Tesla Model S Being Stolen

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Dalibor Horvat : What do you call a stolen Tesla? Edison.

Jeffrey Osborn : Can hack the car but can't unplug it... genius. Script kiddies.

Tommy Lindberget : This idiot had to Google how to unplug charger. Either way, someone Tweet Elon. Pin2Drive during timeframe. I dont want to hassle of using pin every single time I need to take the kids to school, kindergarten, soccer practice or a quick drive to the store, this or that. But If the car is started between 10pm - 8am I would like to enter a pin. Also, too toggle off remote access in the MCU should absolutely require a correct PIN. If you forget your pin, tought luck. Bring it to the service center.

Vax Buster : Teslas can be tracked when they charge, so contact Tesla to see if it has entered anywhere on the charging network. In America they have caught most of the thieves stealing them, only a handful have been lost and not found.

justin j : Car manufactures are lazy. You can get a $100 phone with a fingerprint scanner but an 80k car does not. They want you to enter a pin like win95. They could add face scanner too for the price of car.

Radek Svoboda : If police took the effort it would be easy to get them. There was recently a murder case in Slovakia, when the murderers were tracked because they googled the address of the victim on their phone. These guys googled how to unplug Tesla, so it would be sufficient if the cops asked Google to get IP addresses of people who googled Tesla at the time of theft.

TESLA PO POLSCE : Remember to keep your fob in metal box. This will prevent using this method.

Bonzo Bonzai : first thing i would do is own a garage.

Antony Kennedy : Looks like these two are doing this all over the UK, and targeting Teslas specifically. I think I've found someone else who had an attempted theft by the same people.

0x4452 : The thieves' faces are clearly visible in some shots. Can't the police readily identify them?

Michael Thomas : No Faraday pouch, and no pin to drive activated. Why not? If you're parking on your drive you have to use these two. P2D would have prevented this.

Bevan Edwards : This is a real shame. Sorry this happened to you. Do keep talking to Tesla - if it's charged on the supercharger network, it could still turn up. Best of luck getting it back.

DooMMasteR : All this could be circumvented by a time of flight limit… where the distance to the fob is limited by a simple timeout of the receiver, which, as long as the speed of light is still a "constant" should work fine, some new key fob systems already support it.

Mark Stevens : i feel weird giving this a thumbs up but i want many people to see this - maybe the scum will get caught - also you posting this will make people aware of how they can protect their cars better

icsir13 : Why isn't the remote access PIN protected?

FRAGGING CLOUD : That´s not a tablet or a phone...they´ve made some hardware boosting signal shit 4 keysignal. One got an boosting hardware and the other one the fake "key" hardware. Boom ez stolen. normaly takes about 2min...to steal such cars..

Joey C64 : Always put the keys in a metal box inside the house. Applies to all key-less-go cars BTW. Sorry for the loss.

Asia Mazura : tesla should make it so that it physically can't be charged unless it has a simcard - thus always being able to track it if it is being used.. but that could be a privacy issue if they can access the location whenever they'd like ): or they should get the fob to change its hash/key code signal every 10 minutes (put the sim card in the fob) and then their clone wouldn't work and the car would stop and require a pin to re-start without having a live fob in it. sooo many solutions to these security issues

Jung Y : it's not a tablet, it's a patch antenna.

Byshop303 : Disabling remote access certainly blocks the app from working but does it really block Tesla from being able to track that car? I'd think they'd still be able to reach the car if for no other reason than situations like this. Granted, you'd need to notice it was missing in time and in this circumstance it could have been gone for hours by the time anyone noticed, and by that time it might already be too late.

Balthazar Brat : All that technology in Tesla cars and it's apparently easy to disable tracking. Looks like they need to install decades old technology: Lojack

Brian Gerald : <<<<< IMPORTANT, PLEASE BE AWARE THIS IS A FICTITIOUS SCENARIO >>>>> If these guys were real I would personally like to beat the living bad out of 'em & personally throw 'em into PRISON for a Very LONG TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And make sure they pay DIRECT Compensation to the victim!!!!!!!!!!!!

monty burns : The owner had the last laugh though as the car burst into flames half a mile down the road, killing the thieves.

