Star Wars: The Last Forcebender

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The way I see it, I'm 3 months ahead of schedule on this. Two corrections: 1. I said the Master Code-breaker could not have known about the transport ships fleeing when they did. This is just wrong. He heard Poe yelling about them on a call to Finn/Rose. 2. "Training [Kylo] doesn't even come up." Ackshully, Snoke considers the decapitation of Rey as completing Kylo's "training." Yeah, okay. Twitter: Gabbai: Tracks (by order of appearance): Limbo OST – The Spider Approaches A Good Librarian Like a Good Shepherd OST – 羊が通る Avatar: The Last Airbender OST – Ba Sing Se Fuck Me, I’m Famous – Dougal & Gammer Deadly Premonition OST – Comic Relief Tujamo – Darth Theme The Irregular At Magic High School OST – エリカとレオ Blind Witness – All Alone Carl Wheezer – Moon, Moon, Moon, Spoon, Spoon, Spoon Baccano! OST – In the Speak Easy Virtue’s Last Reward OST 2 – Clarification My Hero Academia OST 2 – 閉会式的次回予告 Black Cat OST – Hungry Kitchen Cuphead OST – Ruse Of An Ooze Cuphead OST – Botanic Panic Diddy Kong Racing OST – Everfrost Peak Carl Wheezer – Star, Star, Star, You’ll Go Far, Far, Far David Rose – The Stripper Food Wars! OST – 不味くて最高のゲテモノ Omnibus OST – Jaunty (On the Moon) Future Diary OST Vol. 6 – Usagi Attack Fast Baccano! OST – Ohiru no Gunman to Makka na Odoriko Donkey Kong 64 OST – Mine Cart Carnage A Good Librarian Like a Good Shepherd OST – ひとりBINGO Accel World OST – Blues Pig Kyousougiga OST – Grouch Hot Ham N Cheese – Nah B*tch! The Irregular At Magic High School OST – コミカル3 Assassination Classroom OST – Niramiai Dunno who made it – some remix of the Oriental Riff A Good Librarian Like a Good Shepherd OST – Bang-Bang-You Blue Exorcist OST – IiMuRoYa-$. Feat 2nd-Mov.: CHaos + CHorus Omnibus OST – Moon Chill Zodiac War OST – Shikou Assassination Classroom OST – Asano Gaku Mime M.I.A. – Paper Planes Assassination Classroom OST – Tadashi

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Jacob F : TLJ is racist. The only asian woman can't drive and violently crashes into someone by changing lanes too quickly. Johnson should be ashamed.

joão soares : why no one ever adress the fact that rose totaly sexualy assaulted finn? XD

Peter Pan : how can rey even swim (in the cave)? she spent her whole life on a DESERT planet

Nicholas Leclerc : 2:47 Random asker: “How is this movie any different from the others ?” ... ... .. Mark Hamil (Luke): “It’s longer.” 😂🤣😂😂🤣👏👏😭😭👏🤣😂

Hakai : Rose sexually assualted Finn

BackedGore 7818 : 29:24 “I’m rooting for the space Nazis now.” Is that what the media was freaking out about?

Elijah Lees : This is radicalizing me into the alt right and I blame Pewdiepie

Memnon : lol more like Star Woke: The Last Ever.

Knight Skull : Gary Sues are just as annoying as Mary Sues, but when a Gary Sue is attacked for being just that, everyone agrees with the exception of a few (I'm looking at you SAO fandom) But God forbid you give criticism to a Mary Sue, because that's 'Sexist'.

big papa : The Virgin twenty minute review vs The Chad hour & fifteen minute review

jmac2050 : Luke was raised on a farm, possible home schooled. Rey was abandoned on a desert planet, supposedly. At what age did her keeper, started charger her for food. How did she learn to speak English, droid, and wookie. How was her health and appearance maintained. What's with those arm stocking. Why did her parents trade her for drinking money, if they OWN a spaceship, or possible worked on one. Luke wanted to become a pilot, than a Jedi. Rey was born a pilot and a Jedi, so her only purpose is to be center of attention, and get mothers to buy both boys and girls Star War products.

Rory 90FiVe : I asked my Chinese-Vietnamese ex girlfriend what her parents would do if she dated a black guy. Her response was: "They'd kill me" The Asian audience really would hate Finn and Rose lmao

Xenofett : I hated TFA so much I didn't even bother with TLJ. I can't wait to not see episode 9.

The Foxfires : I remember when "leaked" scripts for TLJ came out before the movie claiming Phasma would be hunting down Finn, similar to the great space chase we actually got with the WHOLE First Order after the WHOLE Resistance. And Hux, in the "leak", would confront Smoke for his own failings and die because of the loss of Starkiller Base. KYLO WAS SUPPOSED TO RETURN TO SNOKE TO COMPLETE HIS TRAINING. I get Disney didn't have a set plan for the new trilogy, but JJ VERBALLY EXPLAINED what was gonna happen in TLJ. Training. Rey & Kylo by Luke & Snoke respectfully. Rian saying on Twitter that the new trilogy had no plans whatsoever to justify his creative choices is BULLSHIT. We've clearly been robbed, and sadly half the fans are okay with this....

