Every Cat At 3AM

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Gus Johnson : follow me on stuff in the description rawr XD lololol edgy

Natalie Alfera : The scream just ties it all together

Quercu Nigrum : Oh yeah, *THE THING!*

tavern2468 : Me running away from my gay thoughts At 3 am

ByteZ : Why is there a picture of jesus in the bathroom

Poo Is Tasty : 0:29, the scream of a real man.

Rainbrowz : You'll always be with me... and you'll always be my brother. [Holds bread out]

Lupus : The scream am the end is what makes this video for me

Chadless : At 0:23 you can see a human in the background imitating a cat.

Maarten van Rossem Lezingen : This is exactly what my cat does.

Emily G : 0:24 is that a real cat in the corner 😂

Ikonex : Surreal Entertainment anyone?

Edgelord 295 : As a cat, I was offended

Ainsley Harriott : *Thats a messed up looking cat*

YeNoey : that's that why 3 am is the devil's hour

Memestar : OH BOY 3 AM

🆂 🅸 🅽 : My cat threw up on me at 3AM just this morning She ate tuna yesterday btw

Questhero101 : Nobody's pointing out that it's broad daylight at 3AM.

Mr. Vulcanator : Congrats this video is in "Instant Regret Clicking this Playlist (Memes)"

yee : 0:23 you can see their poor cat in the corner

Polish Filipino : "Helen, I have to do this." *SCREECHHH*

the one : Who came here from Surreal Entertainment?

UnPhayzable : Life as a Neko

DAS BOOTZ : Why do you have a framed painting of Jesus watching you poop?

Dragon Wolf : Funny man falls a bunch of times and screams

That Blocky Player : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WZzeZeirFhc

Anders Borgman : so this is where Surreal Animations got his idea

GrimZANs̶ : You forgot to scratch on doors and meow till you faint

Call Me Chris : Hellen i am a CAT

Kawh : Hellen, I have to do this....YEAAAAAAAA!!!

Bizzare YT : I have watched this video like 20 times now.

Destiny Hymon : Me when I try to make it to the fridge quietly..

Pamela Idontknowyou : You forgot the part they throw up really loudly.

Cuddles the Cat : What I hear when my kittens fight: Stampy: *angry meowing* Stompy: *high-pitched cat growling* What they hear when my kittens fight: Stampy: WHY YOU BITING ME?! Stompy: BECAUSE WE ARE BOYS, WE ARE SUPPOSED TO DO THIS!

Vinny C. : You can see the cat at 0:23 looking like "wtf?"

Theawkwarduck : 3 am, demon’s hour

Blackie Mintie : who come here for surreal animation?

Wyatt Hall : I knew what was coming and it was hilarious all the same.

coolcat 0_0 : 0:29 lol

Drew Breezy : The original 3 am challenge

TheLastCheezCurd : Pretty accurate

NoHitboxForAsh : 0:29

No one asked You : h e l l e n i h a v e t o d o t h i s

Sarpy Barpy TV : Oh. I thought this was the courtesy of surreal entertainment!

luna the blue cringy fox : I choked on my food when you screamed... EHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

Eric Boyd : Loved the Behind the Scene on SP7

Alice Kidd : Helen,I have to do this

Mokhtar med moussa : that death cry at the end got me


Nifty Spigots : do you have a picture of jesus in your bathroom