Robot juggles two ping-pong balls

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Robot juggles using optimal control in real-time:


GenoClysm : You're fucking dumb, i doubt it's possible to juggle one ping pong ball by operating a robot or just a structure like that

kingofthegnu : at 0:30 it was like "gimme the ball, gimme the ball!"

WiLbUrWhEe HeWei : Even I can't do that..

ClowN1337ify : wow

Don Ren : WOW, That is some totally useful shit!

Meeny McSweeny : Heheheheh...balls

defragen1 : now get it to control the direction the ball will go and keep two balls on the paddle and have them avoid hitting each other


Dilan_Prasad : That amazing!!!!

Pancho Pantera : ta bueno el robotio!~! xD

Jebu911 : Today ping-pong balls tomorrow grenades

youngcoro : Try it with a "paddle ball" with the elastic string atched to the paddle & ball

Barcafutbol3 : Why?

FunniestStuffEver : BEST. TOY. EVER.

Juanca_M : where is the camera?

Hypastpist : its uses motion tracker or is it optical? and how does the calculations perform so well in realtime?

MrTab666 : If you had two of these robots do you think you could face them up at an angle and get them to pass balls back and forth?

azsxdcfvgbhnjmhn : @N1Toallin ohh burn how will i ever recover from that, oh yeah easily cos it sucked

JenkoTV : This could be applied to a lot of simple ball games. We'll have Robots playing at Wimbldon eventually.

RedRubyDragon6402 : I'm really amused by this, I wonder if it can juggle 3 balls xD

TheEntentrainer : @paulclinger I see. Thank you.

Anal fabrics : 1:11 Balls touching

FILIPPOS PAPADOPOULOS : Very impressive, and very innovative in terms of control systems technology!


Retracor : AMAZING

aar374 : cool stuff but whats the practical, future applications? excuse my ignorance in computer science/hardware engineering, but isnt the algorithm just essentially : track ball -> calculate landing -> move paddle there -> raise in z-coord. by some scalar, k (the random stuff that you describe, ie exert force which is back-calculated). this is probably much easier said than done, but im just curious.

blackkjackk1133 : 1:11 lol xD

blumtop : would it juggle one ball forever, if you have the robot turned on?

azsxdcfvgbhnjmhn : @N1Toallin well atleast i have better education than you, use proper grammar, "this guy HAS a better job than you"

ekkaiaband : really nice

lifemurmansk : Оно живое. Этим ребятам надо срочно учредить компанию Скайнет.

GURken : Блин! Это очень круто! Только теперь это всё уменьшить бы до размеров ладони...

dkulchenko : @myyyp1 Кульченко русский (мой отец), Тодоров нет.

Eqipo Eqipo : Кулченко и Тодоров - разве фамилии не Русские? Почему Университет Вашингтона? Почему "наши" не могут реализовать себя на родине?? Объясните кто-то.

lemonjellies : 12/12/2012 first contact

pihovkin : очень полезный робот ггг))

Hrisidi Pavel : really cool:)

Anderson Guedes : WoW She's a genius!!

Psypherion : Where can I buy one?

tod4y : Really great piece of parallell kinematic machine.

TheEntentrainer : It's amazing to see a robot go in panic mode. :) How do you compensate the lack of tilt? I don't quite get that.

chrisgimeno : Freaking cool!

Monegritos : fake

Monegritos : fake

pepeillo2006 : Que no te lo vea Sarah Connor

wizzo87 : 1:13 lol

ChumGuitar : Круто! Просто класс! Ждем продолжения, например нога с мячом... Cool! Just class! Forward to continuing, such as foot ball ...

volconiano : wwwwaaaaaaaaaooooooo

LordZhatan : Yo quiero aprovechar para decir que las fotos de la bizca que pusieron ayer en yonkis eran una pedazo de mierda épica. Eran malas hasta decir basta. En cuanto al video este pues muy bien eh...