Star Wars: The Last Forcebender

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Laughing Octopus : The best thing about The Last Jedi was watching a 1 hour and 15 minute long critique video about how bad the last jedi is.

benjamin sheard : "did you just assume we need a plan". Absolute mad man xD

Huskobon Sarune : I want to believe E;R is hard at work on a SOYLO video. :)

Chronocide : So, kill off a character who's actor is still alive while keeping a character whose actor has

K G : How is it different? Its longer... Mark Hamil is a fucking legend!

AlternateHistoryHub : Mark Hamill embodies us all.

Amanda M : The new Star Wars movies are an SJW allegory. It explains a lot. It's also why sane people are left with a bad taste in their mouth, even if they like the action and cinematography. Allegory explained below... The First Order = The Patriarchy. The first order is run exclusively by men (See Phasma below). It’s evil, calculating, and violent to the extreme. Diplomacy doesn’t even occur to them. The fact that it’s called the First Order both references male's historical power over women, but also hints that while men/ the patriarchy are in control now, they will be replaced by something else in the future. Phasma – a cold character that fails to do anything meaningful in any way. She represents women who serve the patriarchy, thus relegating themselves to a role of insignificance. The Resistance = Feminism. Run by women in leadership positions, the lower ranking men are expected to trust and obey the women in power, to not ask questions, and to trust that they have a plan – despite all available evidence to the contrary. Rey = The Feminist Ideal. A perfect, sexually ambivalent Mary Sue who excels at everything without needing a man or even parental figures. Kylo = Toxic Masculinity. Violent, volatile, unpredictable, aggressive, sexually drawn to Rey despite her clear disinterest. He seeks to use Rey for his own pleasure and to gain more power from himself. Finn = Male Feminist Allies. Finn rejected toxic masculinity (disobeyed Kylo) and left the Patriarchy (First Order). He reluctantly felt drawn to Feminism, soon embracing it. He finds a certain peace in ceding power to the women around him and following their orders. He is ultimately superfluous. None of the women need him around, and he can sometimes be a hindrance rather than a help. Poe is another feminist ally, but struggles with his cocky masculine attitude and "mansplaining". His failure to obey his female superiors gets him and his comrades in trouble. Legacy Characters = The ideals and values of the past generations. “THE PAST MUST DIE. KILL IT, IF YOU MUST” Han Solo = Husbands/ Fathers/ Traditional Masculinity. Han is originally a very masculine, charismatic hero of the rebellion, former general, and Leia’s love interest. He ends up divorced, a deadbeat dad, a sad sack that wanders the galaxy aimlessly. He dies a pathetic death at the hands of the son he failed, KILLED BY HIS OWN TOXIC MASCULINITY. Luke Skywalker = Traditional Masculinity. Once the main hero, the guy women wanted and men wanted to be. Optimistic, stalwart, protective, generous, and self-sacrificing. Once the most powerful force-using man in the galaxy, he has fallen into a state of apathy and impotence. He represents the traditional, positive view of masculinity. He ends up a hermit, having rejected family, the resistance, and the force. This is an attempt to say that boys trying to follow traditional masculine roles will end up unhappy and alone. He dies, his body disappearing into the sunset, much like another traditional masculine figure – the cowboy. Leia = Second Wave Feminism. She divorced her husband, devoted herself to her career, gave her son to Luke to raise while she continued her important work. She’s given her life to the Resistance (feminism), but she’s tired, worn down, and old. Her ideas are no longer fresh, new and dynamic. She’s just looking for another woman to pass the torch to. We all know who that’s going to be. She's ready to pass the torch to Third Wave Feminism (Rey).

Monty2289 : I thoroughly love that Daisy is as equally as stupid as her character in these movies is smart. Mary Sue is sexist because it's a woman's name. That's like saying Daisy Ridley is sexist because it's the name of a woman.

mazereon : Did you also see that the pink haired admiral destroyed the Supremacy by cutting through its *right wing*? It's like poetry, it rhymes.

VM 9 : "If we let our enemies kill us, we win" - Rice, 2017

TierZoo : omg that jimmy neutron reference was prime

Petr Stuchlý : this shit makes the prequels look like good well-thought out films. XD

ZadfrackGlutz Zesozose : Don't forget they used the line "They can track us through lightspeed." Not "They can track us through hyperspace." Retards at the helm.

tailedgates9 : Poor Mark Hamill....It really is a travesty what happened to his character. I don't give a fuck about the "This is the new generation" comment. No, Mark. You AND the fans deserved better. But more than anything, Luke Skywalker deserved better.......

