Family Guy - Mets Fan Joke

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Joseph Leonardi : This video is a lie... It's implying that there are fans in the stands.

Yvanho rom : Mets fan forever........this was funny though lol

Theoret1cal : And the season's over...

JetFan92 : Ian Happ sent me and the Marlins here.

Bryan S : Hey it's true again! Mets just blew the opener.

DewStorm88 : Ladies and gentlemen, your 2016 Cleveland Browns

Matt Henry : Starting 2016 off the same way

Pat Layton : Replace any reference to the Mets with the Phillies, and that's pretty much what we can expect this season.

Dino's Games988 : Here after the Giants 3 run homer off Familia in the WC Game lol

Eric Jimenez : This year will be different, Mets to the post season!

DaComebakKid : As a Mets fan, I find this easily to laugh to these days......;) LGM!!!!!!!!! 1st PLACE!

porkinwitz : Some good clean hate in the NL East. Go Braves.

neetspeak173 : As a Mets fan, I find this funny because it's true.

dragonlord1689 : Same in football with being a buccs fan

IcyInferno11 : Cleveland Browns this season

Blackjack115 : Mets 2016 Postseason run in a nutshell. (All 3 hours, 11 minutes of it.)

JOfnT : It’s that time of year again

what is this .for real : This was the Marlins Opening Day 2018

Harrison Gordon : It's not opening day that's the problem. But LET'S GO METS!!!

bgainesDM1 : Suck it Seth MacFarlane! The tables have turned. Not saying we'll make the playoffs, but a turn nonetheless

Jonathan Seitz : Wow, you can replace this joke with any Philadelphia sports team, except the Flyers.

Jesus Delgado : describes the bears too unfortunately

GregofCanada : 0:04 Mariners opening season.

naganofan1 : And the season is over :D

Michael Velapoldi : The NYM are 32 - 21 on opening day.  .604 winning percentage on opening day. Best in the majors.McFarland should stick to copying The Simpson's jokes. No talent hack.

cyberpolice9000 : Being a Mets fan isn't easy, Harvey.

PapomanResurrect : Came to this after what happened to Wheeler. Sorry Mets fans....

deborah walker : well, well, well, and the 2015 season is continuing in to November for the New York Mets

stroock6394 : HAHAHAHA that's maaaaaad funny...  let's go mets!

Whyme : Today is 06/10/2018 and it's so true!!!!! Love it. #bronxbombersbaby

Gerry Ford : Haha a lifelong met fan this is so true! But I still love my Mets!

Josh maloopa : Biggest mets fan here and dam this is true

Meehan Huq : And the seasons over...

xof49 : As a Mets fan, all I can say is: It's funny because its true!

ND7652 : The WORSE part of the joke is that it's THE TRUTH !!!

rmkw4291 : Liverpool fans when they realise it won't be their year (again).

IAmNotAFunguy : Now replace Mets with Indians...

slapshot68 : Once again the theme for this yr, lol

guitarheromorello : Replace Mets with Marlins.

Komic Klepto : This is relevant for other sports. For instance this is what being an Arsenal (a soccer team from London) fan is like for the last 5 seasons XD

SavenForever : Replace Mets with Reds.

SuperVince105 : As a mets fan this is accurate


DaComebakKid : Mets beat the "World Series Champs" Nationals 3-1 today, though.

JJ Inirio : Not this season BITCHESSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Liam Ireland : Go Philles!

Jae Park : Mets are in World Series!!!! LGM!!

inez : Halloween is bigger let down than being a Liverpool Fan. "Opening Day in The Premier League. Final Score Liverpool 3-4 Crystal palace and the seasons over"


Drew Sloan : I don't get it.... How's it a let down if they are in the playoffs?