Dvořák - Symphony No. 9 Allegro con fuoco (Official Music Video)

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zaq001 : What a time to be alive

Tengou : Never thought I'd see classical music combined with twerking.

Jimmy Wood : Just got a message from Dvořák, "Not what I had in mind, but keep doing it!"

Rhys Davies : That's one way to get the younger generation into Classical music.

likealightning : Dvorák is spinning so much in his grave, you could use him as a source of energy to power a generator lighting all of seoul

Artsfiend : As if all of you Dvořák lovers didn't do this at home anyway

Dominique Jeune : 2:46... not 3...

Bianca Magalhães : waveya

RPGHacker86 : Nah, it just doesn't mix in my head. :P It's still like I'm seeing and hearing two entirely different things.

Ethan Bridges : Imagine Dvorak seeing this and he's just like "That's not what I ment for this piece to be like"

pastrybandit4life : kill me

Henry Hu : sacrilege

Nicholas Pisca : This rendition of Dvorak's 9th was ok, but the brASS section was a little flat.

TheAragorn22 : Since when has classical music had music videos?!?

Jake of Blades : Someone give B-Classic a medal

Apollo Mann : That put a big grin on Dvorak dead face.

Beni Habibi : Now THIS is how you get Millenials into classical music!

Yago Lima : That moment when the musical direction "Allegro con fuoco" (Italian for "Cheerful with fire") starts to make a lot of sense XD

dracophil7 : Pas besoin de cul pour écouter du Dvorak \m/

Victoria Lee : dvorak is probably busting a nut rn lmao

Guilherme Furst : I swear it was some kind of famous K-pop female band with music over.

il Caravaggio : How to ruin music.

Kritika Ramesh : This just ruined Symphony No. 9

Antoniya Toncheva : Why so many reuploads?

SuperTheJake : I really wish there we're more of these.

He-Man 2.0 : Let's go Luffy!

psifi ZG : We need more of this. I think this is hilarious, and these girls are talented as hell. 10/10 too bad this is the only video like this out there

TheStol : I just had the weirdest boner

Dasten : This is basically bribing someone to listen to classical music hahaha

Zach Jackson : Next on North Koreas got talent

andrea luce : Nice satire, if you perceive it that way. In the very least, whoever made this edited it actually very musically so kudos to them. At first sight I thought, "Oh, no. Who has defiled Dvorak's masterpiece with twerking...but after watching the whole thing, I think it's actually put together very well. Good job!

HandjesBreda : I don't understand all these dislikes. I think this is absolutely genius. It's poking fun at how elitist many classical music fans behave, and at the same time kinda pokes fun at how music can be made interesting and sexy by just adding cute girls, even when the music is as "dull" as classical. The dance routine is so on point, it syncs up with the music perfectly basically proving that classical music is still relevant, can still be sexy and fun and relevant today. Any classical music lover should embrace this as a lighthearted stab at both stuck up classical music fans AND pop music lovers who discard classical music without even paying attention to it.

Motivation Exceeds Me : So many gay guys in the comments lol

Sebastián Alesandro : Dvorak- NO, TAKE IT DOWN On second thought, lemme watch this again, I skipped some of the details

Mario Rossi : Heresy. Better call the Spanish inquisition.

Isaac Samuel : WTF WHAT THE HELL IS THIS! It's really really an insult to the original song..

Zinadinzoe : do we really need to make classical music more popular? i get that it is mostly 'old people who listen to it, but there are many people of the younger generation such as myself who enjoy this style of music without a music video that is in no way related to the music.

krieggz : "Oh my god this is terrible! Why would you mix such a harmonious, beautiful piece of art with this indicent, hell-spawned sexual dancing! This is completely unffiting!" - every grandma in youtube. To be honest the editing for this video is amazing, the fact that you managed to sync waveya dancing to pop songs into a classical piece is really clever.

Tyber Zann : This is a disgrace to classical music. Dvorak must be spinning in his grave.

Mirlin Moorefield : Waveya is the best thing to happen to classical music.

*Crazy-Kimi* : ¿Cómo mierda llegué aquí :v?

Georgia Andrea : Classical and twerking Koreans are way funnier than I'd expected!

Kaen Bedehem : I Just cant stop to laugh after seeing this Oo

Shiryu Astete : beautiful!!

Maxwell Ritz : I couldn't stop laughing...

Oray Taşdurmaz : This is so disrespectful dvorak used his brain more than that 5 girls to write this masterpiece

Arthur Eustaquio : This is not how you get people to like classiacal music! This is how you get people with dirty minds to watch beauty in the eyes of a delingquent

SL4SH : Seriously?! Twerk + classic music?!!

Jazzy Castro : No se si reírme o llorar o tirarme de un piso 80

Kuroyuki hime : I start love classic music becasue of that <3