Alejandro Chico : im not a car engineer, but cant those "fob" keys have a small switch to power it on off?

JOSIAH HAYDEN : Go get your car

Arthur S.R.T : fake pra caralho

jasiekxl : just make obligatory password to disable remote access. easiest way

KurtBP75 : Doesn't August send you alerts when it detects someone outside? (I have a Nest Hello and this would be an alert). First thing I would do is get a better home alarm system and video doorbell/camera system that can trigger the alarm when alert zones are violated.

Anonymous User : Insurance scam.

Ross Jordan : When will Tesla offer two factor authorization? When will key fobs have accelerometers so they don't transmit when motionless outside of the vehicle?

Tom Szaw : So that's the Tesla security and sophisticated software, better than "legacy" brands?

GM 79 : A fence would be nice. Close the fence with normal key. These old shits are using tech build by others. They don't know how to unplug that charger. I bet they use nokia 3310

Tom Szaw : Oh people. There are GSM/GPS signal jammers connecting to lighter plug in car. for 15 USD.

Happy John : Elon! 5:53 PM 10/21/2018

Hubert Heller : Did you manage to track them? Please keep us updated.

refink33 : Next time you edit a video. Please show the text for longer. We're not all speed readers

Ted Kidd : disable remote access means TESLA can't track? Seems absurd.

Brent V : Probably googled how to unplug it with the same tablet or phone used to boost the signal. That's gut wrenching. Hope they find it

Edward Byard : Really sorry to see this. You really need a proper tracker installed. Search YouTube for Automatrics Mtrack. They are the bees knees and worth every penny.

utuber2 : Baseball caps and tracksuits give them away pretty quickly!

el daniel2425 : I'm glad you posted this, Telsa has known this issue and looks like they haven't done much to get it fixed. If this video goes viral they will be more willing to up their security .

ColonelBumButt : What is the point? Aren't these things like serial numbered to hell? There isn't exactly a Honda Civic type market for parts. It's not going to move again once they shut if off without the FOB.

Chris Gilpin : Hi Anthony, I'm sorry this happened to you but glad you caught these guys on camera and hopefully they are caught and the car is returned undamaged. You nailed it on how this was done - one guy searches for and clones your key fob signal from the fob inside your house and sends it to the guy standing by your car door. Once they have your signal, they've essentially cloned your key fob and will be able to turn on/off your vehicle with no issues. In many cases these crooks just steal your laptop and other valuables but that was clearly not the case with your car. Tesla has the "PIN to Drive" feature which could prevent the actual theft of the vehicle but cars from other manufacturers with passive entry do not have his option and are at risk with no manufacturer provided solution. An easy way to prevent this is with a KeyGuard (https://www.signal-vault.com/collections/all-products/products/keyguard) - when not in use, keep your key fob inside of the KeyGuard and your signal can't be cloned. This works with all cars with passive entry and remember to ALWAYS - Keep the 2nd key fob to your vehicle in the KeyGuard at all times. We've found these criminals have the best luck targeting the 2nd key fob which is usually kept near a door that gives criminals enough range to clone the signal. Best of luck and we'd like to use your video to show other owners that this crime is real and happening now! We'd like to send you a couple of KeyGuards - send us your address to Sales@Signal-Vault.com

HansDelbruck53 : I kept wondering why he was trying to break into the wrong side of the car till I saw that it was right-hand drive. Oh, those British wankers!

theJenan : As a being eastern European, I can say that they are probably from eastern Europe possibly Balkans area due to their apparel, movements, and body language

HogGravyandChitlins : A headshot would of been in order

Lota - youtube.com/dotafeeding : this is happening because there is a market for those parts. can't police pose with a broken tesla to the shops who are buying from the black market, and trace it back? this is almost impossible to stop until people with broken cars take responsibility for where their parts come from. also i imagine Tesla has the ultimate backdoor which is limited to few in the company and for life and death situations.

Hugo Nabais : Why are there cameras in such a perfect angle?

Leonardo Salles : And that's why having a V8 engine is good, at least you'll hear when someone turns it on.

wcjeep : You can buy 850nm infrared external light sources to assist the night vision camera.