Star Wars: The Last Forcebender

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AlternateHistoryHub : Mark Hamill embodies us all.

benjamin sheard : "did you just assume we need a plan". Absolute mad man xD

imaperson52 : "How is it different than any of the other movies?" _awkward silence_ Mark Hamill: *It's longer* Greatest. Thing. Ive ever heard.

Noneofyour Business : I love how feminists praise this movie for having strong female character, when all I see are bad decisions made by female characters.

TimeWarpDrive 77 : The rotten tomatos score is now: 91% critic score and 45% audience score. LOL

Laughing Octopus : The best thing about The Last Jedi was watching a 1 hour and 15 minute long critique video about how bad the last jedi is.

Glynn Tarrant : You're like the only person who even mentions that the resistance should be winning the war, rather than somehow being on the brink of extinction after Episode 7

Commissar Goblin Shark of the Cadian Shock Troops : Complaints about the last jedi Clearly a Russian bot.

Nutcrackercs : Best way to react to this movie is to ignore the next one.

Eli : Is Rey actually Whorra? Universe anime crossover

TierZoo : omg that jimmy neutron reference was prime

ZadfrackGlutz Zesozose : Don't forget they used the line "They can track us through lightspeed." Not "They can track us through hyperspace." Retards at the helm.

Revan : Interesting story Star Wars under Lucas: Lesbian named Juhani is deemed worthy of redemption to the light side of the force, goes on adventures and is not a romantic interest but a friend. Is honored for her part in saving the Republic. She also has a story about her family drama and how having her family killed off inspired her to want to be a Jedi to protect other families from the same fate. Lando Calrissian is a mayor of Cloud City, redeems himself for chickening out to the Empire by fighting for the Rebels, infiltrating Jabba's Palace as part of the plot to rescue Han Solo, and is the Pilot who gave the killing blow to the Second Death Star, also explained by him being the owner of the Millenium Falcon for years before Solo won it from him. Jolee is a wise old fallen Jedi who ultimately decides it's worth it to fight for the Republic against the Sith. Jar Jar Binks is a CGI character where you don't see the actor in the movie thanks to him being CGI, Jar Jar Binks has a drastically decreased presence and decreased idiocy after Episode I. Leia is a senator and a General in a time from when there were very few women who were in such positions in the United States in real life. Bastila Shan was a major character who had an attachment to her father, as well as pride and insecurity issues which lead to her actually turning to the Dark Side. Mace Windu was a big Jedi Master and a tank of a man in the Clone Wars pulling crazy tricks, especially Tartovsky's Clone Wars, and lasting extra long against Palpatine in a duel. Star Wars after Lucas Holdo is a lesbian, has no story really mentioned, is deemed more expendable than droids in spite of droids potentially coming back to life via hard drive backups, also behaved as an incompetent commander who wouldn't communicate with her officers. But then don't take hard drive backups in Star Wars as a thing anymore, since Disney Lucasfilm needs to regress technology with current and future retcons. Even then, you can program and build droids faster than new humans. Finn is a token idiot who has no CGI, it's him acting with his face visible the whole time, his idiocy remains about the same after TFA as well, and he is a reverse Gary Stu who can't really win in any significant way, plus is a stooge in the second one to getting the slave kids extra whipping. Half the time I was wondering if I was watching a racist stereotype on a Mystery Science Theater 3000 movie. But he's not a woman, so it's supposed to be okay. Saw Gerrerra is a complete psychopath who somehow can't even see or hear the posters or hear radio transmissions about Bodhi Rook being deemed a traitor and a wanted criminal to the Empire, which happened over the course of days, and he's supposed to be a leader of the Rebellion with access to intelligence, especially what's news to the public in the empire: The Easiest Intelligence is on the public radio, TV, and Newspapers. Yet he tortures the hell out of Bodhi anyways and doesn't seem to know any of that. Rey is a Mary Sue, perfectly good, liked by people for no good reason, no internal conflict, no significant consequences, and the central protagonist. She can be as much of a bitch as she wants to whomever she wants with no Dark Side temptations She's the God Mode cheat code incarnate. Rose is a second Token Idiot added to TLJ. She's conveniently right in a convenient setup of how she can catch up with Finn Deus Ex Machina and has no consequences or reconsideration for how a Casino or slavery works. Lando is well, Lando, him being pansexual was a joke, not officially part of the movie. At the end of the day, I prefer representation under George Lucas.

Blaq Shiep : I just found this after literally watching about 9+ hours of other reviews of the same movie and somehow its all been original content... Im glad this movie was so bad. 10-11 hours (so far) of great content tearing it apart.

Edward Blake : "Hope is like the sun" They are in basically nowhere in space. Which sun?