Horatio Nelson : The term Mary Sue was coined because of a star trek comic. In this comic, there was one character, Mary Sue, who was near perfect. Everyone liked her, she had unnatural talents towards anything, she was the youngest starfleet officer in her class, she was top of her class, she was a skilled diplomat, soldier, and engineer, and basically, she was without any real flaws. That was where the term Mary Sue was coined, because a character named Mary Sue existed, and she was disliked because she was too perfect. Mary Sue isn't supposed to be hurtful to women, Mary Sue just means that a character is too perfect. Is Rey too perfect? Yes, she has no conflict whatsoever. She creates the conflict around herself, she is a great fighter out of no skill of her own, she is a great force wielder out of no skill of her own. In TLJ, Snoke even says, the stronger Kylo becomes, the stronger Rey becomes to counter Kylo, since the force craves balance. It makes no sense, but Rey gets stronger, the more Kylo trains. Rey is leaching off of Kylo's troubles, and training. Rey is a Mary Sue.

Eddie 'JaggSauce' Gluskin : Rey is from a desert planet - she has never seen a pool of water before Rey can also swim perfectly. Mary Sue

Koenshakuable : rotten tomatoes doesn't count reviews that are two stars and lower. the average is closer to 20%.

Andrew 1010 : When Mark Hamill just blatantly says that the difference between the last jedi and other Star Wars movies was "its longer". XD He was genuinely pist because of the shit film.

liz : Is Rey actually Whorra? Universe anime crossover

Turk : Rose has Final Fantasy hair. I'm not kidding, there's a character called Selphie with the exact haircut.


King Harkinian : More people watched this review than Solo.

Edward Blake : "Hope is like the sun" They are in basically nowhere in space. Which sun?

Jennie Needham : In reference to Rey having her mouth open all the time, that's known as Feminist Fish Face Syndrome. Look it up. :P A sure sign of any feminist is to look for the Fish Face. It's caused by always being so outraged at everything that you can't keep your FRICKING MOUTH SHUT!

michael scalia : If you look into NASA's records of what outer space does to the body, the temperature isn't what kills you, though it is a concern. The biggest problem is the vacuum itself. It sucks the tears out of your eyes, the air out of your lungs, the sweat out of your pores, the saliva out of your mouth, the contents out of your stomach, and the poop out of your intestines. Violently. If you try to resist the simultaneous projectile vomiting, crying, sweating, diarrhea, and exhalation, you will die. If you don't resist, you have what's called "15 seconds of useful consciousness" before all the oxygen in your blood is used up and you pass out. If you're saved within 5 minutes of losing consciousness, you can be resuscitated with minimal or nominal negative effects, but beyond that, you start to suffer brain death, cardiac tissue death, and crippling frostbite and tissue damage. The vacuum doesn't explode you or pull your eyes out of their sockets like people think, the body is surprisingly resilient. However, if you have any open wounds or bruises, blood will rapidly pool or be violently pulled out of your body through the wound, like a hole in a water balloon. So theoretically, Liea could have kept right on chugging, but only for 15 seconds, and the ensuing human fluid-propelled rocket-engine wouldn't be pretty to look at.

F A B : rip star trek

Robert Jack : wow. i hated this movie, but i hated it so much i could not be bothered to analyze why. i didn't like the prequals much, but only because they were mediocre and the plot was poorly hashed out. This is a whole different level of bad, even without the feminist propaganda. great video.

WhatistheMatrix? : 🗣A Corporate leadership made a decision to let a purposely divisive "SJW" Star Wars movie be made and is still not stopping its stars and employees from insulting fans and manipulating the public with degrading propaganda... The best branded company in the world publically denounced their billion-dollar customer-base as immature, prejudice, inferior and unnecessary... THAT IS A MESSAGE.👈😶

Esteemed Intellectual : Rose is secretly a part of the space natzis. Think about it she kissed finn after the door was blown up. And she basically said we are going to win by the enemy killing us.

X4vi0uR : "I guess even the most optimistic ones have a breaking point" It's ironic how that encapsulates what went on the the SW fanbase and how Luke's death seems to be a representation of what happened to the franchise as a whole.

