Alabama rapper attempts free style on live tv, freezes

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Dan Jones : "Years ago" * Vietnam flashback*

nickkingofearth : She saved his ass at the end

FunForSameer : Next time try something that wasn't so many *years ago* lmao

LORD OF THE WINGS : I neva freeeeze

micheal2009able : At 00:26 This is live? uh huh lol

gay freakin frog : i just wanna know who tried to put him in what?

ActionTv808 : Years ago was to long to remember. 😫😓😂

Danny Brown : 0:27 them eyes are screaming out for help... I feel sorry for the brother 😂😂

REVOisMYname : It's like he's playing a quick time event game and missing all the buttons

Trent Banks : At 0:32 you can hear him whisper "years ago"

scremped : He said freestyle but that more like freezestyle...I’ll show myself out.

KrayzieBoneThe GOAT : This kind of reminds me of when I bust a quick nut, and the woman is nice enough to awkwardly ask me "want to try again?".

Rapping Manual : Hahah why am i seeing this just now damn it

PopTheBubble : He rapped so fast that he created a rip in time which fast forwarded towards the end. Greatest rapper alive.

1SPAWNONLY : bruhh i cant breath

Darryl Kirby : Find out next time on Dragon ball z

David Johnson : YOOO when repeated the same thing @ 0:32 under his breath I was done LOL!!!!

LawsonRespawn : This Marshall does not Matter.

K3vy Kev : He need to be A XXL 2018 freshmen

Marko M : Damn spitting bars 🔥

Hona Two : Years ago they tried to tell him he couldnt rap

Prod. Émile : 0:17 *DJ SPIN THAT SHIT BACK!*

Ben Simmons : 0:32 he whispers “years ago, they tried to” again 😭💀

Skimtar : Years ago they tried to put me in the pen, Caged up and in close quarters with smelly, violent men, I asked one o the guys if he had a spare pen, He said here you go, by the way my name's Ben. There. I have completed his tale.

GBRTGalaxy, Inc. : He said "yea" with the quickness!!

amir ali : *The 8 mile freestyle crowd screaming choke!

Stony OG : "Years ago, they tried to put me in a" *Vietnam flashback*

BranMadeBanz : I’m speechless 😶So was he 😂

EvaBear : His palms are sweaty

Notorious One : Still better than Tekashi69

GOD ShallSmiteYou : "You want to try and read something from your book...." lmao 😂😂😆

casper : Shit I actually though my video was frozen

Sarah MayWest : "aaww this is live" uh huh whispers "get it together" 🙄🤣😂🤣😂 BRUH

Mormon Jesus : Whatever they tried to do years ago it must have been very traumatic for the poor man.

iceman BoBo : How do you start off with a statement like "years ago" and basically jump off a rhythmic cliff?

Boskoe200 : Thought he tried to do a remix to his freestyle😂😂😂

FastTrack113 : Years from now he’ll be saying “years ago they tried to...years ago they tried to... make me read from a book”

Young Jesus : Always have a prewritten 16 just in case this shit happen.

Camgocrvzy : Her: Did you wanna try to read something from your book ? Him:Yea Lmaoooo

Anon Anon : His palms are sweaty, knees weak, arms are heavy  There's vomit on his sweater already, mom's spaghetti  He's nervous, but on the surface he looks calm and ready  To drop bombs, but he keeps on forgettin'  What he wrote down, the whole crowd goes so loud  He opens his mouth, but the words won't come out  He's chokin', how, everybody's jokin' now  The clocks run out, times up, over, blaow! Snap back to reality, oh there goes gravity  Oh, there goes Rabbit, he choked

somthin else : Years ago when I forgot how to rhyme. 👎😭

Rap Lawyer : “Years ago They tried to... Put me in the choppa, Had I memorized some none sense Could fucked Cindy Loppa

JaySw34 : I hate cliffhangers What happened years ago? Either way, definitely a legend in the rap game

SaM SaM : Wow still better than 99.9 % of rappers these days!

Cindy Do : I'm just gonna think it up...ummm this is live. 😂😂😂😂

MILITARY MINDED : Hell yea I'm going to buy that track

DansTube.TV : Years ago. Dude, that was cold. The illest rapper of his time.

Josh Harmon : if he could turn

zenmar : Time's up over bloah! Snap back to reality Oh there goes gravity...

Zach Van Harris JR : Okoye: Just don't FREEEEZE! Alabama Rapper: What are you talking about? I never freeze! Years ago they tried to.. Years ago.. This live? Record Label: Did he freeze? Okoye: Like a mumble rapper in front of Nas.