Kramer serial killer
Kramer serial killer

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Kramer is arrested when he is mistaken for "The Smog Strangler," a serial killer roaming the streets of Los Angeles.Episode ''The trip-2"


uncjim : Michael Richards is a comedic genius.

Robert Stewart : I don't know how the lieutenant managed to keep a straight face during all Kramer's weeping. Brilliant acting. One of my favourite Seinfeld scenes.

JR Ewing : Michael Richards and the cop's acting was priceless.

JerrytheBaum : You are choking the life out of all the pretty flowers! **Sobs**

Speedrtr : "You're just a weed, choking the life out of all the pretty flowers.." *Sobbing "I AiN't a WeEd!!" hahahaha

Ibhenriksen : Kramer does look like a serial killer. I like how Jerry hesitates a bit when Kramer says "You guys believe I'm innocent don't you?"

steve turowski : After this they cheer that someone else gets killed.lmao

. Polo : Kramers character is a masterpiece this dude is hilarious!!

Er Al : Hey how'd you know about the park xD lmao

bendkafka : You're a weed. Society is filled withΒ them. Choking the life out of all the pretty flowers.

Nick Knowles : this show had such underrated acting lol

Lando Calrissian : 0:08 the officer in sunglasses can't help hide his laughter

Tyler Craig : I wonder how many retakes they had to do at 3:09 πŸ˜‚ props to that lieutenant for keeping his shit together

Faite : 1:45, That moment when reality hits you.

James Halleluyah : The sad truth is this is how I interviewed employees suspected of internal theft many moons ago.

Manoo Mittal : Kramer is the serial killer...he killed it in all episodes...

Shane B. : "Help me!!!!" πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ 1:44

Jo Salbar : Cosmo's best scene.

samuricexful : Needed the part where they're dancing outside "because the killer struck again!"

Shadow Heart : I love the denial during the Kramer's phone call only to break down a moment after. lol And that crying always gets me to burst laughing!

me you : best interrogation of all times. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Gregory Kosins : Richards is simply brilliant.

I'm just some Canadian guy and I say : It's too bad they never brought that cop back.

OG Sweets : I've watched this so many times and only just realised that one of those reporters at the start is the rude muffin top guy.

ICantSplel : Is it possible they edited out that "pervert in the park has a present in his pants" bit from the DVDs? I never got what he meant by "how'd you know about the guy in the park". Hmm.

Billy Ray : 3:09 - 3:24 Kramer sounds like a whining dog!Β 

John Smith : Feels the same at work, they start blaming, making you feel so small knowing that you are too busy to answer back nor do you want to because they won't give you a chance, then later they figure out that they were wrong, and not even a sorry, we all go our merry way.

inutero10 : Does anyone else become overcome with laughter when the detective said "maybe the pervert in the park had a present in his pants"? I lose it every time I see it.

unbridledenthusiasm : the lieutenant is one of my favorite characters.

Ha Zeret : I guess we all had a guy in the park

Kat Kat : Don't worry Kramer, you're a pretty flower too!

tommyt1971 : Richards' comic timing in this scene was so damn perfect. I think the only time he topped it was when he slapped the cash down & said "I'm OUT." in The Contest.

Jarvis Lo : This piece made it into American classic.

rafikz77 : Lol I just realized that the cop ib uniform is the car salesman from the Dealership episode

chrsweden : Jerry and George at 01:20 are priceless....

Max Mason : It was this interrogation scene that made me finally realize Michael Richards ( Kramer ) was a better actor than the rest of the cast combined ..//

Simone Tanzi : "... CAN I JUST EXPLAIN THAT I'M NOT oh ooh ok"

Mene Tekel : Its crazy how they made a joke about child abuse and it as okay back then, today all the political correctness police would be all over the sitcom for doing such a thing.

33kaus holokaust : Remember. When kramer got out and jerry , gerorge and kramer started dancing in joy... " the killer has struck again" πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

BradVan316 : Maybe you're mother didn't love you enough. Maybe the teacher didn't call on you in school when you have a little hand raised! LOL 🀣

Mr.L.A. : the bow tie killer

Ky5 : "how did you know about the guy in the park..." Kramer being molested as a kid explains lots of his beaviour. Or not.

Lion Phoenix : Indeed some good acting here not to mention self control. No way I could ever do this. I would be cracking up. Especially when Kramer started bawling.

sanneh : kramer crying gold

unbridledenthusiasm : Life, brimming brightly with optimism and verve

Xerdoz : Sue them for false arrest.

Bob Continelli : The secondary actors for this show were amazing. Whoever played the cop was amazing


Fan of TheBrand333 : Such a funny skit like segmentπŸ‘