"Do You Have a Problem with That?" [Part 1] - Who Wants to be a Millionaire [Old Format]

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Musicrecords10 : Ironic how he didn't know the fruit one XD

Brandon Shave : Her: Babe come over Alan: I can't, I'm going to win a million dollars Her: I'm home alone Alan: I'm going to win a million dollars

Sara Ds : That moment when, you are on national tv but your parking ticket is expiring

RhythmOvPain : So much sexual tension on that stage.

John Wilkes Booth : Host: “we aren’t going to have any money left when you’re done!” Him: “...that really isn’t my problem.” *Thug Life*

Rachel Alexandria : Clearly an alien. He's receiving the messages from the mothership from his tin foil hat in his pocket.

Jimmy Neutrons big head : Is it just me or does he look like the Chicken man from toy story?


Newmono : Isnt that the dude from toy story 2?

KnuckleHunkybuck : Finally someone who cuts through the reality-TV bullshit of that show and just treats it like a trivia show. Instead of wasting the viewers' time with his inner monologue, he just makes decisive choices.

Axiom Ape : 3:18 *His intelligence and confidence turned her on lol* :)

lennykk : autism at its finest

Mark Farrell : oh god the wife's just as bad...

Edward Garland : 6:54 fruit is his weakness

N337av G#o5h : that clementine one was the easiest one. man didnt have a single fruit in his life to know what it was.

Ken Mendoza : When dinners at 6 but you have to win a million dollars.

Al COD : Now that’s a couple that’s shared a can of cat food before if I’ve ever seen one.

Lance Baker : What a jerk, interrupting her on each question. Showing off how fast he can read.

Apollo X : I only feel bad for the people at home watching a 30min ads!! xD

kusuma v : This guy is real life sheldon cooper

ciberkid22 : He was just trying to speed run the game...

ciaran delaney : Yes its official he is intelligent for an American.

Keith Carey : His belt is just below the nips. His wife must like that look.

Hippo : She was so annoying when she made them stop the game so he couldn't win the money. I know there is a part two but thats what this video all by itself would seem like.

John Faria : 6:03 for thumbnail. Please like


A I : Man I can just tell this guy packs away McDonald's like it's going outta fashion

Natalie McGovern : He really wants that money on his birthday.

yoruichixX : Hes not intelligent lol He used his white privilege Duh

Talon The Retro Gamer : Who Wants to be a Millionaire speedrun Any %

Fair Wind : Badasses come in many forms and sizes: Small and Big, Skinny or THICC.

A Diversion : The ending bell was very disturbing to me as a child. Still is tbh

simplelangperorock : Don't ask him about fruits! Ask him if a meat is USDA or Prime, he would know.

Gloucester Blade : Women always calling for security...

Neo2266 : Lovely how he knows everything... except you know... the obvious... fruit

W. D. Gaster : One smart boi Vs One show for extremely smart bois

vicente 5d : 1º place in speedrun - becoming a millionaire. Time: 8:19

Apollo's Mew : His name is Alan Al's toy barn IT REALLY IS HIM OMG

youtuber32498 : If only he could bring that intensity to the gym

KELLS THRAXX : I had no idea Paul Bearer was so smart

Nicolas Cacace : How do you say, Back to your mom's garage!, in Klingon?

slayernut 666 : Finally someone on this show who doesn't sit there and analyze out loud every single minute. I love it!!!

Vegeta : This guy got some major Attitude problems

angel mae : I found him so disrespectful just shouting before she finished reading them. very disrespectful lmao jk

BadBehaviorGoodIntentions Podcast : Am I the only one that wants to smack this dude upside his head? Like really bad?

XxRyanYTxX : Well he guessed wrong 😁

rexmage : He's into Star Trek? I wouldn't have guessed. And I like his speed.

Deathshuck : No fedora. No neckbeard. Just 100% badass.

SuperSaiyaman3 : 3:33 that sound effect reminds me of vegeta's ssj theme lol

Greenwavemonster : Google is alive!!!