F A B : rip star trek

MysteriousTomJenkins : Luke, who mentioned his skill in shooting, kills two people with a turret. Rey who I think maybe fired a blaster once and never fired the Falcon's turrets, kills three people in a row with one shot. I think a lot of people get the Mary Sue thing wrong. A Mary Sue isn't someone who is pretty skilled and talented, a Mary Sue literally is just successful at everything. Luke is kinda like that in the first movie, then gets his ass kicked in the second movie and can barely even move his lightsaber, even gets his hand cut off. Then after training with Yoda and getting some training in the force he STILL has to give in to the dark side to defeat Vader, and Vader was even coaxing him into it as I recall so he still technically loses to Vader. I can not for the life of me think of a moment where Rey failed miserably or got hurt in any substantial way. Hell, by the second movie, previous heroes would have already lost a body part and she is currently trying to gain one with Kylo if you know what I mean. I am sorry, but all these arguments of "What about the previous hero?", what about them? Even Anakin, Force Jesus himself from the virgin Slave Mary got his ass kicked and ended up being a nearly complete robot dude with asthma, Rey, as this movie has stated, is quite literally a nobody making everyone else look like chumps. How is this not seen as a problem?

Erni Berni : RIP Admiral Ackbar who was instantly substituted by some pink haired woman who couldn't come up with a plan, at least Ackbar knew it was a trap

Florp : jesus christ.. Mark really hated it.. I wish I could hug the poor guy and had enough money to hire him as the old school joker to do Batman parody stuff...

Rebecca : I didn't consider Rey a Mary Sue after Force Awakens, but after Last Jedi she is absolutely a Mary Sue.

Eddie 'JaggSauce' Gluskin : Rey is from a desert planet - she has never seen a pool of water before Rey can also swim perfectly. Mary Sue

RobtheYuppy : "I'm not seriously a racist" Why do you say things you know will hurt me E;R desu?

Slythe Claw : The worst thing in the movie is the use of hyperdrive as an ultimate weapon. It singlehandedly makes every conflict in Star Wars stupid. Why is the Empire wasting so much time in every movie to create a world destroying super weapon when all they have to do is stick a hyperdrive on a big rock and have a droid fly it into the planet? The Death Star is just another target for such an attack. In a universe where this were possible, no military would want a giant space station or even the big Star Destroyer type ships. They would only want small maneuverable ships that couldn't be taken out so easily.

The Fish X : Star wars is the call of duty of movies. Reminise on the good old days only to come back to a rotting corpse.

DantesLuna : how to destroy the rebelion: let women rule :)

Dr Shaym : Phasma didn't get fired for turning off the shields on Starkiller Base because the First Order has a gender quota to fill.

TimeSplitter Tales : It's even down to 45% now

Stan Bartsch : If Ma-Rey Sue was so technically minded that she could fix the Millennium Falcon with her expertise using nothing but junk, why was she living so poorly on that stupid not-Tattooine planet? She should have been able to build an army of droids to help her look for scrap, from which she could build even more droids to farm moisture, and end up terraforming the entire planet into a Risian paradise, which she ruled! It's pathetic to think how horribly unmotivated she seems to be, and yet how capable at EVERYTHING she turns out to be.

Winged Hussar : To this day the best I've heard anyone say about this movie is "it has nice visuals and actions sequences" and those are the most casual star wars watching movie people I had to practically drag to the theater with me. No one. Liked. This. God Damned. Movie.

neoflo22 : The evidence is overwhelming. This had nothing to do with the "Skywalker" saga nor was there any real character progression with the main characters. I mean really, these characters are BORING regardless. Disney Lucas Film is forcing diversity in Star Wars and also pushing an SJW agenda brought to you by feminist Kathleen Kennedy and her money slaves Rian Johnson and J.J Abrams. They LITERALLY trashed the heroes we grew up with and that helped create a 40 year cinematic game changer. The amount of complete disrespect to the fans and misrepresentation of Star Wars (On purpose by the way) should be enough to drive even average fans away. These people DON'T CARE ABOUT THE FANS. The interviews with Kathleen Kennedy lying and talking about her agenda are in the dozens as well as the terrible panels/interviews involving Mark Hamill and him blatantly hating how they ruined his character. This isn't Star Wars. These are not the heroes and movies that inspired MILLIONS of people throughout the world. Do yourself any anyone you know the favor by BOYCOTTING EPISODE 9, 10, 11,12,55, it doesn't matter! However many movies Disney Lucasfilm creates for Star Wars needs to be avoided like the plague. If not, we will continue to be given the same direction, same president and writer/directors. We are the ones who drive their sales and give them the fuel to keep tanking these iconic movies...Make sure those seats are empty so they understand we do not accept their political bull crap nor how they have treated fans and Star Wars as a whole! Below are youtube links to Mark Hamill's devastation with how his character was treated and Kathleen Kennedy's lies and agenda. At the least watch the first cut interviews with Mark Hamill (Luke) as Johnny Cash's "Hurt" is playing. It will definitely tear you up. *Mark Hamill destroyed...this one hurts to watch...* *Mark Hamill in ruins...* *Luke Skywalker mourning Han Solo for a total of 17 seconds (CUT FROM THE MOVIE...)* *Kathleen Lying-* *Kathleen: A taste of forcing diversity-* *Disney Admits to Star Wars Agenda*


dig duck : were right about blacks aren't welcome in China... Lol

TheStrongVirus : Mark Hamil is like a saint. Why did they under use his ability to be realist and wise... He literally acts like a better Jedi veteran in real life. I'd understand if the story was Kylo Ren go bored and joined the Dark Side and Luke simply went to an island because he was ill or something and then Rey comes and he trains her and doesn't tell her why he hasn't or doesn't help himself but remains positive and optimistic constantly speaking wisdom... And then he either dies or gets killed after sacrificing himself to let everyone escape telling his sister he was dying and this is what had to be in private and then sacrificing himself to Kylo Ren... Maybe some form of haunting Kylo Rens mind with some last words driving Kylo Ren even more insane and fighting a force ghost no one else sees. All of what I'm saying is random ramble from the top of my head. I can't tell if it'd be good but I feel i'd enjoy his character more.

