FAST RAP - 400 words in 1 minute

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ANDREW HUANG : damnit mac

Limit. Mikasa미카사 : Are you human or robot?

S Patra : Fucka fucka ....fucka fucka...

MITYMUCHACHOARMY LPMITKEV LUSOR KOEFFIZIENT : 1:14 on the ühone is 1 minute and 05 he had speak 395 words ha failllll noob jamena

MITYMUCHACHOARMY LPMITKEV LUSOR KOEFFIZIENT : Can you rap 1000 words in 2 minutes pls

Atticus Durst : I thought my internet fucked up and the video was out of sync bc you were rapping so fast lol

xXMediaTrix : The bird is like: Wtf?

TonyTubeProdutctions : R.I.P Roomie

krishna flute and guitarist : This guy looks like garret of team dude perfect right

Savage635 Sk : I have another chalange..Can anybody make subtitles

Scott Farrell : Put it in 0.75 speed and it sounds normal paced 😂

Livi Shan : try 2x speed (;

graham peebles : Rap god 2.0

DEADPOOL TV : Can I Get 2k Like? LETS START!!! :))

HackerProMan : Eminem Rap God had 96 words in 15 seconds NEW WORLD RECORD!

ISLAM DJ : Amazing 😎😎😎

ThatRandomPerson TV : I need that beat really bad!

KillerHamsters : I can tell you were out of breath during this

Lorenzo Soresini : What i've just seen😲😲

Lady Rozerin : Do you breathe??

ilyes BkL : Wao ❤😮😮😮😮

lyrics forever : WHAT😮😮

artur boss : WOW AWESOME ✅✅😎😎👍👍✌❤❤

Trevor nelton : Mac do 600 words in 1 minute

Trust Me : Wtf man...😍😍😍😍

Epic Chosen : Hey make a 10000 word!!

Lukas Veshaj : 0.75 speed is very good

Razi Moadi : can you rap 600 words in 3 minutes

Pavel Stoqnov : DAMN BRO NICE ONE !

Sheerios : Now this guy beats Andrew. LEGEND TING

Veri MP : please tag young lex here :)

jacqua maxence : Qui est la grâce à kobini ?

Alarico Abbili : Chi è italiano mette like

Trix Stars : is this a World Record ????

iChinnyAce : Set it to 2x play speed. That’s how these mumble rappers sound.

Boss Raider : The bird is so cute

Jenneth Reyes : Wow so cool

Andre 09 pro : el mehor video

John Felix Anthony Cena : Hey Mac can you rap 1000 words in 3 minutes without taking a breath

Jackal : Goddamn

Mazhar Efe Yerebasmaz : NEFES ALCAN MI

PEDRO DEANROSALES : Only 395 words in 1:00 minute. Pause it in exactliy at 1:00 minute

Aman Raza : He is amazing Devastating.Demonstrating.killing Rapper

CarsFoodFootball 4ever : Who is Eminem? 😅😄😂

HardworkRules : You're dope. I love this channel!

Aidan Ward : haabawt 500 - 650

Bayahannan Karim : he got 396 words in 1 minute here is the proof pause the video at 1:13

Smudlicek : You got 395 no 400 :(

Dillibag Gaming & More : he got 395 words in 1:00:05 rip