Bullied Man Confronts Alleged Childhood Bully 35 Years Later

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One does not simply : Some wounds never heal.

tauresa ttauresa : My god, he laughed and did not apologise. What a horrible man.

TheAs57 : Lance Hindt is the name of the bully . He is still a Bully looking at the way he behaved. There are people like him in this planet. People have to force that type of morons to resign from their job. Here is what I found. The superintendent, Lance Hindt, was forced into early resignation due to accusations of being a vicious bully and plagiarism of his doctoral dissertation

James Stewart : Hes still a bully by laughing at him

Chaoxytal : Should have brought that.45 with him

Maryland Bass Hunter : What a disgusting piece of shit! The man actually had the nerve to laugh about it. The man just said he thought about killing himself because of his actions and he thinks that is funny. I really hope that man was fired!

Mike Reuben : Dude had no balls to admit he'd bullied this guy. To afraid he would have to resign I'm sure.

V B : And the dude that bullied this man laughed about it?!? Shows he has no shame for what he did. NO SHAME!

Dink Winkleman : Lance is lucky that this man left his dad's .45 at home and didn't feed it to him for lunch

Hello It's Jello : Once a bully always a bully just like once a murder always a murder or with rapists or cheaters

poe's ReLiC : I remember being a small guy in school. Many people try to bully smaller kids. I was in 10th grade when i realized if you get fed up and grab a shovel and beat the living shit out of your bully in front of the other bullies the bullying stops immediately. As soon as you get back from suspension things are quite different.

Ethan Fields : To all the people saying " ohhh guns are bad they kill people " while showing school shooting examples: This story is one of the reasons shit happens with school shootings. I bet all, or almost all the students who did school shootings were bullied kids that had more than they could stand, and decided to have a definitive revenge on every and single person responsible, meaning oftenly everyone for either bullying either covering it.

Coyote 101 : I hope this man sees these comments.

deezNUTZ 666 : That bully will rot in hell . Yeah you wanna laugh , and not pay in this lifetime , but you will in ANOTHER ......

Jug : I don’t know y this is in my recommended but I clicked on it cuz I feel bullying is a severe issue. But one thing I don’t understand is you have reached age where u are considered mature but still have the brain of a complete idiot. Like what level of disrespect and ignorance do u have to have to laugh at such a traumatic and sad experience someone else went regardless of if u had an impact in that experience or not.

420 ASMR : guilty or not, how you gonna laugh at someone who just said they were bullied into near suicide

Lady Diana : I can testify how bullying affects well into adult life. I waa diagnosed with ptsd

Emmanuel Maldonado : This is how school shootings happen and the suicide percentage rising....y'all gonna justify that it's 35 years no biggy but some of these kids now aren't as strong and no matter what the scenario bullying is very much real and is not okay . I used to be a bully up untill 8th grade when I saw the kid I messed with lived in a shed and it broke me down because I knew in that moment I was wrong . I have since apologized to him and became very good friends with Cisco. Consequences are very heavy to this and it's not funny .

itsnotthesamething : I was bullied horribly in school. Slapped, kicked, called names. Even the kids who probably normally wouldn't bully, bullied me, because they were afraid not to. I even had one teacher bully me. I never told my mother about the teacher, till later, after I had grown up. She was mortified! She knew I was bullied, and tried to get it stopped, as did most of my teachers. Some teachers even took extra care with me. I would imagine, now, I would be diagnosed with Asperger's syndrome. The symptoms sure sound like me. I have chosen to forgive those who tormented me in school. I have run into several, throughout my adulthood, who recognized, and seemed pleasantly surprised to see me. They were just kids, and some may actually think about how they treated me then, as opposed to how they are, as an adult. That being said, the fact that this man snickered in the face of his accuser, says all I need to hear. When an adult thinks it's a joke, that someone's life was destroyed, by the actions of children, including himself, he does not need to be on a board, that makes any decisions pertaining to children!

vincentrich : The bully is a "somebody," and the victim is an "Average Joe." That's got to sting! That's probably why he's still butt-hurt after 3 decades. The old "Someday, that bully will be washing your car" cliche doesn't always happen.

1hourOfLove : Give it time. We're all waiting for someone today to shove Lance Hindt's face into a URINAL 🚽

Big Boss : I experienced the something similar. But never urinal or toilet. I was lied on, mistreated by my teachers and my coaches. The kids, just had no reason. I couldn't even learn everything, because when I didn't catch on one of the students told the teacher to skip over me. Everytime, and they did. They knew I didn't have parents that had my back, so they continued to do it. Had no one to turn too. What I learned in this world no magical fairy or guilt comes over certain oppressors when they are doing you wrong. They'll keep doing it, time and time again as long as they can get away with it. They don't know when to stop until you do something and then after you do something they pretend like they don't understand and play the victim.

