet lol.

Hobby birchy : one of the best scenes in this film, The original VHS release had the Nunchucks scene deleted, now on the DVD set i have includes the uncut as seen here

CJ SB : Watching this again, I don't know how I'll ever stop laughing. Peter was the most astonishing genius England has ever produced, and we owe it to posterity to show these clips to our children, grandchildren and students as often as we can. Do so, my friends.

Penfold8 : Cato was my favorite character of the Pink Panther series!

Anh-Thu Le : LOL. So hilarious! :-D

D. Duna : I love this scene.

Johnny Detour : This whole sequence in the film (the 3 mins before this bit and right up to the nuns watching quasimodo) is quite possibly the funniest slap stick ever put to film.  it utilises the very best of the Laurel & Hardy visual gags with a touch of Tom & Gerry cartoon violence.  When I saw this the first time in the Cinema I laughed so much I nearly passed out


bostonsirish1 : 0:57 THRU 0:58 FUCKING PRICELESS

Voxac100b : 1:44 😅

Jeffrey Davis : Anyone here after watching "why him movie"??? 😂😂😂😂

strokesdogs : that face 2:30

XeveCamp : You have to always ask what was the best scene in the movie but with pink panthers you have to ask what wasnt, right? And all you can say is "what bad scene?". Peter Sellers to me is like a god and makes me wish there is heaven so I can say thanks to him. Ive never laughed as much in my life than with these movies :D I think there would have never been any wars if everybody would have seen these movies.

Sean Wheeler : wow i forgot how funny this was. pure comedy. Hilarious

Henk Gaas : Brrrilliant, can watch this over and over..

Lady I.H.V.E. Byron (LaPortaDellaLuce) : R.I.P. Kato This scene is one of my favourite as well (since I was a child)...

Patricia Farr : cato had broken a thousand dollar lamp! lol

Fairy Lady : Welcome to the Sixties :)

normansod : I had forgotten how funny this was.

castercamber : "They shall not pass!"

mike hunt : try to read the great interview in psychotronic magazine. he was a nice. humble man. i didn`t know he like to talk about Tsui Hark Movies?!!

Mohdaliffhassan Hassan : What da hell with dat asian guy?

TimMer1981 : So bad it's F*CKING EPIC!!!! :D

MoreOf Marlowe : I absolutely love this