Every Cat At 3AM
Every cat at 3 AM

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Wyatt Hall : I knew what was coming and it was hilarious all the same.

Lupus : The scream am the end is what makes this video for me

Cole Richards : 0:23 the real cat watches in awe as its master runs around and trashes his house exactly as he does every morning at 3, he is baffled and yet strangely attracted to this strange being, but it will study longer and develop a hypothesis on the human condition

Polish Filipino : "Helen, I have to do this." *SCREECHHH*

Memestar : OH BOY 3 AM

Questhero101 : Nobody's pointing out that it's broad daylight at 3AM.

Ainsley Harriott : *Thats a messed up looking cat*

Xavi : Surreal Entertainment anyone?

Henri's Blog : 0:23 that poor traumatized cat in the bottom-right.

Critickage : It's 3 AM right now, and my cat is acting like this right now

Majique : My cat threw up on me at 3AM just this morning She ate tuna yesterday btw

Kat Smeow : 0:29 Someone please add this into a “Perfectly Cut Screams” compilation!!

Brie Sawyer : why is this The Office parkour scene 😂

Bizzare YT : I have watched this video like 20 times now.

xSynomical : *H E L L E N I H A V E T O D O T H I S*

Alex Hellstrom : Your content is so good

Matthew Sawczyn : "Helen! I have to do this." cue 90's action music

Anders Borgman : so this is where Surreal Animations got his idea

SweetLiaDreams : No one: Cats: *oh boy! 3 am!*

Quercu Nigrum : Oh yeah, *THE THING!*

Oh god Please help : Who came here from Surreal Entertainment?

pwner5012 : 0:23 lol that cat is staring at you going like "is my routine a joke to you?"

Lina Bx : this was posted exactly 2 years before the wedding of my sister, which will happen the 5th of October 2019. I feel she should know, so that her heart acknowledges that the stars and the gods have aligned to make good shit happen on the 5th of octobers

Kelly Applegath : This is also my upstairs neighbor at 3am

Smiling Alpaca : This is happening to me literally right now :")

Leena 3771 : bro the SCREAM is what gets me. Too accurate

Susanna Vesna : I saw this last year and now i recognized u on the H3H3 podcast! 😹🤗

Lewis Baools : "I'm fast. I'm very fast."

Mother Mayhem : You forgot to scratch on doors and meow till you faint

Not a Beauty Guru : I spit my drink out at the end

Chris Nettleton : YES YES YES YES YES YES!! Much love Gus from England lad

STILL NOT CLICKED : Every 🐈 ever Tom sent a friend request

Jack-E-Boy Werry : Yay you hit 1 mil. Congrats 👍

ElMokhtar MOHAMED MOUSSA : that death cry at the end got me

Allu : 0:22 Cat in the background is scared for her dear life

Natalia Moosmann : You really remind me of Dwight shrute and that is the highest compliment I could give

Kiki Murray : I took a huge bite of cereal right before the scream and near bouts choked to death

s j : Are u mocking my cat? How dare you!?

Maarten van Rossem Lezingen : This is exactly what my cat does.

Wonderfully Made Lex : It's almost 2am and my cat's standing on my pillow, trying to hold a conversation.👎😩

xX_alexa_Xx I like em big I like em Chunky. : Me at 3am running away from my DEMON DOGS!!!

Duck : You look like the lion from the wizard of Oz 😂

msorganicfarm Graff : omg you are hilarious and so true. YOU FORGOT TO SHOW THE part after that at 4 a.m. when they have to la y out on you, and make biscuits on your face till you wake up omg

idk :/ : this is the first video I’ve seen on your channel and i can safely say that this is the quality content I’ve been looking for

Maw The Cringelord : nobody: cats at 3am: THIS IS WHERE THE OPERATIC SECTION COMES IN

Arturo Chávez : Showing this to a dog-person friend: I don't get it Why are they dressed like cats?

Dondo Dando : >says is 3 am *Sun shining outside* Yeah good job Gus

Beatrice Cullen : Me when my roomates have stuff to do and need sleep: *R U N*

ByteZ : Why is there a picture of jesus in the bathroom