Tesla Model S Being Stolen

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This Model S was stolen in Epping, Essex. The key was at the back of the house, but PIN to drive was off and passive entry was enabled. EDIT: According to Tesla, even if the thieves disabled Remote Access, Tesla could still turn it back on and/or track the vehicle. The fact that they are unable to means either the thieves removed the physical SIM (apparently easy to get to) or they used a battery powered device to block Internet access in the vehicle.

Comments from Youtube

Jeffrey Osborn : Can hack the car but can't unplug it... genius. Script kiddies.

Tommy Lindberget : This idiot had to Google how to unplug charger. Either way, someone Tweet Elon. Pin2Drive during timeframe. I dont want to hassle of using pin every single time I need to take the kids to school, kindergarten, soccer practice or a quick drive to the store, this or that. But If the car is started between 10pm - 8am I would like to enter a pin. Also, too toggle off remote access in the MCU should absolutely require a correct PIN. If you forget your pin, tought luck. Bring it to the service center.

justin j : Car manufactures are lazy. You can get a $100 phone with a fingerprint scanner but an 80k car does not. They want you to enter a pin like win95. They could add face scanner too for the price of car.

mister garcia : Here's a tip. Wrap your keyless key fob in aluminum foil or put them in a faraday bag when not in use

Antony Kennedy : Looks like these two are doing this all over the UK, and targeting Teslas specifically. I think I've found someone else who had an attempted theft by the same people.

FWMalice : Would be nice if they treated car thieves like they did horse thieves back in the day.

0x4452 : The thieves' faces are clearly visible in some shots. Can't the police readily identify them?

Cool Squad : Well with the model 3 it is impossible because Your key is your phone and and also make sure your keycard is in a card protected wallet because with very strong singnal the keycard protectsion will block it

Radek Svoboda : If police took the effort it would be easy to get them. There was recently a murder case in Slovakia, when the murderers were tracked because they googled the address of the victim on their phone. These guys googled how to unplug Tesla, so it would be sufficient if the cops asked Google to get IP addresses of people who googled Tesla at the time of theft.

BlakcNinja : worst car ever to steal. Very few on the road compared to other cars, no chop shop can move the parts, probably has on board gps that can be remotely activated in the long run, the list goes on lol

Bonzo Bonzai : first thing i would do is own a garage.

Vax Buster : Teslas can be tracked when they charge, so contact Tesla to see if it has entered anywhere on the charging network. In America they have caught most of the thieves stealing them, only a handful have been lost and not found.

Alejandro Chico : im not a car engineer, but cant those "fob" keys have a small switch to power it on off?

Høler : >has nice HD cameras that can actually pick up their faces >has nice Tesla >points said cameras at Tesla >car still get stolen and somehow these guys have not been caught this video killed my mood

Joey C64 : Always put the keys in a metal box inside the house. Applies to all key-less-go cars BTW. Sorry for the loss.

Balthazar Brat : All that technology in Tesla cars and it's apparently easy to disable tracking. Looks like they need to install decades old technology: Lojack

DooMMasteR : All this could be circumvented by a time of flight limit… where the distance to the fob is limited by a simple timeout of the receiver, which, as long as the speed of light is still a "constant" should work fine, some new key fob systems already support it.

jasiekxl : just make obligatory password to disable remote access. easiest way

Michael Thomas : No Faraday pouch, and no pin to drive activated. Why not? If you're parking on your drive you have to use these two. P2D would have prevented this.

TESLA PO POLSCE : Remember to keep your fob in metal box. This will prevent using this method.

icsir13 : Why isn't the remote access PIN protected?

Bevan Edwards : This is a real shame. Sorry this happened to you. Do keep talking to Tesla - if it's charged on the supercharger network, it could still turn up. Best of luck getting it back.

Tom Coss : Oh people. There are GSM/GPS signal jammers connecting to lighter plug in car. for 15 USD.

Ed Wilko : Leace you keys in a anti rf pouch or box problem solved (all our keys in a lined box

Lam rof : Face scanner Goddam it, Mine, My wife and a max of 5 people registered.

Lam rof : hide a self charging GPS tracker devices. $50 Amazone, no activation fee, no contract.

YourNickIsTaken : And the law protects these thieves in Hungary.

Lam rof : I have find my iphone, find my mac, etc.... there is no find my Tesla feature? Something I track not Tesla.

LOTA : this is happening because there is a market for those parts. can't police pose with a broken tesla to the shops who are buying from the black market, and trace it back? this is almost impossible to stop until people with broken cars take responsibility for where their parts come from. also i imagine Tesla has the ultimate backdoor which is limited to few in the company and for life and death situations.

GM 79 : A fence would be nice. Close the fence with normal key. These old shits are using tech build by others. They don't know how to unplug that charger. I bet they use nokia 3310

Hubert Heller : Did you manage to track them? Please keep us updated.

