Are White Holes Real?

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Mrbendy The hedgehog : What if shrek was real

God Bear : White hoes are pretty great and of course they're real. I see em around the block all the time.

Knight Slasher : What about asian holes

Mr. Fatty : Ive seen a black hole but never a white hole? Is it tight and eatable?

LuisSaiyanBoy XD : Yes, white hoes are real

Jonathan Drake Barahona Ercules : White and black holes. Something tells me something is wrong . Like racism

a miserable teen : i would go to space and get some alien coochie.

Jared Panko : 0:40 sounds like a Good Friday night 😂

BigJ The meme god : As my elders told me " one side can't exist without the other"

Lady Maria : What If Ac-130 fought the Millennium Falcon?

Itz Snivyy : _Why doesn't this channel hit 1M subs already ?_

Moar Krabs : They're real if you know de wae my bruthers

Lady Maria : What If Earth Chan Fought Yandere Chan?

Omeg a : Sounds like your saying white hoes and black hoes 😂

Crossfighter Freddy vs Jason : What if NASA never existed?

Yes : What if your dreams became a reality.

RAK : Brazzers

XxxmyPPitchesxxX 69 : Why it got to be white

Quu Quu : What if Steve Jobs never died?

long thing : I just love how she talk about holes

Padrino Marino : Weird flex but ok

Michael Forbes Jr. : By the way I love your vids 😍

Leeza Das : That's racist.

Grey World : God’s anus. XD But seriously what if this is the origin of others universes or what if a black hole and white hole collided with one another?

Eternally Heartbroken In The Void : Black holes are hell white holes are heaven white holes are located inside each of us our heart our Soul our spirit

Brandon Nguyen : If you removed the L in the title than yes.

Lady Maria : What If Elsword Date With Earth Chan?

A Drum Tsukumogami : What about grey holes?

I_NEED_ FAME : What about the Mexican hole??

TheDark Knight69 : What if joker was real

Taniyah Wiliams : IS MY LIFE REAL🤔

Lady Maria : What If Elsword & Earth Chan Date Together?

a miserable teen : What if a white hole and black hole merged together.

Yaboy Official : 0:49 Is it me or are those stars forming the grinch's face?

Venom Knight : what if ww2 never ended

Maven Gaming : These holes need to give up the divisive labels. The holes should just be holes.

shum7te milk : what if the holocaust wasnt funny

WERNUTZ : Yes white holes are real usually found near trailer park meth labs.

Lady Maria : What If Yandere chan Fought Earth Chan

Batman, with a gun. : I mean the universe has to have some diversity.

Rexele : I am hearing “WHITE HOES” 🤔🤔

Larry TRotter : I think white holes are very intresting

TheDolphinYT : Next video: *Are Yellow Holes Real*

Jesus m : oh for sure they exist. anything can exist in this massive universe. the observable universe is humongous. there is definitely other forms of life out there as well it’s impossible for it to not be. i cant imagine ourselves alone in this massive space

Dharcell Mac Donald : What if the Muto was real?

Dr Ham : What if Nibiru was real ?

The_overlord1240 : I wonder....If this is to be true, then what would happen if a White hole collided with a black hole?

Abe Richard-Tagoe : Just tell me what your background music is called

Pablo Escobar : "Elbert Einstein quotes" Physics are mostly about space..