Julia K. : Mark Hamill shitting on those Disney abominations is the best.

Surp Nurp : A Sue is immune to all dangers *:BREAKING NEWS!:* Mary Sues become invincible to all types of criticism!

MrSilender : I literary spend more time watching critique videos of SW altogether than the actual movie...But this is(sadly) more interesting than the actual movie :D

Mr123north123 : 'Eliminated space nazi 88" "Eliminated space nazi 14" lmao don't think anyone caught that

CubeBizz : I don't even care the sequels are bad, it was expected when Disney took over. But I feel sorry for Mark Hamill, his iconic character was ridiculed and killed. I wish Mark never played in sequels

Dylan Greene : E:R not only did you watch this terrible movie so we didn't have to, you travelled all the way to a movie theatre in some Asian country to do it! You spoil us.

damnyourpasswords : there is no Star Wars, there is only The DIsney there is no logic, there is only Johnson/Kennedy there is no meaning, there is only profit. there can be no fans, there must be only plant brain consumers.

dezo kun : Leia: "We have everything we need. A Mary Sue. We can't lose."

LoinkillaGocrazy : Admiral that’s no neck that’s a space elavator had me dead

White Makes Right : Imagine being such a cuck that you disliked this video. 2500 people are that cucked. Sad. Great work, E;R, as always.

Dielan Island : I love how people, like Daisy, think that the argument of "I find the term Mary-sue sexist" is equivalent to 'checkmate.'

skull2470 : I don't think you give George Lucas enough credit at least he tried. You can really see what he was going for it just wasn't done good. Just think on it, a man motivated by love to seek and find power to protect and save the woman he loves only for that power to corrupt him and make him turn on his sworn brother and master. which leads to him losing, suffering, and becoming the greatest antagonist of all time.

SoulSc0rcher : it's funny how I have to relike this every month or so, because (((somebody))) keeps removing the like.

Robert James : 26:50 There are tons of sources (and experiments) that show that mammals can survive brief stints of hard vacuum. It even happened accidentally to a NASA astronaut for a few moments. Basically all your surface fluids boil off, tongue, lips, and eye surfaces. Your lungs will deflate but nothing 'explodes' Your body's structure remains in tact. As for thermal energy, with no air or any medium for heat conduction it actually takes quite awhile for objects to physically cool down in space. Either way the Leia scene was cringe worthy and absolutely awful in terms of film canon.

Pajamacast : IS IT BECAUSE I'M *BLACK!?*

TheSenate66 : RIP Admiral Ackbar who was instantly substituted by some pink haired woman who couldn't come up with a plan, at least Ackbar knew it was a trap Edit: I didn't know i'd get over 500 likes, thanks guys!

Your Neighbour : The critic's video is better than the movie itself. Lol.

catothewiser : Anyone still think we aren't in a culture war?

Aga 4422 : It’s funny how Rose wants to save him from the laser beam but she could perfectly kill him while crashing into him.

Masketta Man : Its painful to see Mark see his beloved character being torn apart by that jew

Noneofyour Business : I love how feminists praise this movie for having strong female character, when all I see are bad decisions made by female characters.

Battle Axe : The Jedi represents current libtard philosophy "WHITE ARE EVIL!" yeet commie

Sean Park : At least the prequels made good memes

Sparngyl Podcasts : Does Anyone Actually Like This Movie Besides People Who Turn Their Brains Off When They Watch Movies

Faith : Imagine if Mark Hamill had directed it. He has more sense than the actual directors.

Swag Pikachu : I found the name of Episode 9. Episode 7: The Force Awakens Episode 8: The Last Jedi Episode 9: From His Nap

Cpt Red : Stop mensplaning did you just assume we had a plan?

max mustermann : you didnt pay too much attention to the throne room scene, there is so much nonsense in it, watch at slowmow and u have guards throwing their weapons away, flying themselfs without getting kicked etc.

Arboza liyan : choreography is fine? Are you blind? That is the laziest fight scene in all saga. I mean all saga. The tip touching from the 4-5-6 is even more professional. Over all you are mostly right but man you lost me at choreography.

Lucas : I feel bad for Mark. He should have called George Lucas and asked, "do you know what they are trying to do with your franschise?" And after hearing an answer like, "I don't care, I'm done with it", he should have refused to go on, no matter what.

Guillermo Rmz : The "can you do this?" of Pewds killed me 😂

wibrys666 : Daisy Ridley is repulsive.

doc howard : I love how you called rose the little asian boy lmao

28th OMS : I say this is the best Last Jedi rant clip ever. The delivery is crisp, witty, profane where appropriate - just wonderful work!

AlternateHistoryHub : Mark Hamill embodies us all.