Alabama rapper attempts free style on live tv, freezes
Alabama rapper attempts free style on live tv freezes

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Alabama rapper attempts free style on live TV, freezes, opts to read from a book instead.


Trent Banks : At 0:32 you can hear him whisper "years ago"

FunForSameer : Next time try something that wasn't so many *years ago* lmao

Josa Atlas : He rapped so fast that he created a rip in time which fast forwarded towards the end. Greatest rapper alive.

scremped : He said freestyle but that more like freezestyle...I’ll show myself out.

Steve S : "You wanna read something from your book?" "Yea.... Chapter 1: Years ago they tried to. Chapter 2:.. "

REVOisMYname : It's like he's playing a quick time event game and missing all the buttons

Jonathan Pascual : Respect to this woman for not laughing right in front of him, not sure if I could do the same

Jason Edelen : I just experienced second hand embarrassment

Kunechi Escobar : Years ago they tried to put me on the spot, had me on TV tryna freestyle off the top, but they ain't really know that a homie wasn't ready, choking on the camera had me looking real sweaty

Ben Simmons : 0:32 he whispers “years ago, they tried to” again 😭💀

micheal sims : At 00:26 This is live? uh huh lol

ActionTv808 : Years ago was to long to remember. 😫😓😂

Willam Snyder : Oh wow a freestyle let me sit back....

OrganicChemistry2 : *Years ago they tried to* ... Realest shit Ive ever heard in a free style. The way this man chose these words and the hidden meaning behind that line is just beyond anything Ive ever encountered.

LORD OF THE WINGS : I neva freeeeze

SaM SaM : Wow still better than 99.9 % of rappers these days!

Skimtar : Years ago they tried to put me in the pen, Caged up and in close quarters with smelly, violent men, I asked one o the guys if he had a spare pen, He said here you go, by the way my name's Ben. There. I have completed his tale.

gay freakin frog : i just wanna know who tried to put him in what?

GBRTGalaxy, Inc. : He said "yea" with the quickness!!

iceman BoBo : How do you start off with a statement like "years ago" and basically jump off a rhythmic cliff?

casper : Shit I actually though my video was frozen

FastTrack113 : Years from now he’ll be saying “years ago they tried to...years ago they tried to... make me read from a book”

amir Ali : *The 8 mile freestyle crowd screaming choke!

D’Marco Jackson : Her: Did you wanna try to read something from your book ? Him:Yea Lmaoooo

pablo pueblo : What if he couldn’t read anything from his book either. LMAO.

LawsonRespawn : This Marshall does not Matter.

deez nuts : Legend has it, he still sits on that couch today trying to figure out where they tried to put him.

Dee Hive : I have watched this over 800 times and today is the first day I heard him whisper.....🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

Rapping Manual : Hahah why am i seeing this just now damn it

new99wave™ : Years ago they tried to ... *prison* *flashback*

Lovesexxee Love : I STILL die laughing about this!! Like, tears of laughter rolling down my face!!!!

Mormon Jesus : Whatever they tried to do years ago it must have been very traumatic for the poor man.

Mr. Carroll Ware : She is thinking fool get out of here LOL .

somthin else : Years ago when I forgot how to rhyme. 👎😭

GOD ShallSmiteYou : "You want to try and read something from your book...." lmao 😂😂😆

Sarah MayWest : "aaww this is live" uh huh whispers "get it together" 🙄🤣😂🤣😂 BRUH

Harris Pj : years ago they tried to put him in a recording studio, but he couldn't freestyle.

My Name is J̳e̳f̳f̳ : What if he was having flashbacks of another time he was on TV😂

Jaylon Lewis : Girl: I like dudes that can rap Dude: I can rap Girl: Freestyle then! Dude: Years ago they tried to...Years ago they tried to...put me in the...uh this is live? 😬 LMAO🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

Carmen Cruise : THAT'S SO FUNNY please don't make me pee hahaha 😁😁😁

Nicholas Marinich : The comic sans doomed him from the start

EvaBear : His palms are sweaty

zenmar : Time's up over bloah! Snap back to reality Oh there goes gravity...

James Bell Iii : Years ago they tried to... Tell him to get a trade cuz rapping ain't it chief

GBRTGalaxy, Inc. : @00:15 you could literally see his mind go blank

MyMiniMovieMagic : Spoken Word without Speaking a Word. A Freestyle free of all style. 5 mics.

jpnz : This is lye...

Zach Van Harris JR : Okoye: Just don't FREEEEZE! Alabama Rapper: What are you talking about? I never freeze! Years ago they tried to.. Years ago.. This live? Record Label: Did he freeze? Okoye: Like a mumble rapper in front of Nas.

chucko reactions : 0:32... He need sum help lmao Listen Close