Gravitas: Exposing the inherent bias and double standards of the western media

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A Detailed Analysis Of The Double Standards And Anti-India Bias Of The Western Media. The World is One News, WION examines global issues with in-depth analysis. We provide much more than the news of the day. Our aim is to empower people to explore their world. Please keep discussions on this channel clean and respectful and refrain from using racist or sexist slurs as well as personal insults. Subscribe to our channel at Check out our website: Connect with us on our social media handles: Facebook: Twitter: Google Plus:

Comments from Youtube

Sanjay R : Fantastic analysis! Thank you Palki Sharma and Wion. I'm honoured to be your latest subscriber from South Africa.

Sanket Chitnis : NYT, CNN you name it. All these channels has become a laughing joke

Shubham Srivastava : Bbc and nyt are mostly against India

Saral Thakur : NYT is western propaganda. Not surprised.

Hari Cohly : Thats why its important that when you report USA news or UK news dont be mesmerized by their greatness.

Patloo Son : ⭕ I am very proud of WION. As of today it is the best English News channel in English. Clear reporting, no nonsense panel discussions. Professional and serving the Interest of India worldwide. I predict it will beat all English channels like BBC.

ashish kumar patel : Very nice and professional coverage... Honestly I have stopped watching most of other indian channels as it seems like Ekta kapoor serials.... Good job WION..please keep it up...

Bharat India : If people are trying to bring you down it only means that you are above them . India’s 🇮🇳 Mars mission world 🌎Records , 104 satellite 🛰 in one ☝️ rocket 🚀also a world 🌍 record. India is Worlds fastest growing economy Major US 🇺🇸 companies have Indian CEO 👩‍💼 👨‍💼 . Worlds best doctors 🥼 Enginer’s Scientists Businessmen’s hard workings people’s come from India . We 🇮🇳 are above them that’s why USA 🇺🇸 & UK 🇬🇧 trying to humiliate us .

Saurav kumar : India should ban New York Times, BBC, CNN, Al Zazeera etc

Ronny : Well not just NYT...CNN, BBC, Al-jazeera can't put the truth back into Pandora's Box, no matter how hard they try to deceive, manipulate, steamroll, or abuse the truth--it's out and we all see it. The sole purpose of this fake news story was to divert attention away from recent stories.

ari20 : The Journalist who wrote is a Muslim and pro Pakistani...

Indian Nationalist : It doesnt matter anymore what western media thinks or publishes. We are already surpassed what we were thinking of. New report says by 2030, China and India will at 1 and 2 respectively in economy. Asia will rule the world.

Praveen Kumar : Indian diplomats should sue NYT in the UNO

Gregory Perrierra : New York Times is full of cuckold products. They don’t know what they are talking

shubhangi singh : Good job! Also it's not only the west world but Saudi arabia and Qatar(Al-jazeera news) too have stakes in spreading propaganda and sometimes blocking the sane voices. Twitter's 2nd largest funding comes from Saudi arabia.

Hiren Mamaniya : Thanks WION for exposing biased Western media

Uddhav Pradhan : Apart from the NYT, Washington Post and BBC, Bloomberg is also a prominent western media network continuously doing propaganda against India

Divyajyoti Basumatary : New York Times is permanently anti Indian. They even trolled India after we successful did the Mars mission.

I'm a cunt : Most of these articles were written by Maria Al Habibi. You see what I'm implying?

nandini basu : Good job WION. Keep it up.

Niladri Bhattacharya : *Not only New york times..The countries which we think that our friend (eg: Bangladesh etc) their media also are projecting these anti india news*

A Singh : World has stopped watching western medias which is nothing but the FAKE NEWS.. Now World has started following Asian Media Giants like WION.. Its very much natural and understandable..

Anthony Gomes : Trump is right, these are fake media groups.

