(ORIGINAL) Asian Dad - Weapons of Choice [HQ]

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Seldom UPLOADS : the silencer! JESUS

GenericSideCharacter : 0:50 The Shun Goku Satsu is a bit much for a disciplinary technique

highlander723 : I have to admit I have never seen an Asian kid commit mass murder in high school

KAMIKAZE KAMIKAZE : Wheres the T.V cable cord? Lmao

Jenson Tang : May I know what's the sound effect used while the "dad" throws his slipper? Dying to know that!!! @@

tomlee123 : feather duster take it upside down

Belongs in the Trash : The silencer is too op. Please nerf

Anna Ly : Omg the cigarette at the start! 😂

AlphaswordYT : It would've been much funnier if your pants fell of

Sati Sarg : Hilarious!!!!!

AlphaswordYT : Toi Thich

LuckyNick : Brother?

Nightttshade : why's this called silencer?

Rick Morrow : Would make a great video game.

121saggy : Silencer had some friendly fire there it seems lol

Ne : This should be longer! Can't wait to see more :D

Incognito : 😂😂😂😂