Star Wars: The Last Forcebender

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The DORUK : Its *%47* Now...

MrBlue3rd : This is quite possibly the best review of everything wrong with Episode 7 & 8. Seriously Kathleen Kennedy needs to be fired.

Dunric Mordamir : I don't think the "Resistance" has much of a chance if you could fit them all in the Millennium Falcon. For the longest time I thought that Vice Admiral Holdo was going to be revealed as a traitor, but no she's just bad at her job... don't know which is worse.

AnimeShitlord : The reason why they are keeping Leia alive is because they want to fulfill Yoda's one off comment on how she should have been the Jedi hero and not Luke, and also because female protagonists are all the rage right now.

LetsPlayPC : I love how Mark Hamil was basically doing everything that he could do to undercut the movie that wouldn't get him sued for breach of contract.  You can tell that he thinks that it sucks ass.

Dr Shaym : 51:31, Finn holds a blaster up to Captain Phasma's head to threaten her, but in The Last Jedi, we clearly see that her armor is blaster-proof. Finn used to work for her. Did he know her armor was blaster proof? Did _she_ know?

gmmg : And to top it all off, not a single Wilhelm scream. NOT. FUCKING. ONE.

Steve of Unknown Kadath : 34:00 - Rey is a white girl with perfect hair, all her shiny white teeth, well-hydrated skin and no scars, body marks, tattoos, or other signs of having grown up living on her own, in poverty, as a scavenger, essentially homeless & surrounded by low-lifes, who speaks in refined, received pronunciation English with a posh accent, because... she's _not_ a Mary Sue?

Dylan Lewis : I commented negatively online about The Last Jedi. Someone told me to “Shut up old man, you don’t understand this generation.” I’m 19. Odds are that the person calling me old was most likely older than me or at least my age. The Last Jedi sucked. Age has nothing to do with my opinion. The sequels have shit on the characters that I’m watched, read, and played with for years!

John Kimble : Since Yoda did something similar, I can accept that Luke might go into exile. What is ludicrous is that he would ever even momentarily consider killing Ben - the whole optimistic guy thing that Mark Hamill keeps going on about.

Eriko. Oy : Finn awoke -from his coma- FINNA WOKE

SammEater : You know what's funny? The new characters still had potential but sadly the writters ruined them even more by writing them all as stupid people.

Lena Aalt : I fucking love Mark. "How is it different from all the other films?" *AWKWARD SILENCE* Mark: "It's longer"

07speeding : "I need some on to show me my place" - Ray. points to kicthen

Lone Star : Guys, Star Wars ended with the party on Endor. Han, Luke, Leia and friends dancing away and the destruction of the empire. That's where it ended. There is no Rey. No Ren. No Finn. None of it. Disney wont get dollar 1 out of me. A shameless cash grab. The whole thing. Vote with your wallet and abandon this franchise. It's the least we can do for this once great series. Yes men directors. Feminist producers. No guts. No glory.


Guy9679 Gaming : Actually The Last Jedi is not the longest star wars movie, Caravan of Courage: An Ewok Adventure was the longest clocking in at 3 hours 10 minutes.

Timefliesbye : I do not buy the bullshit that Chinese people don't want to see movies with white people. Remember that shitstorm about that Great Wall movie? Where a Chinese studio went out to HIRE a US actor? Who then got shit on for saying yes to a job offered to him BY the Chinese because he was "whitewashing"? Oh yeah Matt Damon was his namo! That movie doubled it's budget in Chinese box office. So it was a smashing success!!! Putting white actors in movies has been a long standing tradition to lure Chinese people into the theatre. The same way Japanese people hire washed up US actors for their commercials.

Andrew Pepper : for me , episode 3 was the greatest....the emotion in obi-wan along with jedi dying by their own soldiers was the most real and most immersive was by far the best of them all....