Adam Zaidi : Someday those boys will grow up but it seems as if the guy who was the bully never grew up because he couldn't even acknowledge what he done and made a simple apology but yet only laughed. Absolutely pathetic!

Kieran Blaze : I went through the exact same thing and he's right! There was NO ONE to help. The teachers, head master (principal) even my parents... all bullies!!! Stays with you for sure and one can really struggle as an adult. I hope and pray the best for you if this is your struggle. I have found much comfort in The Lord since school. Praise Him, my great help and true friend😇

Fredrik Z : I would never had the courage to do this. I was never bullied, or bullied anybody, but it must have taken guts to confront this guy.

epSos.de : Payback 35 years later ! A violent bully as an employee, what could go wrong.

theres another way but some people wont seek it : Im sure a lot of teachers and ppl on top where bullies..

M Alc : Most of the time the problem is the parents. They don't raise their kids right. And whats worse is when parents defend their child when they're accused of bullying with things like "they would never do that" or "they were just playing."

Vincent L. Latham : Bullying is a serious issue, I hope my children never experience it firsthand - it can completely alter the course of your entire life. I was severely bullied during high school, verbally, psychologically and physically. I didn't have my growth spurt until year 11 (aged 15/16) so was a lot smaller than most of my peers - not saying that this was the reason for it because it seems bullies don't need a reason, but it definitely didn't help if I wanted to defend myself. I was bullied on my very first day of high school, and every day after that for 52 days. On the 53rd day I didn't experience any bullying at all - these days were extremely rare. After this I started counting these bully-free days and by the time of leaving high school could count them on both hands. I was named-called, had disgusting things said about me, had my leg broken (literally snapped against a wooden railing), I had my front teeth smashed out by a fire extinguisher - high school was the worst time of my life. The only relief I had was by choosing not to go in to school, from year 10 onward (ages 14/15) I would leave the house to school as usual on my bike (I took up cycling to school in year 8 because I got bullied on the school bus to AND from school) but instead of cycling to school I would go to a friends house who was also bullied and was in collusion with me to skip school, or I would go to the field by my house where I used to play and explore as a kid and just wait it out - sometimes in torrential rain. Basically I would do anything except go into school through fear. During the final year of high school my overall attendance couldn't have been higher than 40%, so I consequently experienced less bullying - it was my favourite year. All of this of course had a detrimental affect on my learning and grades. Prior to high school I was a curious kid who liked nature and the outdoors who was the continually picked as the best in class at art and was really outgoing and friendly. After high school I was a complete wallflower, didn't like speaking to people, would avoid big crowds, didn't show any outward interest in anything and due to bullying didn't really have any kind of secondary education. Bullying also had a direct affect on my health. As a student from a single-parent family I qualified for meal cards - essentially a laminated card with a number on it unique to me. How it worked was I'd queue up for lunch, then when it came to paying show them the card whereby they'd tick off the number. I was so fearful of being bullied in line than I used to skip lunch most of the time, or if I was hungry to the point of almost passing out go at the very last minute when the dinner hall was 90% empty. As a result I would arrived home from school at 4 pm having not eaten anything. I was actually malnourished and from age 12 would have to go to the hospital every 6 months for checkups where I was continually below the growth curve for the average boy of my age. Leaving high school was one of the best experiences of my life - however, it is naive to think that bullying will cease to impact your life when you no longer encounter your bullies. As a result of bullying I wasn't able to get the grades I needed to study the subject I wanted to do at college so had to do something else. And I didn't achieve a decent grade at college because for me college was what high school should have been - and what probably was for a lot of people - and that is making friends. Every one of the friends I have now are from before high school and after high school, there is a huge void of 5 years during my formative, adolescent years. Aside from altering my life in that respect, another result of bullying was how it affected my psychologically afterwards too. As I said above, high school is a formative time in a young persons life, you are developing a personality, refining your interests, developing a sexual identity etc. I was diagnosed with psychosis aged 16, depression aged 17 and BPD aged 19. Social anxiety came in my twenties and I'm pretty much a recluse right now. Is there a happy ending? Well, I like to think so... Despite failing to achieve any academic success during or immediately after high school, when I was 20 I had sort of accepted my experiences moved on with my life. I rekindled my passion for nature and wildlife that I had had before high school and undertook a biology degree. By the age of 24 I was a qualified evolutionary biologist. I also took a a hiatus in my mid-twenties and lived as an artist (as my channel and website can attest to) and had reasonable success, showing in NYC on multiple occasions and having my work shown in 2 British museums. Now in my thirties (actually it was my 34th birthday yesterday) I work in horticulture where I apply my passion for nature towards plants and run monthly workshops for kids (and adults). I am also happily married to a woman who knows the struggles I went through in high school (although sometimes she doesn't like me talking about it because it moves her to tears) and accepts me for who I am. Although I do often wonder had I not had these experiences would I still suffer with social anxiety and BPD. Bullying is a serious issue and it will affect you for life. For me, the key was to accept it and move forward with my life. Thanks for reading, sorry it was so long.

