Viggo Mortensens last day as Aragorn.

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SpartanUruk : Viggo is always Aragorn for me, even films that hes in now such a The Road, History of Violence etc I never see him as that character hes trying to portray, only as Aragorn. 

WillFanofMany : To Sum up Viggo's last day. Bernard Hijacked Viggo's Makeup trailer and nearly plowed the camera man Over while the locals Chanted.

Retrova : He should have kept the Aragorn look!

LordVader1094 : I've heard that Viggo Mortensen was offered the chance to play as Aragorn again as a cameo in the Hobbit films and that he turned them down because it wasn't accurate to the books. If that actually happened, my respect for him went up considerably.

Lachlan Hurburgh : In 2021 they should re-release fellowship in theatres for it's 20th anniversary. Many of us were too young at the time.

Krissy Enchanted : He was perfect as Aragorn .. I couldn't picture anyone else then him

phoenixsplash135 : Viggo as Aragorn will be remembered as one of the greatest roles in cinematic history

LaurenLovesMovies : "Now come the days of the King, may they be blessed."

Kargath Bladefist (WoD) : Aragorn getting respect from all the people he killed lol

Dark Jedi : Viggo is actually one of the few actors I've seen who actually cares about the role he played in a movie. I've seen many actors who play a role JUST for the money and could not give two shits about the role they are playing (ex Harrison Ford in any role he's in). This is why Viggo is awesome. He played one of the best cinematic heroes of all time and has left an impact on cinema goers around the world. I salute you Viggo!

james raddatz : there will be a time when i will not cry about the lord of the rings finishing... BUT IT IS NOT THIS DAY !

Michael Holmgaard : This is touching, you can really feel that Viggo was sad leaving this role behind, even though he didn't want the part to begin with. He did it for his son, but it was the best thing that could happen to him. Viggo as Aragorn is probably one of the best actor-performances in history, he did an excellent job, and it will be remembered forever :)

Spectator : "Why are these shirtless men yelling at me, I'm hungry, I want to go home already."

lairdriver : One of the things that must be supremely difficult for actors now is acting in front of a green screen, not enough credit is given to the fact that they have to pretend on top of pretending now.

Brendan O'Toole : My uncle was a part of the stunt crew, i've got a picture of him up on my fridge with viggo from that nights party. The welt is there, big time. What they did with these movies will probably never again be repeated, in terms of really making a family. I'm moved every time i speak with my uncle about this.

cynthia Erickson : viggo has a home in North idaho and I knew a few contractors who worked on his home,all say he was a kind,humble man,easy to be around plus he is involved in the local community,from arts to food bank,plus he is a really great fisherman.we love viggo in North idaho

Neoshenlong Archivo 2008 - 2011 : Elijah is like "He got a goddamn Haka, where's mine?!"

FanArt Zone : noone could ever play Aragorns role better than Viggo

Daniel : This guy was and still is my Idol growing up. I always thought to myself if I ever hoped to end up a decent man one day , I hope I could be half as good as Viggo. Such an honorable and down to earth guy. :)

Rand al'Thor : Despite how hugely popular these movies are, I feel they are not as popular as they should be due to the fact that a lot of people don't watch fantasy movies "just because". There are so many people out there (like my friends) who would love these movies and recognize them for the masterpieces that they are if only they would give them a chance. I bought the extended editions each movie and fell in love with the behind the scenes extras. This is how films should be made, the cast and crew actually created a loving bond that made it so difficult to leave New Zealand and move on in their lives. Elijah Wood says that he had a really hard time going back America after spending years with such great people in such a beautiful country.

CS 22 : Viggo was phenomenal. He gave a tremendous amount of warmth and kindness to Aragorn, unprecedented even for good character standards. And dare I say, coming from a straight guy, if any man could ever turn me gay, it's Mortensen's Aragorn.

Juan Dom : Mortensen is not only a great actor, he's also a great guy in real life if you read about his political and social point of view. I think that he nailed the role of Aragorn, because in real life , he's an honest man who doesnt know what is arrogance! Thanks Viggo for the great acting!

Chris Epperson : That last scene must have been really hard on him, I know from stage acting that when your done with the play, you've spent time with the actors, other people. Eating, sleeping and reading your roles. The end when everything is said and done, it's not easy never mind for someone like Aragorn.

The Big Lebowski : would be cool to see this movie trilogy again in cinema. and i swear they would be sold out

SeraphinaAizen1 : Viggo was immensely well respected by the stunt team (and by the cast and crew in general). It's easy to see why in the various commentary and special features. Everyone who mentions the guy talks about his work ethic, and how eager he was to train and how hard he worked even when he got hurt. There are a few roles in cinema that are irreplaceable; if you had a different actor in the role, it just wouldn't have been as good a movie because the actor IS the character. Robert Downy Junior as Tony Stark. Harrison Ford as Han Solo. Gregory Peck as Atticus Finch. Viggo as Aragorn is, I think, one of those roles.

