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Jes Se : The boy band that will literally kill all other boybands 😁😁😁

Star Boy : Yoooo Michael Myers had me weak😂 good job guys

joseph dixon : Anyone else listening in November?

Myrese _ : The 7.9 dislikes came from all their victims

- Yoru - : Okay but Jason is obviously the dance machine here and Michael’s vocals are to *die* for - Highkey need this on spotify😩

Dashing David : The scariest part of this video is how good it is

Star Child : Halloween is over and I still can’t stop listening to this 🧐😂🤷‍♀️

Yupiel : A parody so good that I started to prefer this more than the actual song.

Wednesday's Woe : It's funny how Michael Myers had the most runs in this song but he always walks in his movies 😂

Kakashi Vine Productions : Leather face solo like if yes

Tell It Animated : Never thought I’d want to see this, but now I just want more of the Slashstreet boys!

Aleksandra Matuszewska : Jason & Michael the best duo(͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Simply Fresh : 1:17-1:37 is my favorite part Anyone else?!

Sheila Henderson : What don't they like Leather face? I wanted to hear his part

Dr. Sam Loomis : So this is what Michael has been doing while I was looking for him..

El Savage-Dor : As demonic as Jason is, he sings like an Angel

Hennessey Ddddrinkka : Tell me why Michael Myers has the voice of an angel 👼

Dr. Sam Loomis : I listened this so many times that I forgot the actual lyrics of the song..

Songs of Sorrows : Everyone talking about michael meyers and im over here replaying Ghostface's part

Cathy Love : *Secretly Puts This As My Ringtone*

Zed : The New Boy Band of 2018

Ava Ortega : Jason Voorhees's dance is the most underrated part.

Retr0 106 : Michael hitting it with them vocals

Francesca Galindo : For a dude who never talks Michael sounds like a god damn angel

SHayden : poor Leatherface, he's a black sheep among them, why did Freddy interrupt his solo he was awesome :( edit: also I got halloween movie ad before the vid :|

Louis DellaLucca : Wow. For a bunch of deranged killers, they have dreamy voices 😂

Birbyfeet : I'm oddly attracted to Michael. Jason had the best vocals though 💦 Edit: After listening to this countless times, I realise that Michael has a really irresistible voice that keeps bringing me back to this video

Union Super Mario : I want Michael to push me up against a wall and choke me. Weird obsession? I think so.

Isabelle Gonzales : aye, Leather Face was actually good. 😂😂💀

yorgunsamuray : Many of you guys say that if they would kill the fans, that would be the best ending. But this video, the ending is the band fading out into the white light, and you know what they say that, one sees a bright white light when s/he dies. I think they have killed the watcher, that is us.


Anjel Laboy : My one piece attire LMAO

Evelyne : I'll just grab myself Michael and be on my way, thank you

The Skull : I've seriously lost count how many times I've watched this video

Michael Skiriotis : Laurie Strode is going to kill all the slashstreet boys

Versaucey : So when are they touring? I'm down to see them live.

ChocolateKyppCookie : Michael Myers may have never talked because he’s saving his vocal chords.

Brody400 : I liked Leatherface's bit. I wish it was longer.

Kaitlan Christine : Am i the only one who thought Ghostface's voice is sexy af though? 😍😍

Phoenix Clouden : Can't wait for The Final Girls new single, "If you wanna be my killer, you gotta kill all my friends."

POW POW STREET : I expected them to kill all their fans at the end.

Anthony Botello : Jason And Micheal Probably beat Lil Wayne and Drake with 2 knives

Millie Weaver Goddess : "Sydney my knife in the dark will reach to your heart"

alexsa marie : Damn. Michael has them Ariana Grande runs tho sksksksk

dat boi dat boi : All the dislikes will be killed by all of these killers

Emily Boo : All those dislikers need to eat a Snickers. You're not yourself when you're hungry!

Chazder G : Anyone prefer it to the Original?🤣

Son Of The Sea WotwLeader : Michael Myers just came in calmly and killed everyone (with his voice and rhymes)....wait where have i heard it before👻💀 Soo much to this video. The 2 most silent killers,are the most impressive singers??😬😬 In all fairness,Ghostface`s deep voice dropped like a bomb too,put on him some backstreet boys clothes,and he does look like a spooky hiphoper👲 Poor Leatherface,he tried to get his Country on,but Krueger cut him off,and Myers later threatened to actually cut him🤣 You guys nailed it with this one! The Slashing Bodies werent bad,but this one was absolutely amazing!🤤 As a Dead By Daylight gamer,its kinda funny to see theese fellas come together and groove it out. (Everyone but Ghostface is in Dead By Daylight,Jason ofc has his own game in Friday The 13th:The Game) Well performed and played guys! 🤗💞

Central 1ntelligence Gaming : Why tf people disliking this