The Life of Death

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Julie Garcia : The day death comes I hope it's this gentle 😢 😢 😢

WaterFall xX : i did not cry... okay maybe just a little ;^;

Gerardo Zapien : This is so sad the death's friend died😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

x*CløverPlayz *X : 1 like, One plus year to be alive at your last moments

Acatia AJPW : Poor death..... They must be so lonely.... Everything they touch.... Dies... I cry every time... 😢

DreamsComeTrue 6 : It's sad how it just wants to befriend animals , but it cant

Nadia Plokker : And here I am, crying again, seeing this for the fifth time.

That Random Moonhorse : I think I understand the underlying and somewhat obvious message of the animation. The deer was literally around the incarnation of death that could have killed it with a touch but chose not to. Now, maybe that's suppose to mean it wasn't the deers time or simply done for the sake of the animation. But, eventually, the deer had to succumb to death. The message being that death is an inevitability and that while with the passage of time, you inch ever closer to this inevitability, you probably shouldn't fear it. Perhaps, you should even embrace it. It makes sense not to worry about such a thing (unless you have a very dangerous life). However, I can't help but wonder if there's other meanings behind the animators choice of the way they personified death. It just feels like the creature portrayed as death is extremely lonely and harbors unimaginable sadness. Perhaps it represents our collective feelings of fear and anguish towards death. The way in which death quickly moves on from the deer once it is dead could be a way of suggesting not to allow those feelings to linger when someone you know dies. There's a bunch of different ways of interpreting this and that's why I enjoy such creations, aside from the emotions they invoke. Unless the creator came out and said how they wanted people to interpret it (which they might of, I don't know) then it's completely open. It would be nice to know exactly what the creators interpretation is but not knowing doesn't subtract from its value. Great animation, sound music (ha), and overall a good message with room for interpretation that elicits strong emotion. Very noice.

AMoC Tirugamo : *When you legit have sweaty eyes* Also the whole time all I could think was boi wear gloves


Chandravijay Agrawal : this is really a great imagination that death is always waiting for us

Johnny Westbrook : This is so beautiful yet, hurts at the same time. The feels are intense but at the same time its gentle. Just, wow. Thank you for creating this and sharing. I love it though it makes me sad.

Angel Grace : I love animals


Thunderz : such a beautiful and sad story

Assassin's Guilt : Death is so childlike. It's a beautiful personification.

Nekoh Yang : Every people in the world that see this (even me), a little piece of their soul *dies inside.*

Eevee Alpha : People think of death as so menacing and a painful death is horrible, but if you are in tremendous pain its a mercy for death. And everybody dies eventually and if its at old age then its peaceful and calm

MangoManHD The Destroyer Attorney At Law : This made me sad, the deer knew he’d die if he touched or got touched by Death but he did it anyway. Death didn’t want to touch the Deer but the Deer wasn’t afraid of Death, that’s what this video is about.. “Don’t be afraid of death” Rest In Peace my deer friend.. :(

Miss Neva : Poor death

Bryce Mckenzie : I like the idea of Death Positivity. This truly helps. Wonderful job.

Acatia AJPW : It was time and she knew.....

XxSavagePotatoxX : I cried. It's ok. We all experience this

the bonnie fnaf : Sooooo cute and sad!!!! 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😞😞😞😞😢😢😢😢

Its a bully : I didn't cry °³° Maybe a little °ⁿ°

Kalie Ollero : Imagine not being able to touch anything, for if you do. It shall die at your touch. Imagine how cruel and depressing that can be.

Jun the Wolf : That's so freaking sad.

nata gamer3 TM : Quem é brasileiro e tá em 2018 da like

Dark Dreemurr : And this tells me again that death is as important as life

Marshall04Lux : I love this video so much

Anonymous Anonymous : We often say that death is scary and unkind and evil but death can be so kind and loving. Now don't get me wrong death is usually sad but it's kinda not his fault I mean after all he loved that deer and the last thing he wanted was to hurt it R.I.P deer

Sketchy Bubbles : Beautiful art, One Like= One friend for death

Vampire Girl : I read once this and i think is true: *Life once asked Death "Death, why do People Love me...But Hate you?" Death looked at her, touched her hand and responded "Because you are a Beautiful Lie...And I'm a Painful Truth...".*



Sunidhi Gaurav Arora : I don't understand pLzzzzz..... Anyone here..... Ask me the crux of that🤔🤔

CHAZLE_DAZ 77 : So death isn’t a painful thing is that the message?

jared rivas : - "Un Hollow, Ichigo Rapido, usa tu Bankai" :'3 😐

Bella Swan : So sad 😭😭😭😭 I balled my eyes out at the end

Da Dragon Durp : I notice that everything Death touches dies peacefully. I wonder if there's another Death that takes the souls of those who die in chaos.

Koza Śnieżna : This is so sad....the death it's a part of life...that was a best sad animation..i love it

KK47 : Good news! Death can turn into life and help his deer friend! As long as he gets 100 points, he will be granted the power of life! 1 like = 1 point

Me and Gian! : 4:02 I almost cried when he touched the deer...

Rocky Road Cat AJ : Poor death.....

Piesek Pieskowy LPS : *It's really sad :'(*

Andiecorn : So sadddd I balled

Frisky Dingo : It made me cry😢😢😢😢😢😢😟😭

Angleina Hernandez : life has it's endings but not this gentle and delicate. Sadly, it comes with pain and hurt. This Shows just death, faded away and gently death. I wish life and death were this gentle.

Pauline WILKY : Touchant.

Bri Yoshi : Why is everyone in the comments saying they WANT to die? I'm confused because I thought wanting to die was a psychological problem. 🤔