Dream Spirit : Korra's character was supposed to show the incompetence of a rural/primitive young person brought to the modern world in a comic way. But the writers were brainwashed by the swj agenda, or perhaps were a sell out, hence the notable difference between her character's representation during the show. (And that is no way a character development, at all) The current mass media is a one huge rotten political correct hub, nothing good can potentialy come from it

Dr Shaym : Before anyone tries to argue with Mark Hamil's point about Jedi not giving up by pointing out that Obi-Wan and Yoda hid for twenty years, there's a big difference. Obi-Wan and Yoda knew there was nothing they could do after Palpatine and Vader destroyed the Jedi Order, so they decided to wait until _a new hope_ presented itself. Notice how Obi-Wan was ready to fly to Alderaan the very instant he saw Leia's message and even asked Luke to come with him, and how Yoda started testing Luke the moment they first met to see if he had the patience to learn to be a Jedi.

Lazorinc : That Mary Sue speech was a fucking work of a decade, and it should be taught in universities.

gnbman : So you don't agree TLJ is worse than the prequels? Really? You can point out bad *things* about the prequels, but it's been 13 years since the last prequel came out, and I've yet to hear an argument that they're bad *movies* that wasn't bandwagoning and/or circle jerking. (Daisy, a term being sexist because it's a woman's name is insane. And also sexist, might I add. Are you saying men can't be named Mary Sue? How dare you? /s) I'll admit Korra and Katniss have Mary Sue traits, but not enough to make them Mary Sues. Also, I would argue one of the most important traits of a Mary Sue is that their traits make the story unenjoyable, which Korra and Hunger Games are definitely not. Ok, one more thing: At least in the middle of the movie, it -steals- borrows from RotJ, strangely enough. Probably worth a mention.

Luke Benson : The editing is just perfection😂

Feuer Freund : "Shame on those of you who paid to see THE LAST JEDI" How much shame IHE is getting, the dude wen to the cinema to see it three times. How delusional a man can be

DoctorZack : Mark Hamill wasn't this screwed over in a movie since he was in the Guyver in 1991

DrewPicklesTheDark : 1/2 the length of the movie, 10x more entertaining.

Luke Frederiks : 31:34 You have no idea how happy the background 24 sound made me here lol

2UNIEK : What makes a character not a mary sue/gary stu is genuine flaws within context of their personality. A character without flaws isn't interesting, there's nothing to take away from their story since there's nothing to build from. Anakin for example while the 'chosen one' as we're constantly told is himself a flawed character even though he's at the center of everything between two opposing powers that want him on their side. Anakin's issue was arrogance and pride stemming from being told he was 'more special' than the average force user from a young age. This eventually lead to him making mistakes and having to learn from them, while toward the end those flaws cost him everything. Anakin also since his childhood had experience with engineering and driving, when even as a child he would make mistakes and lose,but kept trying which over the course of his years with the Jedi Order allowed him to work toward becoming their best pilot. Anakin had to overcome years of trial and error and training to reach the point of a developed character. Luke similarly falls down the same path as Anakin. While not arrogant and prideful as his father was, his inexperience and impatience ended up costing him almost the same. Between each losing a limb and the one's they love. Rey has none of this. She's a perfect nobody. Fans will resent her character years from now with the same heated passion as Jar Jar.

Naruku2121 : I ain't even mad that Luke became a Hermit, but the reason for him doing so is such a blatant contradiction to what he already done before. I mean he gives up on his nephew, his sister and bestfriend's son because he had a whiff of the darkside and tries to kill him. While in his youngest most inexperienced point in his life, dealt with the most terrifying force in the galaxy who brought death to who knows how many people, and witnessed some of it first hand. It then turns out it was his own Father of all things. And yet, he some how founded in him to reach out to a Father he never knew, and not only that but succeeded in reaching through some one like that and work?! It's not that I had a problem that he got disheartened or even failed, but from a narrative perspective when you have a character repeating a similar thing, but the first thing had all the cards stacked against them and they over come it. But then do it again with all the cards in THEIR favor and some how fail. It's like they handed Luke the idiot ball for the sake of making him washed up.

