Captain Toad Treasure Tracker (dunkview)

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Now bring 3D World and Pikmin 3 over. new shirts at horrifying mario footage by with gameplay by


Simte : Great, but you didn't addressed the real question. *Is that his hat or head?*

tom k : This game is so easy, I beat it without jumping once

Oscar : *_BAHH BAH_*

Spockitans : So they give Toad a game but not my boi Walugi? smh

Bronze : I love how he uses knack games as quality comparisons in serious reviews.

Todd The Triumphant : Waiting for IGN to steal this review.

heartlessmushroom : Leah is a treasure and you're the wisest dunkey in the galaxy for letting her into your life.

Purpl Yoshi : Threatening to eat the viewers shoes is the greatest marketing campaign since sonic the hedgehog. Please don't fall apart like sonic did.

Daily Dose Of Internet : Dunk

Joey Pockett : do you see what you did right toad

LuxEtTenebrae : Once I heard that Toad impression I actually rewound it and watched it five times in a row, and then I kept going... It's so beautiful... 2:53 for an easy rewind everyone.

Horror Lore : Wow another dark souls game

jas1088 : I need an audio file of that impersonation so that I can set it as my notifications ringtone.

guyfjhbkjbkjnbkl : 5.000.000 Dance party soon!!!

SuperGaming Dude : Leah was spot on

UnPhayzable : Good thing I already ate Dunko's shoes

Lee Butler : Are we sure Leah isn't Toadette?

Kevin Pereira : 2:26 did Dunkey lowkey complimented the WiiU?.. Damn, first time I heard that on Youtube

Min : The thing about watching dunkey is, I can't tell if he's being serious or sarcastic.

LukeOrSomething : Ha! Jokes on you, *_I don’t have shoes_*

Wonder Lamb : Anyone up for a game of Knack?

Tariko Duarte : I thought that toad impersonation was gold

Jmak : Screw dunkey castle, Hogan Hotel is better

VerboseQuestion : This game really makes you feel like a mushroom.

La Volpe : Woah, Dunkey really has become a big star. Not many people can get toad's actual VA to cameo on their videos

Bowl Of Carrots : No bookworm adventurers merch dunk u are a terrible content creator

Tactical Roll : Oh my god! A cherry that makes MORE Dunkey clones!!

booptidyscoop : "Compensates for it by not being able to jump either".....sounds like a walk in the park ... except the park is on fire.... filled.....with spikes hell

Michael Cheslav : ape escape 2 and tim and eric references in the same video. props dungsting

Mr Cheese : 😡I don't remember *Toad* being so *slow* in *Super Mario Bros 2* 😡

autotuned duck : 28$ plus shipping for a shirt. you outta your gotdamn mind boi

Sam Coop : Captain toad treasure tracker the knack 2 of video games

JESSIE : Dunkey, you and Leah are perfect for each other! :) Also, my G-pig says hi to Mimi. :D

E H : If you think about it, you actually save money. Shoes are expensive Edit: So is the damn shipping

Sam Johnson : I didn't go to dunkeys castle and now i can't find my shoes. Please help i keep on buying new ones but they all get eaten. Im running out of money.

Azumanga11 : I believe it's about time to review the 1988, universal pictures' classic: "The Land Before Time"

Lonnie Wright : "Woah, the likes and dislikes are pretty even. 800 and 773" Then I look again, and it's actually 89K.

Jacob Anderson : Always wondered why I can't play huge games without being overwhelmed. I now realize it's because I'm an immobile piece of broccoli.

Tonya : So information. Much educate.

Rommel Tj : This game has good puzzles, but I think Kameo elements of powers has better ones

Scarlet Cat : Should I buy the 3DS version? I only have 3DS and don't have WiiU or Switch

Ky Zee : Hmm this isnt Mario teaches typing! 10/10 must play -buzzfeed certified

Nordic States #1 : This game really makes you feel like Toad.

LeviathanShark : Leah’s voice gets me every time

Fortuner nx : I need a 1 hour version of dunkey singing

michael_surfer : y'll waiting for despacito 2 , where the heck is KNACK 3?

200 Subs with no videos challenge : Captain Toad Treasure Tracker: Collector’s Edition

Mikhail Mcmorrow : Captian toad is good because it really makes you *feel* like an Eldrich Abomination

zynix27 : Well, that impersonation was ... perfectly normal! 😀