Yakitate Japan - 324 layer croissant

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Jah Oose : Before there was Food Wars, there was Yakitate Japan. It was a good time. A simpler time.

acicon : Dio judging criossants

Captain Doomsday : He needs to use Za Warudo so he can savor his next bite for -3 more minutes- 5 extra seconds.

YagMi6 : I eat a croissant every time I watched this.

Hubert Applebaum : Hon hon croussant sacre bluu

Arturo Gutierrez : What am I doing here watching this? How did I landed in this place?

jokechu : This was the shit.


Freya : Are you going to eat that croissant?

danziel alvarez : Rick Flair's Crossiant

MrMobiusfan : Ballsy use of Also Sprach Zarathustra.

Skyblue Icecream : nobody came here coz of exo chen? he said he wanted to hv a bakery coz of this anime hahahah trolled ofc

Ulquiorra Cifer : I love this scene

Gerald Pasion : i watch this clip as i eat my croissant.. :p

Lucky&Wild.exe : I'll have what he's having

Muddafuka619 : ok so this is a PG version of food wars


mangekyou sharingan : kroa san

El Bandito : Shokugeki no Souma sure had changed. :p

Devoted Gamer : Its similar to shokugeki no soma

Cameron Horan : Shougeki no Soma is better than this though

GP Jr : Brings back memories

Yamada Senpai : KONO DIO DA

luffydragneel56 : funnier and better than the overly sexualized shokugeki


OhMirawr : Anime cooking shows always have weird reactions

Nik Muhammad Daud 'Uzair Nik Yaacob : Kuwora san

jonar padilla : anime best austrlia

Mount Lel 123 : Shokugeki no soma Bread Edition

short headass : 0:48 did he nut??

Evan : Funnier than shokugeki no soma

tob o pug pensador : eae patrux

Viajero Estelar : How the hell could this be more strange?!😲😛

WillbforceXD : Out of all the anime I have watched this is by far the best XD

The Legend : have u guyz seen Baker King Korean show... it's really good

idlefritz : sheeeet... at my bakery we're over 500 and when you pull the ends it looks like weird al's accordion

Burrito ! : ....................................

Eto Hige Gamer Culture : lol this scene gets me every time XD

Morugmir Invoker : So this is the foodgasm before shokugeki no soma?

Gareth Lloyd : Is it supposed to be funny?

AnimeLover90 7 : That is why you shouldn't laugh at it if it did not show it's true colors- by Brent Casey

Isley Joy : Pretty funny. 

Lisa Isles : lol they didn't put the part where the judge flips backwards in a crescent shape cause it was so good, that was funny in the manga

maca albarn : love this !!! this anime is totally awesome !!!!!1

John Smith : it has over 9000 layers!

lecorbak : he came