Corbin Mickles : Man I remember I was 11 when the fellowship of the ring came out. My mom took me and my brother out of school to wait in line at the theatre and it was wrapped around the building! Waited like three hours for the doors to open and I ended up seeing the movie 6 times in theatres lol good times.

Jane Barnes : I love that he was known as "No ego Viggo" on set  :)

Mónica Flores : They just don´t do men like him anymore

Fabisch Factor : Can't drive a bus.... can't drive the Titanic....

WeShall4ttack : Holy shit. Just read an interesting fact. The name "Viggo" allegedly actually means "War". Vigo (with 1 g), means Warrior, Combatant, also... yup, "Strider", which was Aragorn's nickname by the Hobbits ^^

Frodo Baggins : I think Viggo is so lucky. I mean, he gets to be Aragorn, and apart of this great world Tolkien made. To be a character that everyone loves and knows, to me is a true privilege.

Deniz Demir : 1:42 There was this incredible haka. They gave him a haka. They didn't give me a haka...

the Whaler : The role of Aragorn could have found no better home than Mortensen. I can't think of a single actor that would have fit the role better than him. He has this soft-spoken, quiet authority to him in real life. I think it would have been so easy to make the character overwrought and pretentious, gloomy even, the same way I've seen so many reserved heroes ruined in the past, but Mortensen nailed it. His performance translated perfectly into the character that Tolkien wrote. While Jackson's The Lord of the Rings isn't perfect, it is a damn fine piece of work that captures the narrative force and emotion of the books, and in some ways even surpassing it. The Ride of the Rohirrim will always be the most triumphant moment in cinema I will ever experience. Glad to have lived through it.

Christian P Schneider : That's all an actor could ever want.  Awards, money, whatever: The greatest thing you can ever receive is respect from others, especially from a walk of life different from your own.  That truly was special.

ely blu : He was perfect for the role

Nymeria73 : OMG! He got a Haka? That's huge. Aragorn always will be the love of my life. :-D

BlankCanvas88 : Man, I miss these movies! I was so crazy about them when they first came out. I watched every behind-the-scenes thing and commentary I could get my hands on. I hope they make the Silmarillion.

Kruut Von .Trendkilla : A dedicated Haka what an honor.

dmaster225 : I guess this goes to show that Viggo, deep within, loves to larp.

proud2bpagan : Viggo did an incredibly nice thing for Stephen Colbert..aka the world's biggest lotr nerd,lol. He was coming on The Daily Show to plug his newest movie,and as Stephen's voice played,naming off Aragorn's history and lineage,Viggo smiled and said he knew what a huge fan Stephen was,so he was sending him a chess set made of chocolate,shaped like the entire cast.

Kevin McClintock : They -- meaning not just the "big wigs" on set but all the others that make a movie work, the stunt crew, the hair and make-up people, the gaffers, all the others -- had a special name for Viggo Mortensen during the making of the LOTR trilogy - "No Ego Viggo." The man was universally loved by all. And to think - he wasn't the first choice to play Strider.

minch333 : Gets a haka. Headbutts everyone

Kaiser Suzi : @Jim moon the reason Viggo was given a Hakka is cuz it is a sign of respect to royalty an dignitaries in New Zealand where the entire franchise was filmed. Just because u do not understand someone or their culture doesn't make it or them savages u ignorant moron This was the highest mark of respect an Viggo is someone who loves to learn about other cultures

Jeff Dumelod : greatest movie ever

AlbertArtanis : What I love about this (my favorite behind the scenes bit of the entire Trilogy) is that you can see how Viggo is having one of those timeless moments.  The enormity of the event is filling him up, and you can see how awestruck he is by the honor being paid to him by men whom he knows so well and holds in such high esteem.  Wonderful.  I hope everyone has at least one moment like this in their lives.  It lives forever inside you.

Emi-Ochocinco : He could play rick grimes haha

Dai mon : Viggo is the incarnation of Aragorn itself!

ElFrawggito : When the Maori give you the respect of their war dance in accept it.

Jeanne Haessler : I've always thought that Maori Haka was one of the most touching things on the extras, what a tribute to two very fine actors, who as kings in the movies set the example and led the way for so many others in the cast and crew. Solid tribute to Viggo for sure, all the work he did at Helm's Deep alone. I do indeed doff my hat in respect. (no, I don't mean the petunia the hamster is wearing!)

JuGGernaut81295 : Man it must have been an experiance being a part of the production of this. I would have given anything just to be like a boom guy or production assistant.