School of Rock - Making Of

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Lessons Learned: The Cast and Crew talk about "The School of Rock" (2003).


David S : Damn Youtube recommendations have been on point the last couple days.

TeamSesh97 : Damn i never knew β€œNed” was the writer!! thats crazy, reminds me of when tarantino does a cameo, but this guy was actually a huge part in the movie

Nick S : The Asian dude who plays keys is so dope. A lot of great rock musicians came from classical backgrounds.

nathaniel padilla : Who’s seeing this on 2018 and miss this and wish there was a sequel?

Jugie Rayson : Mike White sounds like the opposite of Jack Black lol

Paul Lee : *But I make up for it with intensity* >:|

D Logic : This blew my mind. Jack didnt know guitar that well during this movie yet made Pick of destiny and actually got good. incredible.

BoyDudeMan : I love this movie. This was my childhood.

Flangelus : This movie inspired me to play guitar. It's now my job so I guess I should say thank you school of rock

The Crazy Bard : Lawrence in the movie and real life... literally the same person

maddymud : I hate the Academy Awards for not even nominating Jack Black for this multi faceted performance.

Brandon Lee : This move is easily one of my favourite movies of all time.

kmmk292929 : mike white reminds me of how I would imagine a younger version of Toby from The Office

Drift legend : It’s funny. Jack knows patty cake better than Miranda cosgrove but the guitar player plays better than him

Taylor B : I owe this movie my entire music career. I picked up the guitar because of Jack's performance in this film. Not an exaggeration.

Olivia Larson : "Jables needs his beauty sleep" πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Mark Nutt : Jack black is one of those men who say anything and it's hilarious

hyusama : "I'm hungry I'll get some cheese... but I'm sad and then blabbity blue..." XD XD XD

EETKEK27 : I like how he referenced Metallica

Mgifford 1274 : Jack Black was born for this movie and he absolutely nailed every scene and line. One of the most perfect comedies, on numerous levels, ever made.

slimkt : Man, this movie got my mom to cave on getting me my first guitar. Been playing for fifteen years now, and I picked up piano, bass, and the drums along the way. I owe a huge thanks to this film.

lara's life : miranda is such a cinnamon roll in this

Fifty BMX : 09:17 that face should be a meme! πŸ˜‚

Rick Charles : Jack Black was perfect for this movie!

Sal Scalici : Guy who plays Freddy Jones is actually a pretty great drummer. To Me rivals the drumming to some rock bands

Pauldjreadman : Great film, just gold. One thing i like is the young cast look like they just started from scratch. Reason why this works

JustWasted3HoursHere : It was an excellent decision for the powers that be that they get kids who actually have musical ability/talent. It lends a lot of authenticity to the movie.


C B : Linklater movies are all fantastic

Leah : Jack Black seems like a cool dude

Melbournefootballclub Fan : When the actor of billy said jack! Jack completely ignored him πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ€ͺπŸ˜‚

MrParkerman6 : I like how Jack can't make up his mind about 'The'.


Bryce Imel : Jack Black Mike White That can’t be a coincidence

Mark Nutt : That Asian kid is so cute . He's all foreign to rock even though some of Asia has rock influences .

Dylan Holland : Keep uploading please, subscribed

Delaney Winton : I’ve loved this movie for so long, I can’t believe I just came across this video now

the twonky : 17:04 omg lol

Brandon from Kentucky : Getting lucky In Kentucky #BBN

Rick Rocker Graham : Jack black should be cast as "Charlie" in "Helter Skelter" LOL...

Michael Lesko : Such a classic legendary movie

Mike L : I have watched this movie about 100x. Funny and inspiring for musicians.

Jeremy : Jack Black, you ARE always magic.

caelan baden : 1:30 lol now there is a musical

Veo 16 : So Jack Black wasn't really good at guitar himself. Joey played much better than him at 7:40

Privileged White Male G.C. Rep. : Jack was undeniably on large amounts of coke for this film.

Matt Coates : "I'm like precious cargo." hahahahahahahahaaha I love White Tiger. Such a great actor.

xXapril Princess : The story line of the old school of rock is really the same of the 2017 one

Skelter : Jack Black Rules!