FAST RAP - 400 words in 1 minute

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Gio Morales : Um, I thought you needed to breathe to live. I guess I was wrong.

Si Ocong : 2x HAHAHA

Droco 24 : Andrew : 300 word in 50 second Dave : 301 word in 50 second Roomie : 302 word in 50 second *MAC LETHAL : 400 WORD IN 1 MINUTE* Who do you think the one that deserve the fast rap king title?

Легенда 1960х : I open this video because I learn English and want to improve my listening... I think I must stay away from here 😂😂😂😂😂😂

daniel roblox : 395 words you failed, YOU HAD 1 JOB Edit: 86 likes highest ever and 13 replies highest ever

Lady Rozerin : Do you breathe??

Fanoos Fortnite : Lol I can get 1000 words just by saying “I”

#jakubdagamer : did he get a plastic surgery to extend his lungs of does he just not need to breathe

WoodenMineAxe 12 : 0:50, it gets way more lit!

Vivo Y53 : People saying you said only 395 words in one min but that's a lot, they can't do it until they are em.... Eminem

Scott Farrell : Put it in 0.75 speed and it sounds normal paced 😂

Cheyenne Clarke : wow do you ever breath? lol you have talent

Young dagger X : Do it at 2x it's like a machine gun llol 😂😂😂

Muhamad Rilo Pambudhi : Da Real Rap Godh

AK comedy : Eminim is best😒

Maltus Gaming : What if that parrot mimics that?

Levi Ackerman : Me: 1 one word in 30 seconds, feels bad man Edit: 3 seconds🌚, I think I exaggerated a bit😐🌚

Ni JeonTa : yep I hold my breath...

Легенда 1960х : 1:04 after this moment you singing much slower(

Francy : Mgk who? Eminem who? I only know Mac Lethal

Kenji Harukazawa : Youu humann???😂😂😂😂

Kiya : **ricegum has left the party**

Water Malone : Detroit: become human

100000 Subscribers With No Videos Challenge : he is *BREATHLESS*

yerin holy hand 607 : Talk to suga😂

Mark Martinez : The bird say : what are you talking about ma boi?

Bruce Wayne : Tell me do you breathe? You will !

Brian Koh : 1:32 carrot nodded!!!

CJ Bab ba : Breathe dawg pls

shamim uddin : Ummm... I think you are a robot

Fuck India USA Israel Kafirs : Wtf man...😍😍😍😍

Aryaman Raj : JsjsjshwhjansbwlajahwhaijahahshjsjsjsjsbshsjakajzjzjkJajajajajajakhshshajajajajaj #lyrics

Noah Mccarthy : 😂 you only did 395 in one min

Kaylum Billings : I think your bird may be on a bad diet plane if not I might be wrong but sun conures are supposed to be really bright birds he/she looks like he/she needs fruits or vegetables but also again it's possible I could be wrong you could be giving it those fruits and vegetables he/she needs you could have just adopted him/her a couple months ago or something in this video and I also could be wrong and mistaking him/her for a different bird I know he/she is a sun conure but I'm also not a bird expert I have one it's a cocktiel but I'm not an expert on them I know stuff but again I could be wrong and mistaken so if I'm mistaken sorry and I'll probably be corrected by someone but I just thought I'd say something. Sorry if what I just said makes no sense I suck with my grammer I'm only 14 so yeah still learning how to make sense lol

astronautti : Jojo Siwa is shaking

itzkubus : *FAST RAP - 395 words in 1 minute* not 400 ;/ sorry bro

Cassie Rose : Don't you need to breath for living?? I guess I was wrong

Vivien Pridham : Put it in 0.5 speed it sounds like hes talking normally

Suchithra Binny : I thought he would die,nice bro i liked your.....i dont have words to say about u 😘😘

OfficialKrzys : I wanna too so!

Breenud39 TV : Still more clear then the 2 words modern rappers say..

Popular TrendingTv : *395* WORDS ONLY

Ranjeet Thakur : Put it on the 0.75 speed it seems normal 🤣

Kyrie Irving : I late you are beast

ALL EVERYTHING : Bro I became fan of u But can u please send the music u used in the rap

HardworkRules : You're dope. I love this channel!

SwedishFishKING ! : Am I the only one that has watched this so much I can rap along?

Iustin Draghici : I was tough im X2 speed

Love 3579 : This is 🔥🔥🔥!!!

RK's TOP 10 : Totally ....