The Most Expensive Phone I'll Never Use...

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Shirt by Bylt - PROMO CODE: UNBOX22 The Red Hydrogen One Titanium finally showed up. Unfortunately it's the most expensive smartphone I'll never end up using. FOLLOW ME IN THESE PLACES FOR UPDATES Twitter - Facebook - Instagram -

Comments from Youtube

Rohit Khot : Why blur the phone, everyone can make it out

Akul Sharma : That red dot at the back is so big that my Indian neighbour aunty is jealous.

herrcoffey : Funfact - just two days ago, RED have quietly removed all info/mentions about the modules. The Hydrogen is dead.

Name Named : The only Android that can tell an Apple user "SMELLS LIKE BROKE IN HERE"

Badar Shahzad : A huge seller for Red would be a $1000-1500 Prosumer Level DSLR for Vloggers. If they can ship them on time, it would be a massive seller

Alex Ma : RIP Essential PH-1, the forgotten titanium phone

BOB : RED could dominate the SONY's camera market in smarphones Now this is what i would expect from RED.


Yespacito : I'm sorry, is this some sort of *_rich_* joke I'm too *_poor_* to understand?

Smart Information Hindi : Next video-Switching to this phone for a week

MyNameIsGhost : OMG can someone PLS tell me the name of the piano song playing in the background near the end of the video

Li-Oh : Warning-If this phone met with oxygen, it will be water

- Spacedog - : There was no reason to blur the thumbnail. Most subs know it was going to be a RED phone. What other phone has a 🔴 on it?

Jacob Martinez : Welcome back to another episode of how to waste your money properly

Priyansu Choudhury : Don't put background music to your videos it was great without it.

Austin Molina : You just gave them a billion dollar idea lmfao

Josué dlTLl. EngScD. : @5:09 and screw all their customer that believed and invested in it? with those expansion pins on the back they could always do make a module that IS a great camera, that modularity gives it near endless possibilities, I say modular smartphone haven't caught on because of the lack of modules and their high prices.

JLazz Media : By hybrid product you mean... a DSLR / mirrorless consumer camera lol

IGN- GL·DuDE : U didn't have to blur it we know it's red hydrogen.😂

Adee your fan : *Video 1 : most expensive phone - red hydrogen phone* *Video 2 : I'm switching to hydrogen phone* *Video 3 : Don't buy hydrogen phone*

ff7522 : 3DS was a really big success though on almost all metrics

G-MAC Johnson : This phone is too high priced at $1,300 I can expect Samsung S10 plus the 512gb version with about 8 gigabytes of RAM cussing about $ 1100.00

CMShortboy : RED removed the mods section on their website. All hope is gone. Total bust.

Mark Kinsella : Can we stop with all the phones and do some different unboxing videos. I miss the gadgets

Khaverus : Blackmagic Design Pocket Cinema camera? To be honest RED could do an Android powered one but it'd still be a flop.

Adam johansson : I wanted it to be so good but. Yeah.

Vraj Parikh : In the next video you would be like: "I am switching to this phone"!! (With sad face and face palm)

Novide : Lack of common sense from RED to think that people would be excited for a RED smartphone that doesn't have a RED SENSOR!!!


Paul Keating : You're not qualified to make direct suggestions regarding technology.

Joy Bhowmick : POCO F1 Bought it, after seeing ur review.. Amazing Value for Money

Dewa Kawauchi : *"When i was just a little girl, i asked my mother"* Skip ads

Joey Lee : The music in the background, any knows the name?

Epic Gamer : Next video: *I'm switching to the Red Phone.*

Vinnie J : Man I wish it had a 4K raw camera, a massive battery, and mounting points on the sides. It needed to be the ultimate vlogging phone!

Mujtaba Husaini : Using a Nokia 8, 210 USD right now... SD 835, Stock Android, great dual cameras, 4K front and back video recording qHD 5.3 inch screen, 18W fast charge NFC etc...Too much value for money 💰💲

ZAK K : Is it alright if i can only afford a Nokia brick :(

Hudson Svigals : Anyone else on OnePlus 6t have the problem where the volume and power buttons just stop working?

Serslystrong : You just described the need of a “osmo pocket” in this video.

Armugaan Kheratkar : Will you be doing Nokia 9 review?

tobo26 : This is why you should never pre-order. Especially gen 1 products.

Dustin Tancowny : Tell me that red thing isn't HAL from 2001 space odessey

Dad : I genuinely can't believe that such a good camera company thought it would be okay with sending this phone out. The camera is trash, the phone is trash, and it's stupidly expensive.

Shyla Sree : How much time does it to reboot Does I want till I die

Danko Hidalgo Gutiérrez : Gotta love the Minecraft background music

VitoTheo : You know I can still tell it's a red hydrogen.

Kevin Gagnon : I agree 100% with your opinion if the maid a more user-friendly Android backed camera system would be on point. Film and share high quality riding vids from the woods is my idea of awesome.

Sub Scribe : they should listen to your ideas....😎👍🏾🔥💯

Jonatas Santos : "Kill this product." 😐 It's the best solution for that device!