Bongo Cat does ASMR

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JoeGumby : Subscribe and bongo cat will come play nice relaxing bongos while you sleep

Godzilla Core : who ever disliked the vid is jealous of this cats amazing skillz

Maxwell_ Edison : highkey good thanks youtube recommendations

Isaiah Hudson : *Bongo Cat Intensifies*

Loxy Nomicon : Moar pls

Ig Sk : more please

MLBlue30 : I had almost one head tingle before the video stopped.

oh no. : this is the best one yet

*LoL* *RoSe* : Juts can u please make this a bit more lon 😩😩😩😔

Wolfie : Please make another but like 10x longer

~Mullay-El~ : fast asmr

Dr. Kirbz : I can die peacefully now

Feno Droide : make bongo cat a thot

Félix Auclair Tendland : OUIIIII :3

Godzilla Core : second

Godzilla Core : yes