Will it Run? Episode 16: 1958 Chevy Delray! Part 1 of 3

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Tommy Savoy : you guys have no idea how much i wish i could do what you guys are doing.

Boggy : Stella gives the impression that, if she could talk, she'd have as big a vocabulary as most people do, and would even speak complete sentences.

granskare : that door dent repair was outstanding....truly a great piece of work :)

Pappa Bob : Aw shucks !! ;o( I wanted to see how you worked that dent out of the door. Technique is "all important" to end with that result. So much to learn there that HAS to be difficult, at best, to teach. Hopefully, on another one since it's not unusual for you to "inherit" these kind of body issues.

EL Camino Guy 2005 : You guys are amazing with that body work. You almost would know there was a terrible dent in that door. Keep up the awesome work guys.

THOMMGB : Scott, I've been catching up on some of your older videos and am truly amazed at the work you were able to do on that driver's door. I would have never guessed it was repairable. Love Stella. She seems more human than dog. Regards, Tom

FleshLessOne : eh ... @ 7:10 do I hear what I think I'm hearing... Music ..? Mite that be the 'Canadian Troubadour' ? hehehe Why not bring out ol Dan's Records.. or a little Carefree highway ? Nice Choice w/ the Chevro's I'm all bout the Bow Ties.. Driving the Good ol USA in my Chevrolet today.

John Johnson : 58 Delrays were cool. The two door sedans especially they didn't look heavy like the Impala. great video.

Albert Gallagher : A 58 delray and a standard poodle. Life is good !

Terry Windsor : Dayam! You'd never know the the driver's door had been damaged!

Steven Grotte : Didn't think the come along would work, I was really wrong, great.

TheDriftSetup. : Wow really good job on that dent repair.

dogbuggy32 : sweet its ready for mecum

Mel Colp : must say. your saving some awesome classics that I seen so far. Wish that I had more time to do the same. Huge commitment that you put forth. thanks for the terrific videos!

villian loudness : Words can not describe how much I like to see this kind of tinkering!

lewisner : Is no car in America ever scrapped ? They just seem to all get dumped on farms.

Cary Lenshaw : Good idea to use a computer yes. Good idea to use a come along

Leonard Carr : Damn,another 6.I wanted 283-

Kinseydsp : This is awesome! Takes me back to a dream I had 15 years ago. In the dream people were sick of new cars and were working on cars in the junk yards and driving them out and using them every day! As a Kid I had 3 cars that I kept running by parts from the junk yard. A 1950 Chevy 1/2 ton Pickup got out of a lawn. A 1952 Chevy Bel Air Hard top brush painted when I got it completely restored it, and a nice 1949 Chevy Fast Back I bought out of a Barn.

RayinPa U.S.A. : the front looks just like the old Checker Cab's that ran in Pittsburgh with the dual head lights . fantastic job on the car Men ! . Ray in Pa.

TheAlexdylan97 : you need to sell it to someone that will restore her to its beauty

Stacey Renner : Glad to see a new video! Been awhile!

DAN SLEDGE : No 1958 GM car should be saved from the crusher! It is doing an injustice to humanity to save these cars.

crashcommander : She's mint!

Allen Powell : Impressive body work, better than some I've seen and so quick!

xD3C3PT1CONx : good to see a new video, keep it up guys!

unairadm : i got a question: us cars have a frame, if the frame is ok, the structure of the car is safe, right? so is it legal in the states or canada to drive a car just as this one looks or not? i mean rusted fenders and stuff. here in germany they are very strikt its not easy with old rusty cars

dylan davison : wow, this car is fantastic! i love it. nice work on the door, thats just my style.

Gerald Trudeau : I love you guys. You are truly men after my own heart.

Troy Tempest : Great stuff yet again, as with the next episodes. Gold medal at the waste of time olympics - priceless. Reminds me of the Frank Zappa mantra about measuring the quality of ones life by the amount of time spent doing the things one finds enjoyable . . . . Pretty sensible mantra really - all the best to the agents

George Potter : I took drivers ed in one of these, in 1958

unairadm : your yard is beautiful

cell pat : you should have a series of "estelle's favorite clunkers."  she's stealing he show! she's a real cutie!

Do R/C! : Do you resell these or just do this for fun?

Jeanne McClaren : Love all your Will it run videos I had a 1964 ford 2 door post custom with only about 78 thousand miles from California 289 4 barrel carb 4spd buckets fully loaded white with red interior wish I still had but needed money bad and was moving take care look forward to more of your videos

Scrapy 5672 : like your Motto Get er running drive around the YARD.... Nock out some dents call it daily driver.... Pop IN An American TREE Air freshener for "New CAR scent" ....

Kenneth Southard : Nothing like paintless dent repair.

Steve Stumbaugh : Love it. Keep it up guys!!~1!!!!

A. Whiteman : He's right folks...in '58 only the Del Ray was below Biscayne in trim model. It was the final year for Del Ray which was just a name for the 210 (1954 - 1958).

J.P. Craven : Is it just me or did someone try to sand the old paint off the Chevy?

GRD62 : Great videos. Why was this discontinued?

Albert Gallagher : I love these cars. Awesome body style.

Foo Cue : Custom Delray camo paint. The agents are undeterred by flat tires only on the bottoms.

FordTorino70 : Excellent video, old cars should never be scrapped. Keep up the great work!

Dana W : Seeing that 58 in the background really hurts. Always dreamed of having one.

Eric W : Dude, you guys rock! Keep it up, love your channel. Take her for a rip eh??!!??

Albert Gallagher : That's one fancy dog.

roosty6 : Nice going on the body work. Low cost tools and a little skill, thats my kind of body work. 

cuda426hemi : Sorry, Delray is an American model - the cheapest wagon was the hilariously titled Yeoman. You can tell I'm a Mopar guy, not GM. Cheers.