Dvořák - Symphony No. 9 Allegro con fuoco (Official Music Video)
Dvok Symphony No 9 Allegro con fuoco Official Music Video

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https://www.facebook.com/pages/B-Clas... http://classicalcomeback.com http://klassiek.cultuurplatform.be/ B-Classic presents The Classical Comeback: a new music video format that gives classical music the same recognition as pop and rock music by combining the timeless emotion of classical music with the visual talent of a contemporary director. Follow this project on: http://classicalcomeback.com More about B-Classic on: http://www.b-classic.be Directed by Raf Reyntjens Choreography by Ari & Miu (Waveya) Music: Dvorak - Symphony NO 9 in E-Minor From the new world - Smetana The Moldau IV Allegro con fuoco. Sponsors: http://www.asap.be/Startpagina.html http://www.limburg.be/cultuur


Tengou : Never thought I'd see classical music combined with twerking.

Jimmy Wood : Just got a message from Dvořák, "Not what I had in mind, but keep doing it!"

Artsfiend : As if all of you Dvořák lovers didn't do this at home anyway

Nicholas Pisca : This rendition of Dvorak's 9th was ok, but the brASS section was a little flat.

Ethan Bridges : Imagine Dvorak seeing this and he's just like "That's not what I ment for this piece to be like"

likealightning : Dvorák is spinning so much in his grave, you could use him as a source of energy to power a generator lighting all of seoul

Rhys Davies : That's one way to get the younger generation into Classical music.

Chris Alexander : Im am disappointed there have not been further innovations in this field of research. I hope you can secure more funding to adequately investigate this science.

RPGHacker86 : Nah, it just doesn't mix in my head. :P It's still like I'm seeing and hearing two entirely different things.

pastrybandit4life : kill me

TheAragorn22 : Since when has classical music had music videos?!?

Nexu Innovo : "Official" Yes, Dvorak told the great grandfather of the producer of this video to tell his great grandson to make this a thing.

Motivation Exceeds Me : So many gay guys in the comments lol

krieggz : "Oh my god this is terrible! Why would you mix such a harmonious, beautiful piece of art with this indicent, hell-spawned sexual dancing! This is completely unffiting!" - every grandma in youtube. To be honest the editing for this video is amazing, the fact that you managed to sync waveya dancing to pop songs into a classical piece is really clever.

Sebastián Alesandro : Dvorak- NO, TAKE IT DOWN On second thought, lemme watch this again, I skipped some of the details

Jake of Blades : Someone give B-Classic a medal

SuperTheJake : I really wish there we're more of these.

andrea luce : Nice satire, if you perceive it that way. In the very least, whoever made this edited it actually very musically so kudos to them. At first sight I thought, "Oh, no. Who has defiled Dvorak's masterpiece with twerking...but after watching the whole thing, I think it's actually put together very well. Good job!

psifi ZG : We need more of this. I think this is hilarious, and these girls are talented as hell. 10/10 too bad this is the only video like this out there

Beni Habibi : Now THIS is how you get Millenials into classical music!

Charlie Actual : I couldn't stop laughing...

Shiryu Astete : beautiful!!

Dasten : This is basically bribing someone to listen to classical music hahaha

Mario Rossi : Heresy. Better call the Spanish inquisition.

Kaen Bedehem : I Just cant stop to laugh after seeing this Oo

Bassoon Player : No volveré a escuchar esta sinfonía igual... creo que siempre imaginaré a las tipas bailando x.x

jvemPiRe14 : My critic: why dont they do full symphony ??

PezConSombrero : LOGH remake is looking gud

Mirlin Moorefield : Waveya is the best thing to happen to classical music.

Chris Williams : One of the most energising pieces of music I know just unaccountably got a bit more exciting. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

Jazzy Castro : No se si reírme o llorar o tirarme de un piso 80

Guilherme Furst : I swear it was some kind of famous K-pop female band with music over.

Commander6444 : If all it takes to "ruin" your favorite composition (or song) is to sync it to some cute girls dancing provocatively, then it wasn't very great to begin with.

ancala : This is the beginning of the end

Zach Jackson : Next on North Koreas got talent

*Crazy-Kimi* : ¿Cómo mierda llegué aquí :v?

sorel edwin suarez : Dont u dare going near Bach!

VladiSSius : wtf bruh? official msuic video? wtf?

Joshua Perez : As much as I came to watch I came more to read......y'all's comments cuz man y'all are savages lol

SaamDav : All trash comment but they watched the video all long XDD

Kumma.Tsuki : Yeah ok, I get that out there are a lot of people saying this was a really bad combination but WAIT did you really see that masterpiece??? This is a fucking meme in my opinion. Just appreciate this exist and love it for the way it is.

Dirti Dancin Boy : Ok my advice to anyone who wants to stop halfway thru is watch it to the end - it's not as bad as my knee jerk reaction which was "blasphemy!" - now I think anything is worth experimenting with so kudos to them!

св уаы : Сейчас там центрифуга в гробу дворжака вырабатывает больше энергии чем АЭС!

Shane Cox : You have turned a angel(song)into a demon(video).

Imlaor25 : Asian girls doing african twerking to european classical music. See that is why cultural appropriation is alright.

Henry Hu : sacrilege

erypto : Asian girls trying to twerk is the saddest thing in this world.

kowdermeister : I devised an algorithm to pick one: Math.floor(Math.random()*5)

Antoniya Toncheva : Why so many reuploads?