Looping Pedal Diaries Part 1
This guy is amazing He has a paralyzed arm but he still wants to play the guitar

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A week ago today I posted two of my videos to a Facebook Group for Guitar Players and they went wild! Lots of positive feedback and an overwhelming response that I will be forever grateful for! This video is a response to the many request for more content. Up to this point I have been more focused on teaching guitar the way that I play than just playing and building original content. I'm now going to make equal time for both and am very excited to be doing so! This is a little concept riff I created with the looper pedal I was fortunate to get over the Holiday! Hope you all enjoy! As always, Keep on Rocking! -Dirk If you want to follow along with me on Facebook please feel free to do so here: https://www.facebook.com/OneHandedGuitar/


Curt Lister : Facebook is against my religion so I'll stick with YTube. Again great job especially if it was your own material.