Are White Holes Real?
Are White Holes Real

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Are White Holes Real? Subscribe To Life's Biggest Questions: What Would Happen If Earth Fell Into A BLACK HOLE? You may have heard of black holes, but have you heard of white holes? White holes are the unicorns, the fairies, the elves of the galactic landscape – areas of piercing light and erupting matter – possible universe creators. #whitehole #space #blackhole VOICE ACTOR: Rebecca Felgate- VIDEO EDITED BY: Cassie Macinnis: For business inquiries, please contact Sources:


God Bear : White hoes are pretty great and of course they're real. I see em around the block all the time.

Spongebob SquarePants : What about asian holes

Mrbrian The hedgehog : What if shrek was real

Mr. Fatty : Ive seen a black hole but never a white hole? Is it tight and eatable?

Titty Sprinkles : i would go to space and get some alien coochie.

TheReal BigJ : As my elders told me " one side can't exist without the other"

Jared Panko : 0:40 sounds like a Good Friday night 😂

Michael Forbes Jr. : By the way I love your vids 😍

Itz Snivyy : _Why doesn't this channel hit 1M subs already ?_

Titty Sprinkles : What if a white hole and black hole merged together.

Loyda Loyda : what if one punch man was real?

Lady Maria : What If Ac-130 fought the Millennium Falcon?

Oh yeah yeah : What if your dreams became a reality.

Kimptheshrimp : Brazzers

Jonathan Drake Barahona Hercules : White and black holes. Something tells me something is wrong . Like racism

Lady Maria : What If Earth Chan Fought Yandere Chan?

Yaboy : 0:49 Is it me or are those stars forming the grinch's face?

Isaac Wolfhunter : What if NASA never existed?

R T C : My teacher was talking to my class about black holes years ago, I mentioned a theory I had about white holes ( I WAS 8 BACK THEN ) and my teacher basically said "there is no such thing" If he saw this, lol.

Robert the Dude : What if the monster house was real I WILL NEVER GIVE UP

Lady Maria : The best channel ever your Awesome and Amazing and perfect your Awesome keep up the Awesome work and your Fantastic

Lady Maria : The best channel ever your Awesome and Amazing and perfect your Awesome keep up the Awesome work and your Fantastic

Pablo Escobar : "Elbert Einstein quotes" Physics are mostly about space..

Awesome Artie : What if dude perfect became the most subscribed YouTuber?

Mr Food Truck : I mean the universe has to have some diversity.

Taniyah Wiliams : IS MY LIFE REAL🤔

comet : Black comes in White comes out. Oh wait—

Venom Knight : what if ww2 never ended

John Lawson : Did you deny heaven??? Well I’ll be laughing at you when I’m there and your not.

Carl Heffner : REBECA FELGATE IS FROM MOST AMAZING TOP 10 (How did u get here?)

Sempai Ham : What if Nibiru was real ?

Theo Tomingas Näf : What if Thomas the tank engine and his friends were real?

ِ ِ : Are Black Holes Holes???!?!??? :OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

Bio Frost : Hey Becca, you're with most amazing top 10 right?

Mitchell McCook : Asking would you like to go to space (1:04) is like asking “do you want to do stuff” it’s very general and really anything could happen

Gimi : SPACE!!! I love love love it. And this channel.... but mostly space.

Jayson Tatum #1 : "if you think space is scary wait until you meet my wife haha" -a dad somewhere sometime

Exhumed Gaming : These holes need to give up the divisive labels. The holes should just be holes.

Brandon Nguyen : If you removed the L in the title than yes.

Rexele : I am hearing “WHITE HOES” 🤔🤔

Dragiero : What if bending, like in Avatar, was real? What if D&D dragons were real? What if Atlantis was real?

william jackson : It's ya boi CTHULU

Larry TRotter : I think white holes are very intresting

Caden Mcswain : Me: "What is your favorite thing" Friend: white holes." Me: "racist" Friend: "No No I think black holes are cool to" Me: "queer"

Kevin G : What if Queen Elizabeth Ii outlives Prince Charles?

Hadi Kabbout : Hello from Russia 😎 How are you doing guys

Jesse Doescher : I don't just want to go to space, no... I'M GOING TO SPACE So, our generation is clearly the generation to land a human on Mars, with theories stating that that human is alive today. This is most likely true, since both SpaceX and NASA have a planned manned mission to mars in the near future (about 15 years or so), and I want to be on that rocket when it lifts off from the ground, goes through the interspace b/w earth and mars, and lands on mars

Ever Hernandez : thank you for this great video😁

Abe Richard-Tagoe : Just tell me what your background music is called