URLAGANTI NAGARAJU : V good wion .. we will make u no 1... Everyone talks about T series time for wion

Ajay Rawat : This channel is the real voice of india to the rest of the world. Kudos to the management for the quality journalism and quality presenters. 😊

Joseph John : Wion is doing good job.exposing Western media hegemony

Neil Dmello : Now who will buy their F 16 it was downed by the MIG 21 .India will have to fight pakistan terror on our own never thrust the western nation Jai Hind

ground level realities : I subscribed u wion don't worry we ll show what is the power of india By subscribing you

Arijit Hazra : I request WION to check the AL Jeezara and it's ignorant articles about the MIG action against PAF

Suresh Mdev Hyderabad : After these articles i started to respect Trump...he was right about nyt and cnn

Er. Vivek Choubey : @7:31 sensibility comes with a color code Hats off to this reporting

Soureen Chatterjee : Reality: Indian Air Force's MIG 21 Bison used in the 60's by the soviets shoots down a F-16 which is a modern American fighter aircraft. Western Media: Starts questioning India's military power.......LMAO #NoLogic

Sumit Kumar : I have read the article. It is shocking. The writer does not even pretend to hide his hatred for India. I dont understand the agenda though. Everything in the article is an exaggerated over the top view ( not facts) to show India and particularly Modi in really bad light. But its hard to understand whats the motivation for these articles. Its probably their hate for Trump which is translating into hate for India. US -India relations are in a very good place at the moment and pakistan is pretty much globally isolated now. Reading these anti India articles makes Americans and others believe that Ameica should be supporting pakistan, not India. America is on the wrong side, because the POTUS(trump) is wrong. He is siding with Saudi , India and Russians etc etc. This is really a shame because Osama was living in their beloved pakistan. The same Osama who showed New York on 9/11 what doomsday might look when it really arrives.

Kunjukunju nil : There should be a 'media watch program' on WION to expose these biased media houses ,habitual offenders .

Manuel Tham : In actuality these news outlets are dying and good riddance... As alternate media grows and has more reach than them in many ways

Ashish Bagade : I think India should keep aside some 2-3 billion dollars every year and infiltrate these media houses like CNN, NYT, BBC etc. just infiltrate these BIG TIME and put money in the pockets and CONTROL THE INDIA narrative. It would be just AWESOME 👌👌👌

WWE Fans : Over WION is batter than NYT..... NYT make joke of ISRO mars mission and then feel sorry JAY HIND

ANIME FREAK : Amazing reporting by WION again. Hats off to the fearless media who don't think twice before exposing this hypocrisy of the idiotic leftists.

Avinash Kashyap : Read about any incident happened in India in NYT, you will always feel the biasness towards our country with sophist remarks explicitly serving an agenda towards downgrading it and referring the western countries as superior ones.

Sanath sriniv : NYT coverage wion well done...keep it up.....enough is enough with western media...

Gamingdragon : As trump said it , You are fake news . All foreign media especially leftist is fake news .

Bhagesh Patil : Thanks WION for sharing this information, this has changed my view towards these news not just to look at the way they present.

Watch Dog : The New York Times is influenced by Pakistani media ! They both makes their own news !

Ethan Rai : wion news is best in fact rather then Western news

sdm465 : NYT, BBC, Guardian and many other western media deliberately portray India as a very dangerous place, where minorities are persecuted for trivial reasons, where rapes happen in every bylane and so on. We may ignore these stories as hyperbole by the press, but you'll be surprised how literally many people who are not familiar with India believe in it. We cannot simply take the high road and ignore it; its time to take action. The journalists who are cahoots with these jingoistic press live in India, while tarnishing its global reputation. We should make them accountable first.

Rahul Samaddar : Not surprised by NYT Best to use it as toilet paper

Pradip Basak : This was so required. An Indian international media is extremely required. We need our media to promote ourselves in the international diaspora.

Aseem Kumar : Good work Wion. I like how the US President Trump aptly puts the likes of NYT & CNN: "Fake News".

NATURAL GAMER : In simple terms India is the threat for these so called developed countries. Especially Modi. Every one of these want this man to down. And Congress come in to power and take india back to 1700s. Slavery