"Blessing of Nature" by Olga Podluzhnaya Uutai

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NASAjunkie : I’m pretty sure this is the first contact video we send to aliens.

Alan Hendy : An elemental woman, exotic, beautiful and amazing.

Miguel A Martinez Montufar : Sounds like psytrance! :D

Vulcan64 : I was looking for FF7 music and I somehow ended up here

Alv Vatzdal : Really cool with the animals sounds, beautiful woman and dress the music and how it expresses the "primitive", I get a feeling of peoples of the steps in Asia.

Imho Vakx : voodoo people magic people

Frank King : This woman is amazing. I love watching and listening to her.

forgedby2112 : Imagine being on really strong acid and cocaine and hearing this for the first time

Kyubit : Supertalent 2018?😂😂

Imran Khan : Unbelievable

fin2210 : Lvl 50 shaman.

Allluch Allinsky : Best Beatbox ;)

Kate : Amazing!

Oluk Cevahir : İT'S sound good;)

terri Stokes : Goddess of Sound. Amazing!

Дмитрий Степанов : Солидно... Ну и круто соответственно.

Stacy Semenova : Amazing and beautiful Olga 😍

Andrej Avramov : fantastic! Olyga is a first class artist.

TZ Eccentric : My Facebook friends and family just laughed when they watched this. You people in this comment section, however, you make me proud! Thanks for being so open-minded

Marc Lebtimwald : Olga you are great. i love you :D

lamarisuperstar : WOW!!

Thornlessrose39 : Awesome sounds!!!

Nessie W. L. Neck : how is this singing technique called? It's really amazing... I'm so curious.

Marco Lima : Woow! She's so hot!

:karen-ann :macdonald : mir/aculous 13th klanmother white tribal bear klan ,

Вася Гогошин : *Супер. Браво!*

whiplash jones : omg shes amazing

Mish D : shes THE BEST I LOVE HER!

Victor Gramma : Respect!

Lucy Gallagher : Beautiful lady ❤️

RpTheHotrod : This is pretty amazing on many levels...not only the music, but also the style and clothing.

shanio evans : this is brilliant. never heard owt like it

T C : For full effect, turn the volume down.

Byron Shumaker : wild thing, i think i love you

Евгений Кержаев : Божественно!

Nelly Mahog : Wonderful!!!!

elihú mahon : i wish there wasn’t a backing track.

zippers2 : something to do with a runaway horse???

Tara Jounes : Wow!!! This is quite some skill..., love the horse part..., just wonderful! Bravo Olga!

doliwaq : Dobra dziewoja!

Katie Dempsey : If anyone ever read the Clan of the Cave Bear series, this woman is exactly how I pictured Ayla.

Paul Shax : Absolutely crazy but brilliant... Makes a great ringtone too!! :-D

Jeremiah Myer : fantastic! so very very powerful. thanks UUTAi for this blessing!

Julius Caesar : How do you call that instrument?


Юлия Жиркова : Здорово! Давно я столько мурашек от восторга не ощущала!

SpookyDOTexe : She looks like mercy <3

jdmart82 : The horse noise gets me all the time

Martin Philippe : J'ADORE !!! Hallucinant !! émouvant !!!!

Stormbash : I loved it!!!