F A B : rip star trek

Simply Legendary : I'll put it this way; making Mary Sue type characters just shows you have EXTREMELY poor writing skills. The character in my book (name is Rhya St. Claire) is extremely powerful, almost godlike HOWEVER she's extremely depressive, can be very aloof and apathetic, she hates fighting and tends to be anti-social which later on in the story she learns to overcome. ACTUAL FUCKING CHARACTER TRAITS! Rey has NO CHARACTER!!!! She's perfect in every way, defeats a Sith Lord with little or no training does the same with A FUCKING JEDI MASTER (which in RL terms is the equivalent of a street beggar beating a trained Shaolin Monk!!!) AND to add insult to injury shoots like a fucking World War 2 Veteran SNIPER!!! Fuck Rey and fuck the Last Jedi. Its some of the worst writing I've seen in a movie in years! DR. SEUSS'S, "Cat in a hat," WAS BETTER THAN THAT SHIT!!! Dx

SammEater : Mark Hamill looks so broken with the destruction of Star Wars he would feel at home on Red Letter Media.

tim smith : Who needs the Disney Star Wars trilogy when we have the E;R Star Wars trilogy!

Adrian Hilde : Rey is more of a Mary Sue than Mary Sue. I think we have to rephrase the term to "a Rey". And yes, Rey is definately a Rey.

Tony Bamanaboni [TomatoPowers] : Ma-*REY* Sue

Eddman368 : 35:45 Kirito is so OP he's both the Mary and Gary stu in his own series.

TransgenderedMailbox • : Can’t we all just agree that the original trilogy was just better? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Dennis Pellagrino : God damn brother, I love your reviews. You discuss the gripes and discrepancies so eloquently while still conveying hilarious prods and jokes. Well done, dude. We're obviously all Star Wars fans but DAMN there are some issues.

Mike Yao : I recently realized that the Last Jedi cannot be Star Wars cannon. There's no Wilhelm Scream.

Laughing Octopus : The best thing about The Last Jedi was watching a 1 hour and 15 minute long critique video about how bad the last jedi is.

falsehero2001 : "Jedi's don't give up and hide on an island." No. They go hide in a desert or a swamp. The problem isn't that he fucked off to be a hermit. The problem is that he fucked off to be a hermit without a purpose. There's kind of the notion that Ben and Yoda did what they did knowing that they'd one day train Luke to defeat Vader and the Emperor. It was implied that Luke left a map because whoever found him would be the one he'd train the same.

Jon Sondiego : Excellent analysis of Rey and her goddess ness, she's such a phony

Jeffrey Grimm : Rules for radicals, the Last Jedi Version. Destroy traditional heroes and chock up another win for "progressives". This film is physically painful to watch, it made me hate the Rebels and Ray. I'm rooting for the space Nazis now. Was this done on purpose? Is Ruin Johnson secretly an anti-SJW genius, or just another paid for cuck hack? This is Kathy Kennedy's chosen director for the future of Star Wars? WTF People who mistake action for adventure don't understand why this film is shallow entertainment with an obvious current socialist political message. ESCAPIST FANTASY, that is the purpose of these films, OT and Prequels alike. They were meant to inspire and entertain, George Lucas, for all his criticisms understood this. What does this new series inspire? The message seems to be, if you have teats, you can do anything. That is not a message I want to pass on to my daughter. Life is hard, and it's not fair, and you have to try and work and fight for what you believe is right. But ultimately this is a story of "A Galaxy A Long Time Ago and Far Away", not about about why your latte costs too much this week. This film represents every single SJW Millennial whiny criticism of their 1st world problems. In short, people who identify with this film's story ARE the problem. Seek help.

Christopher Vanasse : This Is Perfect The Last Jedi was utter shit.

Space Duck : Oh fuck yes daddy, give me that hour long video *r a w*

Maple Ice Cream : Thank you for blessing us with another video, E;R senpai. The best thing about your channel is your god-tier editing style. The second best thing about your channel is that I never have to worry about my comments going unread by you, because I just know in my heart that you spend the unreasonably long time between uploading more videos carefully reading every single comment, treasuring the vast amounts of well-articulated and relevant criticism you receive.

xx10thxPlanet xx : Dude, this may have been the funniest Star Wars movie review I have ever seen hahahaha

Milko Aritonoski : So many missed opportunities... Rey should've been defeated and brainwashed into a Sith for The Last Jedi and Luke was suppose to fight both of them and turn her back to the Light Side. Not only does this change the story all together but also adds in a great new spin... but no, a Mary Sue it is.

gamer42j : 12:24 oh god that pissed me off when I saw it there have been many times where Luke had talked with chewie and all of a sudden he needs Rey to translate for him? Yeah right.