Single Mothers are Ruining Father's Day

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Happy Father's Day, Mom! It just rolls off the tongue. Enjoy! Twitch live now!: Patreon!: Discord: Mail Address: PO Box 1225 La Mesa, CA 91944 Subscribe! Twitch: Twitter:


BlueBotMemes II : My mom is a single mother, but why celebrate her on father's day. Almost sounds disrespectful. :/

Br. Bhil the Savage : My dads has been at the store for 15 years

Cake Jimmy : In South Korea, we have parents day. Also special persons day sounds like a day for autistics or something (no offense)

lele : my mom died when i was 7, can we please change mothers day to special persons day so my pwecious wittle feewings dont get hurt

Woolyshark : As a single dad with primary, raising my kids pretty much solo, do I get Mother's day as well?

Chaz Walker : I got $50 for whoever can tell me what that little girl said

Klemens : Happy Father's Day, Abductor that keeps me in his basements.

Disa : How about a single parents day. Why split up the genders? Single parenting is tuff regardless.

G I Gandhi : 7:06 "shifting the language around" NINETEEN EIGHTY FOUR WAS NOT AN INSTRUCTION MANUAL

Irre Levant : Try arguing Single Fathers should be recognized on Mother's day and you'll be called a misogynist.

TehPupperJr : Well my dad died a couple years back then that left my mom to raise me and that didn’t work out to good cause guess who’s in foster care right now This guy 🤦🏻‍♂️

Usagi Pana : "Yo its my birthday today! " *"I don't celebrate my birthday ENOUGH"* "O-ok? " *"SO ITS MY BIRTHDAY"*

Amani Windon : My mom would get me drug tested if i came up on her with this mess “happy fathers day”

bepisbenis : Single motherhood is great! A great indicator of intergenerational poverty and incarceration

T-Mass : "jUsT gO FoR IEEEEETTT" knuckle dude cant fight for shit. yikes. not really selling the whole "I can be manly without a dad" thing

Raptors : "She'd smack the McShit outta me." I'm dead LMAO

Zuurkool1 : As a poo laid by a pregnant dad, this is making me want to be a single mom for dad day

Caius Jones : I wanna see how people would react if it was happy Mother’s Day dad

Gunter The_penguin : Nuckle guy:walks to boxer and punches him.groans in pain Boxer:go home son u no nothing

Reagan Richter : Not only that but my friends have a single dad and they celebrate mother's and fathers day with him

Maxwell_ Edison : I bet you they don't do the reverse on mothers day. Imagine the hell that'd be raised if someone tried making a commercial to celebrate single fathers on mothers day.

Cubeula : Push up your glasses Ron Weasley

JC Denton : I want to punch the knuckle dude in the face

Plane game : Happy mother's day, Dad

Drew Coleman : Proof that beta males are created, not born

Lonely Girl : What if you don’t have a mom...

Nolan Knows : "She's not a father though".... LOL

Sir Quack : Fathers day is removed but mothers day isn't why what if you only have a dad.........What about the single dads?

David Ruiz : "see was more of a cat than anything else" Bruh I'm dead 3:05 (some context)

Chief Dionte : I hope my dad get back from the gas station soo happy father day dad hope you come back from where ever you are..

Vicious Doc : My dad has been at the gas station for 8 years

Ana Lupo : Mother's Day is also way more popular than Father's Day (at least where I live) so what's your point...? Also, single dads are a thing.

Just An Edit : What about Grandparent's Day? I have no grandparents so...

Some guy on The internet : As someone who lost their father to suicide, I find it more offensive at the fact that fathers are being seen as so disposable to where they want to get rid of their one day of appreciation(which, let’s be honest, isn’t treated as a big event as Mother’s Day) just so a few people don’t get their feelings hurt than the fact that Father’s Day exists.

Nic Gender : Dude you are freaking hilarious, keep on Making videos just like these!!

darkgryffon : as soon as social justice was mentioned, "ohhhh that makes sense" popped into my head, and honestly how she looked didnt shock me. because she looks how a lot of sjw's are imagined to look


Audrey Jacobs : What about children without a mother are we going to have 2 “special persons day”

anarchie1337 : >huh the chick in the thumbnail is kinda cute > chick can BARELY squeak out her lines > nevermindthen

TheCookieKing : why does everyone focus single mother what about struggling single fathers.

1luv doge : "If I started calling my mom 'dad', she would smack the McShit out of me." 😂

lucasMas 2102 : what about single fathers

Ka vak : My God just have a Parents Day in the Year?! That solves it!

OriginallyCreated : "Smack the McShit out of me."

Xander Douglas : What about mothers day Lol. special persons day 2.😂🤣😂

denise surber : Special Person's Day? And could you make it a federal holiday? We need ANOTHER one.

DeSinc : when you screamed *RICHAAAAARD PARKERR* lmao and the hand tracking gets me every time

Scott Graves : I stumbled upon your channel through Reddit. I've been watching your videos ever since. I especially like the unboxing episodes. Keep up the good work!

Michal Przybylowicz : “I hadn't known there were so many idiots in the world until I started using the Internet.” ― Stanislaw Lem