Single Mothers are Ruining Father's Day

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Owls : As the son of a single mother i consider fathers day as a time to remember my dad not celebrate my moms hard work again

Ryan : I want to punch the knuckle dude in the face

DeSinc : when you screamed *RICHAAAAARD PARKERR* lmao and the hand tracking gets me every time

Brit : As a single mom, thank you. This shit drives me insane.

Irre Levant : Try arguing Single Fathers should be recognized on Mother's day and you'll be called a misogynist.

Woolyshark : As a single dad with primary, raising my kids pretty much solo, do I get Mother's day as well?

Just An Edit : What about Grandparent's Day? I have no grandparents so...

Dean : When my Dad passed away there was a line in his obituary stating he was a father to me, a son to my grandparents, brother to my aunt and finally a "special friend" of 'Tim'. His relationship with Tim was that of a foster brother however after the obituary came out we realised it made it seem like a thinly veiled gay partner which made us all laugh. In short, special person's day is kinda gay.

Disa : How about a single parents day. Why split up the genders? Single parenting is tuff regardless.

AllTimeIsRelative : As an Australian, I can safely say that Dr. Red Ruby Scarlet (yes, that's her name!) is an embarrassment to my country and needs to shut the hell up.

Chaz Walker : I got $50 for whoever can tell me what that little girl said

MEATY BOI : My dads has been at the store for 15 years

BlueBotMemes II : My mom is a single mother, but why celebrate her on father's day. Almost sounds disrespectful. :/

격노 : Saudi Arabia knew it all along, women have too many rights.

lele : my mom died when i was 7, can we please change mothers day to special persons day so my pwecious wittle feewings dont get hurt

Mavin Marque : When does Mother's Day become a special day for single fathers?

G I Gandhi : 7:06 "shifting the language around" NINETEEN EIGHTY FOUR WAS NOT AN INSTRUCTION MANUAL

14 : I hate how everybody acts like a single mom raising kids on her own is harder than fighting in a war

Bradley : What about the people who dont have mothers like me. Why not call mothers day Special Persons Day, so the people without mothers wont get offended🤷🏻‍♂️

Drew Coleman : Proof that beta males are created, not born

Savage Historian : The cuckening is strong .. I wish all single mothers and their cats are doing well

Borkity Bork Bork : Single motherhood is great! A great indicator of intergenerational poverty and incarceration

Kushman257 : The next h3h3

Jason Roberts : My car broke down once and my moms beat me with the alternator saying "I'm hitting you because I love you!!!"

b e e f : They know about Mother's Day, right? Why don't we see a video like this for single fathers?

UnknownVision : im a kid without a father and i didnt unsub i love your comedy and edgy content thats the reason im subbed



brandon Warrington : Good content Yes

Maxwell_ Edison : I bet you they don't do the reverse on mothers day. Imagine the hell that'd be raised if someone tried making a commercial to celebrate single fathers on mothers day.

XXX BETRAYAL : LMAO subbing (edit I DON'T EVEN HAVE A DAD I barely HAVE CANYON AND I AGREE THIS IS RETARTED I mean what about the single dads then LMAO

Sir Quack : Fathers day is removed but mothers day isn't why what if you only have a dad.........What about the single dads?

Kimono : The wire in the back made me think I cracked my phone

Wired Weird : Whose watching this in 2019

T-Mass : "jUsT gO FoR IEEEEETTT" knuckle dude cant fight for shit. yikes. not really selling the whole "I can be manly without a dad" thing

Extra virgin Olive oil : I always wondered what do gay parents to on fathers/mothers day

Artsy Sofie : This is the same as saying 'Happy Birthday' to the wrong kid.

Drosera : This channel is like Antoni Fantano mixed with pyrocynical

James Clifford : Happy dog's day, cat.

Full Life 3 : 2008-Happy father's day,mom. HAHAHA! Good joke man!!! 2018-Happy Father's day,mom Aww,thank you!

lucasMas 2102 : what about single fathers

oMuStIiA : Technically it would be a trans man if it was someone born female living as a man, but that's a common mix up. This video is hilarious btw.

Audrey Jacobs : What about children without a mother are we going to have 2 “special persons day”

Cake Jimmy : In South Korea, we have parents day. Also special persons day sounds like a day for autistics or something (no offensive)

Boots & Buckshot : Watch Sam Hyde’s bit on single mothers

FloppyFish205 : Face reveal pls

licky licky : Someone has *MOMMY* issues

Knorkrax : Thanks daddy

ARampagingHobo : 7:40 they're going off the assumption that lots of kids only don't have fathers because dads leave more than moms do. (Which is true, but i think they're being a little exclusionary towards motherless kids :/ ).

meint eybergen : You got recommend to me, I never saw your videos before ;D