The DORUK : *The Disney 'Progressive' series made the prequels Masterpiece's tbh*

Rebecca : I didn't consider Rey a Mary Sue after Force Awakens, but after Last Jedi she is absolutely a Mary Sue.

MysteriousTomJenkins : Luke, who mentioned his skill in shooting, kills two people with a turret. Rey who I think maybe fired a blaster once and never fired the Falcon's turrets, kills three people in a row with one shot. I think a lot of people get the Mary Sue thing wrong. A Mary Sue isn't someone who is pretty skilled and talented, a Mary Sue literally is just successful at everything. Luke is kinda like that in the first movie, then gets his ass kicked in the second movie and can barely even move his lightsaber, even gets his hand cut off. Then after training with Yoda and getting some training in the force he STILL has to give in to the dark side to defeat Vader, and Vader was even coaxing him into it as I recall so he still technically loses to Vader. I can not for the life of me think of a moment where Rey failed miserably or got hurt in any substantial way. Hell, by the second movie, previous heroes would have already lost a body part and she is currently trying to gain one with Kylo if you know what I mean. I am sorry, but all these arguments of "What about the previous hero?", what about them? Even Anakin, Force Jesus himself from the virgin Slave Mary got his ass kicked and ended up being a nearly complete robot dude with asthma, Rey, as this movie has stated, is quite literally a nobody making everyone else look like chumps. How is this not seen as a problem?

Glynn Tarrant : You're like the only person who even mentions that the resistance should be winning the war, rather than somehow being on the brink of extinction after Episode 7

RobtheYuppy : "I'm not seriously a racist" Why do you say things you know will hurt me E;R desu?

Dr Shaym : Phasma didn't get fired for turning off the shields on Starkiller Base because the First Order has a gender quota to fill.

Dog 1 : Rian...what a jerk.

PaineintheBurke : Those bombers are the worst bombers I've ever seen. Use a goddamn Y-Wing and disposable T-65 X-Wings as bombers and the T-70 X-Wings as escort. Then the bombers can move faster than a mile a second and possible get several runs in, or at least 1 quick run to win the Resistance more time rather than having to wait for the bombers to crawl back to their hangars.

Mick Smith : @ 24:30, I think this concept would’ve been cool to explore if they did it correctly. When I first learned that the title of episode VIII was “The Last Jedi” I got pretty excited. I thought it was going to be about Luke teaching Rey about the Order of the Whills, which were essentially shaman that were highly connected with the force. In the ‘Voices’ story arch from ‘Star Wars: The Clone Wars’ tv series, yoda meets with the order of the Whills after being guided by the ethereal voice of Qui-Gon Jinn. He learns about how the Light and Dark sides complement themselves, and that the Jedi and Sith are not so dissimilar. He also learns from the Whills how to achieve “life after death”, AKA becoming a force ghost. It’s how Obi-Wan learned it too (not sure about Anakin, don’t know if it’s explained in the lore or not). So in those episodes, yoda learns that the Jedi need to end, from the wisdom he learned from the Whills. I was expecting the movie to dive deep into the lore of the force using Luke (who would’ve learned of the whills through yoda and obi-wan) as a guide for Rey. She would be resistant to the idea, since she came there to become a Jedi, but Luke teachers her about the past and the present in how the light and dark sides are two sides of the same coin, and by ignoring one aspect you fail to grasp the entirety of the force. It could’ve been used to explains Rey’s unusual strength, since the force is self-stabilizing she could’ve been randomly gifted as a counter, but still lacking the discipline to fully realize it (same with Kylo). It could’ve had her lose in a fight to Kylo early on, and have her train to understand both sides of the force, so when she meets him again she uses the dark side to counter Kylo, and the light side to defeat him. Also killing off snoke was retarded in every aspect what the actual fuck. I thought he might have been one of the whills or at least something of intrigue.

ThePdotcom : E;R your video is in the newest plinkett review :0

EZ PZ : I kept seeing "XZYK" show up on screen. I tried looking it up and found nothing. But google auto-completed my searches to "Zyklon B".

