Star Wars: The Last Forcebender

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Dr Shaym : 51:31, Finn holds a blaster up to Captain Phasma's head to threaten her, but in The Last Jedi, we clearly see that her armor is blaster-proof. Finn used to work for her. Did he know her armor was blaster proof? Did _she_ know?

Uriah Siner : 18:20 I laughed so hard that I farted.

Eddie 'JaggSauce' Gluskin : Rey is from a desert planet - she has never seen a pool of water before Rey can also swim perfectly. Mary Sue

Shi Ro : Lol "force bender" You gotta deal with it!

DarthMerlin : I don't know which critique I enjoyed more, this or MauLer's series. This is truly the new Plinket review.

Eriko. Oy : Finn awoke -from his coma- FINNA WOKE

Hivolt Arc : I've never had my thoughts so well illustrated by a complete stranger, well done sir.

Mongoosemcqueen : did he say "Goyboy"????

FE Rebekah : 26:52. But can you do thiiiis? 😂

C Williams : The new star wars trilogy is the Diablo 3 of Star Wars

Dr Shaym : Before anyone tries to argue with Mark Hamil's point about Jedi not giving up by pointing out that Obi-Wan and Yoda hid for twenty years, there's a big difference. Obi-Wan and Yoda knew there was nothing they could do after Palpatine and Vader destroyed the Jedi Order, so they decided to wait until _a new hope_ presented itself. Notice how Obi-Wan was ready to fly to Alderaan the very instant he saw Leia's message and even asked Luke to come with him, and how Yoda started testing Luke the moment they first met to see if he had the patience to learn to be a Jedi.

Sarcasticool : By not bringing Lando back they have saved Billy DeWilliams from being humiliated and killed like the rest of the original cast.

Huskobon Sarune : I want to believe E;R is hard at work on a SOYLO video. :)

kleindropper : Quigon Jinn - stabbed by Darth Maul to death Darth Maul – Cut in half by Obi-Wan Kenobi Obi Wan Kenobi- incapacitating leg and arm injuries vs. Dooku, vaporizes into the Force vs. Vader Anakin Skywalker - amputated arm vs. Dooku, amputated legs and severe burns vs. Obi Wan, mechanical hand amputated a second time vs. Luke Skywalker. Electrocuted to death by the Emperor Count Dooku – both hands amputated, then decapitated by Anakin Skywalker Mace Windu – arm amputated by Anakin Skywalker, electrocuted by the Emperor, most likely died from impact of high fall Luke Skywalker – Mauled unconscious by wampa, Near fatal exposure to cold temps on Hoth. Severe blunt force injuries from objects being thrown at him, arm amputated vs. Darth Vader, mechanical arm shot by Jabba's merc. Vaporizes into the Force after Force projection exertion. Yoda – Vaporizes into the Force due to old age Kylo Ren – Shot with bowcaster by Chewbacca, severe lightsaber burns and cuts vs. Rey Snoke – Severe injuries sustained from unknown source, cut in half by Kylo Ren MaaarrrReeeey Suuuueeeeee – small cut on arm vs. Snoke bodyguards; undefeated in battle

Zurpsy : You need to do SOLO next!

F A B : rip star trek

TheRagebear : "She mastered it in an hour and a half." As Daisy is flailing around like a spastic. Maybe they need a new fight choreographer...

23rt2308u24tkhg : I would buy a ticket to see Star Wars: Return to the Kitchen

Cash Nixon : Star Wars: The Last White Guy

Skoll Shorties : Korra was better than Rey. Tell me i'm wrong.

AlternateHistoryHub : Mark Hamill embodies us all.

Deatheraux : I feel like the worst part how they made the final battle literally an anime, ending with the “both the sword boys stand opposite each other” meme. They charge but, they both seem uninjured, then the main character turns around, delivers a cringe one liner, “see you round... kid.” And then disappears. Its fucking ANIME.

UniCom : When "Mary Sue" began as a joke in the Star Trek fandom and became SERIOUS BUSINESS in the Star Wars fandom

E100Omega123 : We could've had a hot blue Twi'lek with alien mommy tiddies. Instead we got Rose of Tumblr That alone is reason enough to hate this travesty Maybe Po will bag one next movie.

harys_john : Q: What does "E;R" stand for, anyway? A: I’d rather it be left enigmatic; reality is never as satisfying. Enigmatic; Reality

TierZoo : omg that jimmy neutron reference was prime

zimstinka : The prequels did nothing wrong!

domonator5000 : Like WTF was the point of that mirror scene? actually?

Alex : @54:01 "Gary Stu-ish? Maybe a little." After Luke fired a million laser shots missing the target, which is what would happen to anyone trying to shoot an AA gun. So, no. Not at all.

I Swear I'm Not a Troll : Still never understood how Finn survived that attack from Kylo at 11:21. Why didn't Kylo kill Finn? It's like that fight was in TFA just to pad the movie and make Finn a likeable character. It doesn't even make sense for Finn to be able to use a lightsaber at all. How does he even know how to turn it on? Or know how to strike with it well enough to duel Kylo? Does this mean that Finn is force sensitive, or that Kylo is just this weak? People hate on the prequels but at least Darth Maul was bad ass with his lightsaber dueling. Kylo basically lost a duel to a stormtrooper...

DoctorZack : Mark Hamill wasn't this screwed over in a movie since he was in the Guyver in 1991

Ledor Bloodraven : 35:45 That is such a clever joke ^^

Ackwell : It is stupid that they even call Luke a jedi in this movie. Trying to kill your own nephew while he is sleeping is like dark side move 101.

Nathan Fasenmyer : If phasma’s armor is blaster proof, why was she held up by blaster in the previous movie? Oh wait because consistency is hard and we can’t have that when we have to focus on purple hair lesbian.

Joshua Herbert : Call it KKK cause Kathleen "killed Star Wars" Kennedy

Luke Benson : The editing is just perfection😂

Cheshire & Lancashire News : oooh look, the lightsabre chose her in TFA...poor reference to Harry Potter and wands that "choose the wizard". Rubbish Rian Johnson.

Mark243099 : I truly enjoyed this video more than the movie. Thank You.

Novashadow169 : Mark hamill spoke truth and his character was silenced.

Nitman Phoenix : Why do we need a made up name for the male equivalent of a Mary Sue? We already have Chuck Norris!

The DORUK : Its *%47* Now...

Intergalactic Human Empire : 50:26 They did that with the Galaxy Gun, but that was Expanded Universe

Mav R : Best review, so truthful

ZandarKoad : I've spent about 3 or 4 hours so far watching Star Warts Last Jedi reviews, and I've never seen the movie. This is awesome.

Kardel : anyone know the anime at 9:12?

Laughing Octopus : The best thing about The Last Jedi was watching a 1 hour and 15 minute long critique video about how bad the last jedi is.

Era Blaze : where the white women at?

Tom Arrow : This "review" is a piece of art.

Xanegoh : How does making purple haired lady a lesbian add anything to her character? Especially as an after fact footnote.

yea mon : Rey looks like Starkiller's daughter or something. The dude from Force Unleashed video games.