"Do You Have a Problem with That?" [Part 1] - Who Wants to be a Millionaire [Old Format]
Who Wants To Be A Millionaire Speedrun any

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This contestant shows the clock who's boss on his way to the million dollar question. He tells Meredith that it's his birthday and he is going to win $1,000,000 no matter what. (He also says he's klingon...) Quite possibly Millionaire's most hardcore contestant. Will his confidence and quick wit play-style pay off, or will it cost him everything? Hosted by Meredith Vieira. Original Air Date: September 11, 2009 Encoded by Mecha03


thesnowbaccagamer : When your speedrunning a game and have to skip all the cutscenes

Whoops : When you're on who want's to be a millionare at 8 but you gotta be home for dinner at 9

Lisa Larsen : He’s just answering quickly because he doesnt want the show to take more than 1 day cause it’s his birthday lol

RuslanM97 : Why is hillary clinton hosting the show

Kilian Friedrich : Jeff Bezo: I'm making 1 million in just 5 minutes Alan Carver: Hold my beer

Adam Mullarkey : "I am going to win a million dollars today." "I'm sorry, but that's all we have time for today..."

thesnowbaccagamer : They had to take multiple breaks to expand the watch time because this guy was so quick.

Potato With A Goatee : I was really hoping when she yelled security, they would accidentally come out

biggreenmachine2007 : When your good luck potion only lasts for 15 minutes.

Pyro : Host: *breathes* Alan Carver: “b final answer.”

Shawny Mac : Lmao the host is clearly annoyed at several different points in the video

Ryan : Host:Alan, so what are yo- Alan:I’m going to win a million dollars Host:So are yo- Alan:I’m going to win a million dollars Host:Woah there bud- Alan:Do you have a problem with dat? Host:W- Alan:A final answer

Kordor Marwein : Imagine him leaving from home and the neighbors ask him "where are you going to?" And he answers with "I am going to win a million dollars"

THE REAPER : *Dont worry he got patched in v1.45*

Alec : I'm not making fun of him. I think he's a beast. BUT... The only question that slowed him down was a simple one about fruit and I think that's funny.

ok : Turn the game to Japanese to make the subtitles go faster

i cant think of a name : nobody: youtube: do *_you_* have a problem with my algorithm??

Apollo's Mew : His name is Alan Al's toy barn IT REALLY IS HIM OMG

Grizzledwarveteran23 : When you’re spamming A

NoTalont : Who Wants to be a Millionaire speedrun Any %

Wowbagger : "We're gonna take your money." What a weird but lovely couple :)

Hamza Amin : The spotlight boy must be having a seizure turing the lights up and down again every question.

Garrett Guedry : His pants are almost as high as Merideth’s patience level.

Sph1003 : Host: "Welcome to who w....." Alan: "B final answer"

хелена : This man took the Law of Attraction way too seriously and succeded

Kieran : The man's never seen a piece of fruit in his life. A true American!!!🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

Malthe Ruddi : *dO YOu HAvE APRobLeM WiTh ThaT?*

Hammer Brother : "You are *hot!"* "Yes."

Jaystings : If this game was hosted on a gaming server, he would get banned for hacking.

Undercover Loli : Yo Alex how’s your day been? Alex: I won a million dollars, final answer.

Bob Ross : "We'll be right back after this commercial br-" *NO IM WINNING A MILLION DOLLARS TODAY*

Sam Brown : When you start a game you played trough already on easy difficulty

Maya : Nobody: Alan: I’m going to win a million dollars Nobody: Alan: Do you have a problem with that?

gamegeekx : Lol smart robbers. They don't steal with guns. They steal with intelligence.

Sam Labo : These are easy questions for someone who read, watched news and paid attention growing up 1980's

Chelo Kath : Fan of star trek and doesn't have an affinity for fruits. A lot of stereotypes right? 😅

Vexed Films : I think he's from the future and has seen his own show.

Reign : Teacher hands out test and turns around and you shout done.. 😲

liberate my mind. : Host: i- Alan: *I'm speed*

Balso Snell : These questions are incredibly easy, the British version is much more difficult.

DblOSmith : It's like if autistic Eric Cartman started speedrunning game shows.

Edward Garland : 6:54 fruit is his weakness

Shawn Marino : He looks like the chicken guy from toy story 2

Harsh Raj Always free : Nobody: Alan : I'm gonna win a million dollar TODAY !!!

Austin Williams : Host: we aren't going to have any money left Alan: B "Not my problem." Final answer

summs2k : Did he win the million dollars? I NEED TO KNOW

Mic k : There are other people waiting to play the game and I want to give them a chance lol

Jaran : I knew 🔪Ed Kemper🔪 was smart but I didn’t know he did game shows in his free time

Elijah's Alt Account : When your playing Wheel Of Fortune and set the bot to hard