Mark Stevens : i feel weird giving this a thumbs up but i want many people to see this - maybe the scum will get caught - also you posting this will make people aware of how they can protect their cars better

Mark : Back in the 90s before immobilisers were standard I used to fit a hidden kill switch under the dash. It's amazing to think in 2018 it would be more necessary than ever!

rayhend100 : My Tesla Model 3 and Mercedes SLK are in the garage. The Volvo S40 sleeps outside. Lol!

UHOOHEXTRA TECH : I video tested a signal blocked recently for any keyless entry /start cars. Such a needless theft. We gotta look after ourselves. Ain't no1 gonna look for your car if its stolen in UK

HogGravyandChitlins : A headshot would of been in order

Brent V : Probably googled how to unplug it with the same tablet or phone used to boost the signal. That's gut wrenching. Hope they find it

Jung Y : it's not a tablet, it's a patch antenna.

David Hayes : The sums need locking up for a long time

Minion : this is a list of cars which can easly stolen by a retransmitter checked by german ADAC. For this moment only Land Rover made a proper keyfob transmission timing and it is fully resistant to retransmitter between the keyfob and the car. It is a shame for Tesla that can not prevent such cases. Alfa Romeo: Giulia, Stelvio Audi: Q2, A3, A4, A5, A6, R8, SQ7, TTS, TT RS, O7-e-Tron BMW: 225xe, 318i, 318d, 520d, 640d, 730d, 740, 740d, i3, X1, M240i Coupe, X2 Citroen: DS4 Crossback, C3, C4 Picasso, Spacetourer Fiat: 124 Spider, 500X Ford: Eco-Sport, Edge, Focus RS, Galaxy, Mustang, S-Max Honda HR-V Hyundai: i10, i30, ix35, i40, Santa Fe, Ioniq Infiniti Q30 Jaguar F-Pace Jeep Compass Kia: Niro, Optima, Rio, Stinger, Stonic Land Rover: Discovery (w roku 2016), Range Rover Evoque (w roku 2015) Lexus RX450 h Mazda: 3, CX-5, MX-5 Mercedes: E 220d, S 400d Mini: Clubman, Coopel S Cabrio Mitsubishi: Outlander, Space Star Nissan: Leaf, Navara, Quashqai, Quashqai+2 Opel: Ampera, Astra, Crossland X, Grandland, Insignia Peugeot: 508 SW, 3008, 308, 5008 Renault: Captur, Clio, Kadjar, Megane, Megane Grandtour, Scenic, Talisman, Traffic, ZOE Seat: Ateca, Leon Skoda: Kodiaq, aroq, Octavia (dwa testy: 12.2015 i 02.2016), Rapid, Superb SsangYong: Rexton, Tivoli Xdi Subaru: Levorg, Forester Suzuki: SX4 S-Cross, Baleno, Vitara Tesla Model: S P85, Model X Toyota: C-HR 1,8 Hybrid, Mirai, Prius, RAV4, Verso Volvo: V40, S90, V90, XC90, XC60 Volkswagen: Golf, Passat, Tiguan, Touran, Arteon, eGolf

Kyle Narkiewicz : Of all the cars out there, I would like to think a Tesla is one of the hardest ones to steal. Cue bio-metric security!

Asia Mazura : tesla should make it so that it physically can't be charged unless it has a simcard - thus always being able to track it if it is being used.. but that could be a privacy issue if they can access the location whenever they'd like ): or they should get the fob to change its hash/key code signal every 10 minutes (put the sim card in the fob) and then their clone wouldn't work and the car would stop and require a pin to re-start without having a live fob in it. sooo many solutions to these security issues

Sebastiano : Just set a PIN and they won't drive.

Esteban Mejia : I thought this was to have a good ending. Damn thieves!

Ern Smith : I work in the car insurance industry - I tell all my friends who have keyless entry and keyless start to buy a steering wheel security lock from Halfords, eBay etc and a Faraday bag to keep the key in. Keep the spare key in another bag hidden away. Get a separate GPS/GSM tracker in the car as well although they will probably use a GSM/GPS signal jammer in the car to stop the tracking Also get a small Faraday bag for the key when you are out and about. Its easy for one of the thieves to follow you with a signal booster working up to 100 meters away. Cars like this are less secure now than 15 yrs ago - Car theft has had a massive increase in recent yrs with these keyless systems making it easier than ever

Lam rof : This was a Tesla functionality test activity.

JOSIAH HAYDEN : Go get your car

Ross Jordan : When will Tesla offer two factor authorization? When will key fobs have accelerometers so they don't transmit when motionless outside of the vehicle?

refink33 : Next time you edit a video. Please show the text for longer. We're not all speed readers