jagara1 : ...and he laughs, shows how people don't change.

Cool Cole : Greg gay

PsyMongazoid : Lance might be a very different person now or he might not. Either way, he needs to find that guy, take him quietly to one side, and sincerely apologise for his actions as a kid without making excuses for his behaviour. That might go some way towards healing a deep psychological wound. If he laughs it off he might one day find himself lying somewhere with a bullet in him wishing he'd said something.

LJDRVR : Perhaps somebody should put Lance's head in a urinal and let him see if he still finds the whole subject funny.

Pramod Pillai : The main reason of children being bullies or acting the way they are is because of wrong or maybe incomplete nurturing from parents. When the grow up to be adults many correct themselves and become responsible. Unfortunately some don't have the opportunity to correct. The guy was embarrassed and maybe what you hear as a laugh was a laughter of embarrassment. I hope he feels horrible thinking of what he did and wants to repent.

The 80's Wolf : Bullies are opressors that deserve to be locked up.

John Eminah : Very sad story. Yet the perpetrator had the gut to laugh. Thank God I've never been bullied in my life. If it had happened to me, lots of lips would have been busted as I wouldn't take it lying down. One of my relatives endured lots of bullying while growing up in England as a young black boy in a predominantly white school back in the 1960's and 70's. He endured lots of bullying but boy, did it make him tough. He manned up and beats up lots of them until he finally earned their respect and they stopped messing with him. Though he was suspended a couple of times for the fights, he was better for it and made him a tough man for life.

ShoeniceDeletedVideosX29 : He should have taken that .45 out of his mouth, and brought it to school to kill the bullies....And then told the principal that he was wrong about the bullies growing up someday.

Pedro Paiva : So sad and still happens. The "be popular"culture is still very present and the all system and also parents are to blame. What a great man. Cant imagine what he indure.

Rei Gon : I remember when I got bullied.. The guy pushed me and slap me and also broke my lip... Later that day i was walking around school with the heaviest book we had 📙.. I saw the bully distracted and i smacked the book soo hard on the back of his head.. He felt of the floor passed out.. I kicked him right on his mouth he lost a few teeth.. I got expelled for a week.. My parents were soooo proud.. My god father brought me gifts (Calvin klein designer clothes Tommy-Hilfiger ., my uncles too).. When i came back to the school i went to the bully.. I told him next time i will slash you across the face with a razor.. Sooo what's going to be?

Michael Moretti : That chuckle ... is a confession. And, clearly, he hasn't changed worth a damn in the 35 years since.

Xavier Smith : That guy should put his head in the urinal again just to put Mr Gay back in his place.

Makeo LIT : People don't understand you can only be bullied if you allow it. You smack one mf the rest will run off or leave you the hell alone that simple. SMACK A MF

Dumpster Fire : reminds me of why I have so many simple assault charges

Ogeid Zelop : If that man had some honor, humbleness and humanity left inside of him he would of stand up and walked to the speaker to apologize like a real gentleman for what he did as a young kid instead of seating there stoned with a false laugh on his face. I'm sorry to all those who had been and still being bullied humanity is evil and doesn't understand kindness nor humbleness yet but I can tell you one thing ... Karma always finds payback sooner or later, don't forget that and this is one clear example of it.

J J : I guess the principal was wrong...

ChazClimbingVids : damn what a doucher.. would have been awesome if the bullied guy pulled out a .45 out and took him out right there. Wouldnt be laughing

Vlaicu Rabca : Props for this man for never commiting suicide, I'm sure he's happy now, I hope that bully gets tortured

LAZY DOG : This guy's reaction to the mans speech says it all. 💩

Tyler Mcay : The 1 lie you are always told in school is that bullying will not be tolerated

TokeXecution : I hope everyone gets his Facebook and bullies the shit out of lance......maybe push his face in some shit to even the playing feild