Wanderlust Mirror Scene

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The Contrived Penguin : When you’re young and she asks you to talk dirty

Joshua Satterwhite : Lmao

Juan Cortez : Probably the funniest scene of all time

Send Bobs : Fast forward to 0:28 and play at 0.25x speed. You're welcome.

Lori Esposito : LOL

William Robertson : Why hasn't this been memed yet

Erin Rinker : This is one of the funniest scenes ever put on film! I have watched it a million times and I still end up laughing so hard I cry!

T-Top Deluxe : Thanks, Double Toasted :)

name : Bill Burr brought me here

fiRsTcLAiMs : Damn I peed on my self 😢

W : Wait was that Jordan Peele director of Get Out at the end??

Alcaeus89 : this was totally me before seeing an escort for the first time

Lewis Carter : The scene after that is even funnier

wolfpac550 : 😂😂😂😂😂🤦🏾‍♂️💀

Super Saiyan Machoke : WITH MAH DEEEYUCK

Coffee Tea & Beauty : LOL

Zer0Fallen : This is the guy that will save the Avengers.

Roman Jankech : Karina ho dostane do ritky od Jozka

Knight Genaro : 0:55 WIB MY DEOCK !!

Patrick Philip Duncan : im gon'st putma DICK IN

ChocoboChick : 😂😂

Philip Lale : First time I’ve ever seen this film/scene. Just brilliant 😂

Chloe Chesnut : I want to know how he did this with a straight face

Trevor Maguire : 00:17

Ayanna Christina : 😂😂😂

Tristen Hoge : Ant-Man ladies and gentlemen

Raymond Aiazzi : I’ve seen this scene over 200 times and I laugh just as hard every time. This scene will always be fucking hilarious

darkbrisco : No homo but that got me diamond hard.

KimmiNicole : Literally one of THE funniest scenes he has ever done lmao

Lora Wagers : everytime I lmao

Maritza Felix : Funniest scene ever!!!

suzy suze : love it...hilarious but and kind of erm...sexy 😁

Stephen C : He's tryin so hard not to laugh lol

Pandoralove : this movie is so funny.

SkyBrotherBortz : The erection selection....

Garrett Briles : My friend and I had a bet to see if we could watch this with a straight face. Needless to say, we both lost $20

Antigone Freimann : My son, Anthony, showed me this about two years ago; I almost literally DIED laughing. Everything that elicits laughter like that has value.

Mark Alamares : well that escalated quickly