Are White Holes Real?

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Mrbrian The hedgehog : What if shrek was real

God Bear : White hoes are pretty great and of course they're real. I see em around the block all the time.

Spongebob SquarePants : What about asian holes

Mr. Fatty : Ive seen a black hole but never a white hole? Is it tight and eatable?

LuisSaiyanBoy XD : Yes, white hoes are real

Jonathan Drake Barahona Ercules : White and black holes. Something tells me something is wrong . Like racism

horny nigga laundry basket : i would go to space and get some alien coochie.

TheReal BigJ : As my elders told me " one side can't exist without the other"

Jared Panko : 0:40 sounds like a Good Friday night 😂

Lady Maria : What If Earth Chan Fought Yandere Chan?

Lady Maria : What If Ac-130 fought the Millennium Falcon?

Moar Krabs : They're real if you know de wae my bruthers

Itz Snivyy : _Why doesn't this channel hit 1M subs already ?_

Six Shadows : What if NASA never existed?

Oh yeah yeah : What if your dreams became a reality.

Kimptheshrimp : Brazzers

Goku Black : Why it got to be white

Michael Forbes Jr. : By the way I love your vids 😍

Quu Quu : What if Steve Jobs never died?

Padrino Marino : Weird flex but ok

Light That Shine's Out Of The Void : Black holes are hell white holes are heaven white holes are located inside each of us our heart our Soul our spirit

Leeza Das : That's racist.

Brandon Nguyen : If you removed the L in the title than yes.

TheBat Crusaders Motion : What if joker was real

Lady Maria : What If Elsword Date With Earth Chan?

Taniyah Wiliams : IS MY LIFE REAL🤔

A Drum Tsukumogami : What about grey holes?

Cassandra Lauziere : What about the Mexican hole??

Batman, with a gun. : I mean the universe has to have some diversity.

Yaboy : 0:49 Is it me or are those stars forming the grinch's face?

Loyda Loyda : what if one punch man was real?

D Ramos : If you're on another planet can you commit a crime and not face any punishment?

undercover shaggy : what if the holocaust wasnt funny

Venom Knight : what if ww2 never ended

Exhumed Gaming : These holes need to give up the divisive labels. The holes should just be holes.

Safehell4321 : I have heard of Black hole and White hoes they live in swarms in college

Lady Maria : What If Elsword & Earth Chan Date Together?

WERNUTZ : Yes white holes are real usually found near trailer park meth labs.

Lady Maria : What If Yandere chan Fought Earth Chan

Chill Upa : 2:15 e.e

Rexele : I am hearing “WHITE HOES” 🤔🤔

Larry TRotter : I think white holes are very intresting

Phantom V : What if stan lee never died?

Sempai Ham : What if Nibiru was real ?

-APALLO - : F in the chat boiis

TheDolphinYT : Next video: *Are Yellow Holes Real*

Lady Maria : The best channel ever your Awesome and Amazing and perfect your Awesome keep up the Awesome work and your Fantastic

Lady Maria : The best channel ever your Awesome and Amazing and perfect your Awesome keep up the Awesome work and your Fantastic

Chaotic John : Did you deny heaven??? Well I’ll be laughing at you when I’m there and your not.