Boss Umbra : Take a shot every time they speak of hope, and you’ll be dead by the first act.

Mister Bms : I kinda hope the space nazis win now, just cause the rebellion is really dumb.

EZ PZ : I kept seeing "XZYK" show up on screen. I tried looking it up and found nothing. But google auto-completed my searches to "Zyklon B".

Voltbreak : If Disney was smart, they'd pull SW:tLJ from all download sites, offer refunds to purchasers of the movie and request that they be returned, apologize to all the people who watched the movie, make a very loud, very public statement that the movie will simply be stricken from the Star Wars history and ignored and state that Disney will spend the next 5 years trying to expunge the movie from all media, and then do it. If Disney admitted their mistake, owned it, and then fixed it prior to showing any other Star Wars movie, that would redeem the franchise. However, most sjw and feminist idiots double down rather than doing the smart, and in this case, profitable thing. Sure it would cost a fortune but, it would cost less than executing the entire franchise.

Bill Richardson : Rey being a crazy Mary Sue is about 40% of the reason why people don't like her character. The main reason is because Daisy Ridley is an awful actress.

Math Simon : The more we examine TLJ the more I grieve. My Star Wars is dead :-( Any better franchise worth money out there?

HarleyAMV : Not to try and validate this sunken shipwreck of a movie but you don't instantly freeze in space. Space is very cold, but since there's nothing in a vacuum to transfer your heat to it will just very slowly dissipate, much slower than here on Earth... unless you're in direct sunlight... at which point you'd boil and burn up. You would, however, die from your blood boiling, causing bubbles in your veins, and the air in your lungs expanding, like a marshmallow in a microwave, breaking apart your lungs and causing you to bleed internally (and most likely pass out from the pain). *IF* she somehow managed to get all the air out of her lungs she'd have like 10-15 seconds to 'Force' her way to safety before falling unconscious after which she'd be dead within minutes.

The DORUK : *The Disney 'Progressive' series made the prequels Masterpiece's tbh*

bilal aiar : does anyone want to hear a good joke? i heard this somewhere online, that in the last jedi novalisation when rey and kylo touch through force skype kylo's training copy paste's on to rey. i haven't actually read the novel, because why would i, but it's pretty funny.

kbforme : If I joined the rebellion and found out that purple hair lady was my leader I would quit, probably tell the first order how to find her as well.

Leonardo da Vinci : "Luke Dies". That should of been the rolling text for TLJ.

Blastbomb Studios : TLJ is more like live footage of order 66 on the star wars franchise at this point.

Dr Shaym : Before anyone tries to argue with Mark Hamil's point about Jedi not giving up by pointing out that Obi-Wan and Yoda hid for twenty years, there's a big difference. Obi-Wan and Yoda knew there was nothing they could do after Palpatine and Vader destroyed the Jedi Order, so they decided to wait until _a new hope_ presented itself. Notice how Obi-Wan was ready to fly to Alderaan the very instant he saw Leia's message and even asked Luke to come with him, and how Yoda started testing Luke the moment they first met to see if he had the patience to learn to be a Jedi.

Twister980 : 3:53 It's funny how- only a few months later mind you, - they're suddenly backing away from *American* trolls. Now they're claiming it was ALL Russians Trolls and bots! Yeah, they fixed the reviews like they fixed The Election! *I stand by my Soviet Brothers, as we all hate The Last Jedi together.*

Your Conscience : I love it, that Mark Hamill doesnt give a shit about what they do.. He just tells the truth.. I love it :D Also, maybe he is the only person who still cares about Star Wars and understands it. Others alive dont really care, like Ford.

Lord Inquisitor : 22:38 let’s make a comparison between the end of revenge of the sith and last jedi After revenge of the sith nearly all the jedi were dead, palpatine was emperor and yoda and obiwan were the last jedi in the universe as far as they were aware. What they did was that they made one last attempt to save the galaxy by attempting assassination on Vader and the emperor, which failed (although they didn’t know Vader was alive after mustafar) and then they put the pieces in place with bail organa by hiding anakin’s children and going into hiding until the time was right and did their part in helping Luke on his hero’s journey Now when Luke is put in the same situation (jedicide) he doesn’t even attempt to help the republic or resistance in any way (which includes his own sister) and instead goes into a selfish exile and wait to die like a coward, the same Luke who destroyed the Death Star, lost his hand saving his friends , redeemed Vader and defeated the emperor (albeit with Vader’s help). This is a complete betrayal of his character

ThePdotcom : E;R your video is in the newest plinkett review :0