"Do You Have a Problem with That?" [Part 1] - Who Wants to be a Millionaire [Old Format]

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Musicrecords10 : Ironic how he didn't know the fruit one XD


Jimmy Neutrons big head : Is it just me or does he look like the Chicken man from toy story?

RhythmOvPain : So much sexual tension on that stage.

John Wilkes Booth : Host: “we aren’t going to have any money left when you’re done!” Him: “...that really isn’t my problem.” *Thug Life*

Rachel Anne : Clearly an alien. He's receiving the messages from the mothership from his tin foil hat in his pocket.

Newmono : Isnt that the dude from toy story 2?

jose sanchez : What he lacks in personal health and body appearance, he certainly makes up for in answering trivia questions.

Lance Baker : What a jerk, interrupting her on each question. Showing off how fast he can read.

Jimi Jones : oh god the wife's just as bad...

Axiom Ape : 3:18 *His intelligence and confidence turned her on lol* :)

Adolf Hitler : pretty good speedrun, you might want to make sure it wasn't tool assisted though

Al COD : Now that’s a couple that’s shared a can of cat food before if I’ve ever seen one.

FranSlam : I find him rude actually. There's no harm letting her complete the options instead of cutting her off because he already knows. He could still get through his answers in a straightforward manner that way without rudely interrupting smh. Complete douche.

Edward Garland : 6:54 fruit is his weakness

Ken Mendoza : When dinners at 6 but you have to win a million dollars.

Apollo X : I only feel bad for the people at home watching a 30min ads!! xD

lennykk : autism at its finest

kusuma v : This guy is real life sheldon cooper

N337av G#o5h : that clementine one was the easiest one. man didnt have a single fruit in his life to know what it was.

ciberkid22 : He was just trying to speed run the game...

ciaran delaney : Yes its official he is intelligent for an American.

Hippo : She was so annoying when she made them stop the game so he couldn't win the money. I know there is a part two but thats what this video all by itself would seem like.

A I : Man I can just tell this guy packs away McDonald's like it's going outta fashion

yoruichixX : Hes not intelligent lol He used his white privilege Duh

Talon The Retro Gamer : Who Wants to be a Millionaire speedrun Any %

A Diversion : The ending bell was very disturbing to me as a child. Still is tbh

Keith Carey : His belt is just below the nips. His wife must like that look.

gfy everyone : 5:40  That's a swamp right there that needs to be drained....

Fair Wind : Badasses come in many forms and sizes: Small and Big, Skinny or THICC.

youtuber32498 : If only he could bring that intensity to the gym


CosmosZeroX : the expert John Carpenter?? WTF! but not the badass John Carpenter who won the million? Funny if this would be the case, because the guy doesnt even use the expert but fails...Carpenter would have known it...

simplelangperorock : Don't ask him about fruits! Ask him if a meat is USDA or Prime, he would know.

Gloucester Blade : Women always calling for security...

00Mandingo00 : Of course, the first question that slowed him down was the one about healthy fruits.

sam_fawcett : Came for the qsns, stayed for sneaky glimpses of the magnificently high waistline of the pants

don't look now but : 5.12 she slipped out of character for a second then remembered how much she was getting paid and got straight back to work.

vicente 5d : 1º place in speedrun - becoming a millionaire. Time: 8:19

Nicolas Cacace : How do you say, Back to your mom's garage!, in Klingon?

Neo2266 : Lovely how he knows everything... except you know... the obvious... fruit

Natalie McGovern : He really wants that money on his birthday.

BadBehaviorGoodIntentions Podcast : Am I the only one that wants to smack this dude upside his head? Like really bad?

Andre226 cz : One smart boi Vs One show for extremely smart bois

Deathshuck : No fedora. No neckbeard. Just 100% badass.

Nicky Scaramuzzi : I want this guy to win dont spoil plz im only4 mins in

ShadowMaster 45 : This happened during 9/11

Daniel Navales : stick the tounge out lady.

XxRyanYTxX : Well he guessed wrong 😁

Andybaby : Not much of a fruit eater