Lycan Seijin : This video makes Plinkett cry. Mostly because he's a shill.

neoflo22 : The evidence is overwhelming. This had nothing to do with the "Skywalker" saga nor was there any real character progression with the main characters. I mean really, these characters are BORING regardless. Disney Lucas Film is forcing diversity in Star Wars and also pushing an SJW agenda brought to you by feminist Kathleen Kennedy and her money slaves Rian Johnson and J.J Abrams. They LITERALLY trashed the heroes we grew up with and that helped create a 40 year cinematic game changer. The amount of complete disrespect to the fans and misrepresentation of Star Wars (On purpose by the way) should be enough to drive even average fans away. These people DON'T CARE ABOUT THE FANS. The interviews with Kathleen Kennedy lying and talking about her agenda are in the dozens as well as the terrible panels/interviews involving Mark Hamill and him blatantly hating how they ruined his character. This isn't Star Wars. These are not the heroes and movies that inspired MILLIONS of people throughout the world. Do yourself any anyone you know the favor by BOYCOTTING EPISODE 9, 10, 11,12,55, it doesn't matter! However many movies Disney Lucasfilm creates for Star Wars needs to be avoided like the plague. If not, we will continue to be given the same direction, same president and writer/directors. We are the ones who drive their sales and give them the fuel to keep tanking these iconic movies...Make sure those seats are empty so they understand we do not accept their political bull crap nor how they have treated fans and Star Wars as a whole! Below are youtube links to Mark Hamill's devastation with how his character was treated and Kathleen Kennedy's lies and agenda. At the least watch the first cut interviews with Mark Hamill (Luke) as Johnny Cash's "Hurt" is playing. It will definitely tear you up. *Mark Hamill destroyed...this one hurts to watch...* *Mark Hamill in ruins...* *Luke Skywalker mourning Han Solo for a total of 17 seconds (CUT FROM THE MOVIE...)* *Kathleen Lying-* *Kathleen: A taste of forcing diversity-* *Disney Admits to Star Wars Agenda*

Jakub Mike : Katniss is not Mary Sue and calling her that is misuse od the term. All of her skills are grounded in her life, she wins by a fluke and is treated as political pawn by bigger players. She is polar oposite of Mary Sue


Dr Shaym : Before anyone tries to argue with Mark Hamil's point about Jedi not giving up by pointing out that Obi-Wan and Yoda hid for twenty years, there's a big difference. Obi-Wan and Yoda knew there was nothing they could do after Palpatine and Vader destroyed the Jedi Order, so they decided to wait until _a new hope_ presented itself. Notice how Obi-Wan was ready to fly to Alderaan the very instant he saw Leia's message and even asked Luke to come with him, and how Yoda started testing Luke the moment they first met to see if he had the patience to learn to be a Jedi.

HarleyAMV : Not to try and validate this sunken shipwreck of a movie but you don't instantly freeze in space. Space is very cold, but since there's nothing in a vacuum to transfer your heat to it will just very slowly dissipate, much slower than here on Earth... unless you're in direct sunlight... at which point you'd boil and burn up. You would, however, die from your blood boiling, causing bubbles in your veins, and the air in your lungs expanding, like a marshmallow in a microwave, breaking apart your lungs and causing you to bleed internally (and most likely pass out from the pain). *IF* she somehow managed to get all the air out of her lungs she'd have like 10-15 seconds to 'Force' her way to safety before falling unconscious after which she'd be dead within minutes.

Temporal : I didn't see TLJ till about 2 months after it came out. Because well, I REALLY just wasn't that exited. I watched it for free on a pirated movie web-site ( ͡ ͜ʖ ͡ )

Blastbomb Studios : TLJ is more like live footage of order 66 on the star wars franchise at this point.

Vitor in_Berlin : The "blue milk thing" is actually a homage to A New Hope... In one of the first scenes we see Luke, uncle Ben and aunt Beru (or whatever the f*** she is spelled like) and what are they drinking? Right... blue milk... was disgusting then, is even more disgusting, now we know where this blue milk originated and how many parsecs it had to be space shippped to arrive on desert planet where it is sold at overly high prizes to waterfarmers... this sip of blue milk is like the taste of a better life for Luke (and his aunt and uncle (who were most likely on a diet of shrooms Beru collected from their evaporators)... Now he sits on an isolated island on an isolated planet in an isolated solar system in an isolated part of the galaxy, old and still sipping his blue milk... The Last Jedi still wasn't a good movie... not even slightly...