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DiePod : The video needs to be named 'A Heap of Trouble' and nothing more so you can trick people into watching it

meehd01 : All nudity laws should be banned and naked men should be able to march down the road!

Nelso5000 : ONE NAKED MAN

Kira Sedayao : Ya know, there are several people in San Francisco that live naked in San Francisco. They are very nice 👍🏽 And they’ve got shoes on, so technically, they aren’t naked. Good enough for the law here!

Ayuen Akau : I can't even believe this

JaeStories : i saw this years ago and was so glad to find it again. This is my favorite thing on the Internet

Unclaimed Username : You know, those men had some great harmony.

Mark DeNio : From the description "A heap of trouble - uncut." I wasn't looking that closely.

Sergeant Danks : i wonder if this is a problem in Britain

Richard Sandwell : The video was ok, a bit of a laugh I suppose, but it does kind of reinforce the problem Britain as when it comes to separating simple social nudity from sexual acts. And why on Earth would children be offended and start crying. In reality this would only happen if they have lead a too sheltered and mollycoddled up bringing. I do feel this as more to do with the warped minds of adults rather than children. Most children are fine with innocent nudity, they may ask questions and be curious, but it does not generally cause them alarm or distress. People need to really lighten up in the UK, is everyone not just sick to the back teeth of middleclass puritans, who's lives are probably far from pure behind closed doors, passing judgement on how people dress. The country is decending back into Victorian times. We need to snap out of what I call the British disease of excess prudity.

the burning light : thanks god for the low quality

Michelle Dobrowolska : EWWWWWWW NAKID MENS DIES


GatoEpico : why cant i get the FOUR NAKED MAN edit? is nowhere to be found damn it


Pedro Cacapa Mercado : 1:27 R. ANDREUTTI 1:31 E. PANIGUTTI 1:33 A. BUELVAS 1:39 A. GIROLETTI

Pedro Cacapa Mercado : 1:27 R. ANDREUTTI 1:31 E. PANIGUTTI 1:32 A. BUELVAS 1:39 A. GIROLETTI

Wade McCarthy : Yea

flameory 7211 : Wtf

Pedro Cacapa Mercado : 1:33 nine naked

Pedro Cacapa Mercado : 1:53 nine naked men in portal

jennifer bernabe : i love you NAKIT

Pedro Cacapa Mercado : Ten naked men walking this road

jennifer bernabe : be my boyfrend

Funky Kong : Guess those naked people were having a naked March in Public. That's how they get arrested.

Sheila Davies : #HNM stands

Pedro Cacapa Mercado : 2:35

urafaget : British zombie movies

GoonerBear : I don't get what you mean. Some of those men were clearly cut.

Ali Choudry : nice wonderful

BradleyAllan 1 : why is it dredful?

William Tanner : I was surprised that no one played the flute to accompany the march! Oh, well all ten sang fairly well in tune, and most certainly stayed in step. I wonder how the event ended? Bottoms up?

Pedro Cacapa Mercado : +Dantes Peak ONE NAKED MEN

Corina Vigil : Lol

Awooo : I need a downtown

Mary Roberts : Awesome!!!!

Win Dabz : Not fun

riamarshalldando : Lmao

SRY_4_ Nothing : wwttff

JoeDavis 2297 : I remember my cousin showed me this like 5 years ago and I finally found it again

emmie emmieperez@outlook.com : First a peaceful day then MADNESS HAPPENS WITH NAKEDNESS TROUBLE

daksh khattri : wow I also want to naked Walk in the street

The Cool Dude : Poo We are at what you do with your

Sahaaf 2016 : I never seen anything like this and i am only 12

Aiden White : Grammar

Bugdriver49 : LOL..I love it!!!!

Tai Bro : Why is this video under Science and Technology?

The Cool Dude : We are at what you do with your

metasprite : umm ok lol

Sebastian Cunningham : Why why only 240p quality