Family Guy - Mets Fan Joke
Or a New York Giants fan for that matter

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I AM NOT A METS FAN! I will not say who i am a fan of.


Bryan S : Hey it's true again! Mets just blew the opener.

Theoret1cal : And the season's over...

DewStorm88 : Ladies and gentlemen, your 2016 Cleveland Browns

JetFan92 : Ian Happ sent me and the Marlins here.

Pat Layton : Replace any reference to the Mets with the Phillies, and that's pretty much what we can expect this season.

Dino's Games988 : Here after the Giants 3 run homer off Familia in the WC Game lol

Blackjack115 : Mets 2016 Postseason run in a nutshell. (All 3 hours, 11 minutes of it.)

Jesus Delgado : describes the bears too unfortunately

porkinwitz : Some good clean hate in the NL East. Go Braves.

Matt Henry : Starting 2016 off the same way

IcyInferno11 : Cleveland Browns this season

dragonlord1689 : Same in football with being a buccs fan

naganofan1 : And the season is over :D

JOfnT : It’s that time of year again

Eric Jimenez : This year will be different, Mets to the post season!

Harrison Gordon : It's not opening day that's the problem. But LET'S GO METS!!!

what is this .for real : This was the Marlins Opening Day 2018

Gerry Ford : Haha a lifelong met fan this is so true! But I still love my Mets!

deborah walker : well, well, well, and the 2015 season is continuing in to November for the New York Mets

slapshot68 : Once again the theme for this yr, lol

Komic Klepto : This is relevant for other sports. For instance this is what being an Arsenal (a soccer team from London) fan is like for the last 5 seasons XD

Anthony Africano : actually were pretty good on opening day. best percentage in mlb... but after that were lucky to win 70 games

SavenForever : Replace Mets with Reds.

My Entire Team Sucks : Mets beat the "World Series Champs" Nationals 3-1 today, though.

rmkw4291 : Liverpool fans when they realise it won't be their year (again).

GregofCanada : 0:04 Mariners opening season.

Joseph Leonardi : This video is a lie... It's implying that there are fans in the stands.

James Tuthill : In all fairness, the mets have the best opening day record in all of the MLB. This could definitely be the second game though haha

Mark Swanson : What a bunch of nonsense, we get at least two pitches! 

neetspeak173 : As a Mets fan, I find this funny because it's true.

SuperVince105 : As a mets fan this is accurate

Thomas Orosco : The second half of the 2017 Milwaukee Brewers season

UnchartedG : I like their expressions just turn to sad

terracottapie : If they suck then there are about half the teams in MLB that suck worse. 15 teams have a longer drought than the Mets of winning the World Series, and 14 teams haven't been to the World Series since before the Mets did (including the Braves).

terracottapie : I didn't take it personal, I just think its a stupid joke. Poking fun at things I like is fine if the joke makes sense and is funny. There is a difference.

falconsfan717 : wow someone's taking that joke a little too personal

terracottapie : The Mets have been to more World Series than any other expansion team (4), tied for the most World Series titles (2), and have been to the World Series more recently that 14 other teams in baseball. Also went to three NLCSs and a World Series since 1999. They had a winning record just 5 years ago and playoffs 7. So yeah, you're doing the same dumb shit as Family Guy -- since they have sucked for the last few years you just think what happened this past weak is frozen in time forever.

terracottapie : First off: false. Second: what does that have to do with what I wrote, dickwipe?

Plowbeast : What's that you say? The Mets have the worst overall record for any team with a payroll over $100 million.

Ben : That crack isn't the bat, but rather the snapping of Harvey's elbow.

Manny Gracioppo : this is how Astros fans felt for 5 years now

Manny Gracioppo : hahahaahahha so funny mostly cuz its true

MetallicaRules : Didn't the Nets make the playoffs.

Tejesh Patel : Well. Yeah.


Fettster777 : This was the Jets fans tonight.

Alex Nunez : "Ya gotta believe" that they will eventually play to championship stature in about three to four years when their prospects from the minors are developed into potential all stars

Marty Beans : Story of my life. In the words of Mike Francesa: THEY STINK!

Henny Lopez : Poor Stewie , he looked so eager and excited on opening day. Wonder why he isn't a Red Sox fan like his father.