Family Guy - Mets Fan Joke

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MegaWWEDX : It’s that time of year again

what is this .for real : This was the Marlins Opening Day 2018

Sean Higgins : I am a Mets fan and it’s true!!!!😂😅😂

Samuel Shneider : Cuncel da Saeson

Sean L : I am a Mets fan and I find this hilarious AF.

JetFan92 : Ian Happ sent me and the Marlins here.

MarkTurmell : Mets lose 25 - 4 to the Nationals 7/31/18 ... what a joke.

Alex & Ethan's Countdowns : I’m a Yankee fan and this is hilarious

Whyme : Today is 06/10/2018 and it's so true!!!!! Love it. #bronxbombersbaby

DewStorm88 : This joke would also work for the Marlins

DewStorm88 : Ladies and gentlemen, your 2016 Cleveland Browns

Meehan Huq : And the seasons over...


guitarheromorello : Replace Mets with Marlins.

IcyInferno11 : Cleveland Browns this season

Tommyr : Stewie feels my pain.

Michael Miller : Who are you a fan of then?

guardian08527 : Cleveland Browns: Here's the opening kick off of the season and the season is over!

Dino's Games988 : Here after the Giants 3 run homer off Familia in the WC Game lol

kinkisharyocoasters : As a Met fan, I will admit that it's not a superb team. Perhaps the main reason why they're looked down upon is because the Yankees overshadow them. But it's not really a fair comparison, since no team is as successful as the Bronx guys. After all, the Mets have won the world series twice, unlike the Houston Astros who started the exact same year. Plenty of teams, including the other expansions, have worse records than the Mets

neetspeak173 : As a Mets fan, I find this funny because it's true.

Thomas Orosco : The second half of the 2017 Milwaukee Brewers season

TheBlake15ify : I think Seth is still salty that the the Red Sox slost to the Mets in thr 86 WS. And I wasnt born and I'm an Astros fan but id be salty knowing the Mets beat the Astros in the 86 NLCS to get to the WS

Matt Henry : Starting 2016 off the same way

VirtualJG : The funniest humor is of the truthful variety

ნიკოლოზ ოთარაშვილი : METS=My Entire Team Sucks

Jimmy Sheridan : Mets fans when Noah Synderggard is on the dl

Warpickle13 : Here after Syndergaard gets hurt and the mets lose 23-5

Theoret1cal : And the season's over...

ZEUS CHOWIE : ** Sad To Say But This 2017 Team Looks Bad So Far!! Hopefully It Will Get Better!!**

The12thman : every single Mariners fan lol

Duane Hill : This is me as a Atlanta Braves Fan right now

TheSporehacker : And the season is over!! lool

Drew Sloan : I don't get it.... How's it a let down if they are in the playoffs?

Retro Gaming Guitarist : Cleveland Browns in a nutshell.

Rodney Griffith : Same can be said about the #Padres

Dan Gurney : Cleveland Browns fans in a nutshell!

Rodney Griffith : Just like the Padres.

DaComebakKid : As a Mets fan, I find this easily to laugh to these days......;) LGM!!!!!!!!! 1st PLACE!

Dude Asylum75 : 0:04 ;)

Liam Ireland : Go Philles!

GeoStigma : Me watching the Rhonda vs Nunes fight....

inez : Halloween is bigger let down than being a Liverpool Fan. "Opening Day in The Premier League. Final Score Liverpool 3-4 Crystal palace and the seasons over"

dragonlord1689 : Same in football with being a buccs fan

Jesus Delgado : describes the bears too unfortunately

Blackjack115 : Mets 2016 Postseason run in a nutshell. (All 3 hours, 11 minutes of it.)

bgainesDM1 : Suck it Seth MacFarlane! The tables have turned. Not saying we'll make the playoffs, but a turn nonetheless

naganofan1 : And the season is over :D

Constantine A : Tim Tebow.

rmkw4291 : Liverpool fans when they realise it won't be their year (again).