Pinky The Cat (Best Quality Version)

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sttonep : "He's a very loving cat" *40 seconds later* "GGRRYAAAAAAHHH!"

dkelly26666 : This NEVER gets old, LOL. This is from 1989, and Pinky is long gone, but his legacy lives on....

JustAnOldFashionedMonster : Legend has it he's still a very loving cat to this day...

Satan 420666 : where are the adoption papers

trueshadow64 : omg the lady with the box is useless!

Yakoh : "His name is Pinky, he's a very loving cat". LOL I laughed so hard when the guy started to scream. I know, I know, I'm a horrible human being. :-(

pupchu81 : A testicle was lost on that day...


Boring Place : "pet of the week"

WaddupMatty : Something tells me this cat wasn't adopted.

DD556 762 : Very loving cat until he bites your nuts.

star : he's a very loving cat

Gary Maher : "Excuse my language."

Mizz Saura : These comments are just as funny as the vid itself

Sheena Richard : I'm sure Pinky got put down right after this rip Pinky 💀😂😂😂😂

SkyKey Mushyy : This is pinky, he is very loving (20 secs later)AHHHH

Vitork & Superoger : 0:25 I'M THE FLYING CAT >:3

S Flow : That's a street cat fa real 😆🤣. He's probably walking the streets right now haha.

Douglas Pollock : This is one of the best videos of all time on YouTube. “He’s a very loving cat.” Hahahaha.

JonasPlanck : FREE PINKY

J 1998 : 0:58 did that cat just bite him in the balls?!?!😱😱😱😂😂😂😂😭

TSantharoubane : You gave him a girly name, and you attached a leash on his neck. No wonder that it bites you back.


Matt alliSI : Whenever I am down and need a belly laugh Pinky is there. Yaaaauuurrggghhh!!!!

Edward Bliss : This video is funny, but just imagine the feeling of a cats sharp pin-like teeth biting into your balls...and the video isn't so funny anymore

Jacob Marzynski : You were holding him wrong

Bizkit2356 Gaming : Pinky:IM TRIGGERD

willie 772 : Pinky loves to bites on guy's balls, Pet of the week...☹...pinky the loving cat...😸...

Ghosty Calico : They're choking the poor thing! I feel so bad for laughing

UGOCHI _0317 : Wow🙄he is such a sweet and loving cat, meow.. meow

Randy Bradberry : where do i sign?

Seb TBM : They forgot to mention Pinky has rabies

Kyle W. Baker : I love the "PINKYYYY" voice in the very beginning

ketta hull : poor guy.. just trying to do his job

Bev Rush : My cat would do that. He doesn't even like a collar! He would spaz out. He is a very loving cat otherwise. In fact, he is asleep on my lap right now. He is a Bombay, also known as a baby panther

Will Pack : I have learned a few things in life about this. Some people are dog people (the guy in this vid obviously). He tried to treat a cat like a dog. BIG MISTAKE. If you don't have a clue how to handle a cat, DON'T TRY IT!

bbh-l : honestly, it's what he deserved for putting pinky on a leash

mundotaku : I am pretty sure Pinky had a one way ticket to an eternal slumber due to his behavior.

Ali Cat : "He's a very loving cat" must have been the trigger for Pinky to go postal!

John Glasco : Putting the cat back in the bag is the hard part. It was all fun and games until Pinky went for the nut sack.

Steven Morton : Judging by the comments here, I think someone needs to bring Pinky back so he can neuter some more people...

suske069 : If that's what a loving cat is, I don't want to be near a grumpy cat!!

wearefromoutthere : Let's see some gender equally in the cat groin bite department.

Unreal : He is a very loving cat (jumps out of his hands and scratches him, then runs away)

bri : I love Pinky (: he is the funniest cat ever he made him scream xD PINKY!!!!

MrWest : As soon as pinky wrapped around his leg he should have surrendered and let go

quarter jukebox : To bad he wasn't wearing shorts

Devonsmithforlife : Sorry sally but we have to put pinky down

Slade Vader : Pinky just doesn’t like cops!

Bluepony : I'm here because of Sara Quin