School of Rock - Making Of

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David S : Damn Youtube recommendations have been on point the last couple days.

Sal Scalici : One of the most underrated movies and comedies of all time

nathaniel padilla : Who’s seeing this on 2018 and miss this and wish there was a sequel?

TeamSesh97 : Damn i never knew “Ned” was the writer!! thats crazy, reminds me of when tarantino does a cameo, but this guy was actually a huge part in the movie

Flangelus : This movie inspired me to play guitar. It's now my job so I guess I should say thank you school of rock

Jugie Rayson : Mike White sounds like the opposite of Jack Black lol

Nick S : The Asian dude who plays keys is so dope. A lot of great rock musicians came from classical backgrounds.

The Crazy Bard : Lawrence in the movie and real life... literally the same person

maddymud : I hate the Academy Awards for not even nominating Jack Black for this multi faceted performance.

Drift legend : It’s funny. Jack knows patty cake better than Miranda cosgrove but the guitar player plays better than him

Taylor B : I owe this movie my entire music career. I picked up the guitar because of Jack's performance in this film. Not an exaggeration.

Paul Lee : *But I make up for it with intensity* >:|

D Logic : This blew my mind. Jack didnt know guitar that well during this movie yet made Pick of destiny and actually got good. incredible.

Brandon Lee : This move is easily one of my favourite movies of all time.

kmmk292929 : mike white reminds me of how I would imagine a younger version of Toby from The Office

slimkt : Man, this movie got my mom to cave on getting me my first guitar. Been playing for fifteen years now, and I picked up piano, bass, and the drums along the way. I owe a huge thanks to this film.

hyusama : "I'm hungry I'll get some cheese... but I'm sad and then blabbity blue..." XD XD XD

Weeaboo Media : I like how he referenced Metallica

Mark Nutt : Jack black is one of those men who say anything and it's hilarious

Olivia Larson : "Jables needs his beauty sleep" 😂😂😂

lara's life : miranda is such a cinnamon roll in this


Sal Scalici : Guy who plays Freddy Jones is actually a pretty great drummer. To Me rivals the drumming to some rock bands

C B : Linklater movies are all fantastic

Fifty BMX : 09:17 that face should be a meme! 😂

Patrick Mears : My god you could tell Miranda Cosgrove was going to be the most famous of the kids just from this!!


Pauldjreadman : Great film, just gold. One thing i like is the young cast look like they just started from scratch. Reason why this works

Leah : Jack Black seems like a cool dude

fort fan : 2:50 2 yrs ago i was a 1 yr old

MrParkerman6 : I like how Jack can't make up his mind about 'The'.

Caleb Wells : Jack's jewish?

JustWasted3HoursHere : It was an excellent decision for the powers that be that they get kids who actually have musical ability/talent. It lends a lot of authenticity to the movie.

BoyDudeMan : I love this movie. This was my childhood.

Adam Pine : And to this day, Jack Black is still debating whether movies with "The" in the title are hits, or duds.

Rick Rocker Graham : Jack black should be cast as "Charlie" in "Helter Skelter" LOL...

Delaney Winton : I’ve loved this movie for so long, I can’t believe I just came across this video now

the twonky : 17:04 omg lol

Mark Nutt : That Asian kid is so cute . He's all foreign to rock even though some of Asia has rock influences .

caelan baden : 1:30 lol now there is a musical

fatdudewh33lchair : This is one of the best movies of all time. However, I personally don’t like to watch the behind the scenes footage because it ruins the “realness” and magic of the movie. I want to believe that everything in this movie actually took place and all the characters are real and weren’t created. Watching how the movie was made kinda snaps me back to reality and proves it was all acting and none of its real.

Brandon from Kentucky : Getting lucky In Kentucky #BBN

briatthedisco : One of my favorite movies of all time! I watched this featurette ALL THE TIME on the DVD. I was obsessed! Titanic is my favorite movie ever so it always made me happy when Jack brought it up @ 23:13 hahaha.

Milo Rodriguez : 5:21 describing this moment no one would ever guess which one the kid was

Dylan Holland : Keep uploading please, subscribed

CLuv : that's why it's called making of....not THE making of


Live It : Lucky jack had it all Under control 😉😂🤣😂

Katie Griseto : I love this movie so much!!

Marc Yinug : great movie. i need to rewatch it sometime soon.