Every Cat At 3AM

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Gus Johnson : follow me on stuff in the description rawr XD lololol edgy

Natalie Alfera : The scream just ties it all together

tavern2468 : Me running away from my gay thoughts At 3 am

ByteZ : Why is there a picture of jesus in the bathroom

Poo Is Tasty : 0:29, the scream of a real man.

Quercu Nigrum : Oh yeah, *THE THING!*

Chadless : At 0:23 you can see a human in the background imitating a cat.

Lupus : The scream am the end is what makes this video for me

Emily G : 0:24 is that a real cat in the corner 😂

Xavi : Surreal Entertainment anyone?

Maarten van Rossem Lezingen : This is exactly what my cat does.

Memestar : OH BOY 3 AM

Questhero101 : Nobody's pointing out that it's broad daylight at 3AM.

YeNoey : that's that why 3 am is the devil's hour

Polish Filipino : "Helen, I have to do this." *SCREECHHH*

Ainsley Harriott : *Thats a messed up looking cat*

Big Chungu : 0:23 the real cat watches in awe as its master runs around and trashes his house exactly as he does every morning at 3, he is baffled and yet strangely attracted to this strange being, but it will study longer and develop a hypothesis on the human condition

Majique : My cat threw up on me at 3AM just this morning She ate tuna yesterday btw

the one : Who came here from Surreal Entertainment?

Henri's Blog : 0:23 that poor traumatized cat in the bottom-right.

Anders Borgman : so this is where Surreal Animations got his idea

That Blocky Player : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WZzeZeirFhc

Dragon Wolf : Funny man falls a bunch of times and screams

UnPhayzable : Life as a Neko

Call Me Chris : Hellen i am a CAT

Alex Hellstrom : Your content is so good

Bizzare YT : I have watched this video like 20 times now.

Drew Breezy : The original 3 am challenge

Vinny C. : You can see the cat at 0:23 looking like "wtf?"

Core : S u r r e a l e n t e r t a i n m e n t... a n y o n e?

GoldFīlms : Who is here from surreal entertainment

Sarpy Barpy TV : Oh. I thought this was the courtesy of surreal entertainment!

xSynomical : *H E L L E N I H A V E T O D O T H I S*

ElTulius xD : Surreal entertainment xD

Theawkwarduck : 3 am, demon’s hour

Anime Boys : Me when I try to make it to the fridge quietly..

coolcat 0_0 : 0:29 lol

No one asked You : h e l l e n i h a v e t o d o t h i s

Andrew Linn : 0:22 your actual cat was wondering what you were doing.

Cuddles the Cat : What I hear when my kittens fight: Stampy: *angry meowing* Stompy: *high-pitched cat growling* What they hear when my kittens fight: Stampy: WHY YOU BITING ME?! Stompy: BECAUSE WE ARE BOYS, WE ARE SUPPOSED TO DO THIS!

Wouter Maas : OH NO IT'S A FURRY

*Good Vibes* : Throwback to what made him famous

ElMokhtar MOHAMED MOUSSA : that death cry at the end got me

Waylon m : My cat knocked over my tv one night and then came back in so I threw a book at her and locked her out but I heard her in the living room scratching on the hard wood floor

Kela Nella : Like si viniste por Lenay

•Hunny• : Helen, *I have to do this*

i am. a herp a derp. : Omg just the scream at the end XD

Wyatt Hall : I knew what was coming and it was hilarious all the same.

TheLastCheezCurd : If you read this then you are gae